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Battletoads and Double Dragon

Typed out by Chris Shepard NES-U8-USA Battletoads & Double Dragon Tradewest Instruction Manual -- CONTENTS The Ultimate Team...............................3 Controlling the Action..........................6 Scoreboard......................................7 How To Play.....................................8 Battletoads Smash Hits..........................11 Dragon Force Techniques.........................12 Objects.........................................13 Baddies.........................................15 Obstacles.......................................23 Warranty........................................27 1 -- The Ultimate Team Following her crushing defeat at the hands of the Battletoads on Ragnarok's World, the humiliated Dark Queen hightailed it to the outer reaches of the Universe. Months have passed...and the Queen's parting threat of revenge has become a distant memory to Professor T. Bird and the Battletoads - Zitz, Rash and Pimple. However, when a mysterious evergy beam form outer space renders Earth's military might powerless, and a city-sized spaceship called the Colossus smashes out of the moon, the Professor knows it has to be the Dark Queen trying her latest galaxy-dominating plan. He's right, of course, but what he doesn't realize is that 3 -- the shady lady's taking no chances this time, and she's cunningly teamed up with the equally shady Shadow Boss! This means that the battletoads will not only have to fight the Queen and her sidekicks, General Slaughter, Big Blag and Robo-Manus - but Abobo and Roper, the Shadow Boss's minions, as well! So, thats how it stands 'toads: the Dark Queen's got herself some serious back-up and now she's comin' to take over you Earth - what're ya gonna do about it? First of all, you're gonna get the sides EVEN! Those terrific twins, Billy and Jimmy Lee, otherwise known as the Double Dragons, are just rarin' to get in on the action, 'specially since the Shadow boss is their archest of enemies! After picking up the Dragons in the Batlecopter, it's time to play space-cadets and 4 -- intercept the mighty Colossus. Now's the time to get MAD n' BAD, as you begin your epic quest to save Earth from the bad guys. It's not gonna be easy, team -- the Colossus is a BIG ship and there's bound to be a whole ton of trouble waiting within its neutron-shields. And with trouble, comes questions: will the team -up between the 'toads and the dragons be tight enough to defeat the dark hordes? And if so, will the Dark Queen and the Shadow Boss hang around long enough for you to settle the score? There's only one way to find out, os pick up that controller and play BATTLETOADS/DOUBLE DRAGON - THE ULTIMATE TEAM! 5 -- Controlling the Action Up - Move up. Down - Move down. Left - Move left. Right - Move right. Select - Chooses game type. Start - game/pause game. Button A - Jump. Button B - Action. Up/Down/Select - Choose between these player options: 1 Player 2 Players A - Heroes can hit each other. 2 Players B - Heroes cannot hit each other. Double-click left and right to run. Prell Button B while running to access running Smash Hits or Dragon Force techniques. 6 -- Scoreboard LIVES are heartly highlighted - the more the merrier, so get those 1 -ups! ENERGY lurks within some pods - smash n' grab 'em, team! POINTS are 'toadally numerical. 7 -- How To Play As the battle copter swoops low over the Colossus, the Battletoads and the Dragons leap out onto the tail of the spaceship and your Earth-saving epic adventure begins! Don't expect the red-carpet treatment, 'cuz the Shadow Boss and the Dark Queen will have their own personal way of welcoming you. After you fight your way across the tail, it's onto the corridors where the action gets faster. This is followed by a trip into the bowels of the ship, then a shoot-out against the awsome arsenal of the Colossus itself Defeat the Colossus and you're faced with a race against time on a missle heading for Earth -intent on destroying it! Defuse the wargead and the missle crash lands, setting up the final showdown with the gruesome twosome. But gettin' to 'em ain't gonna be a pushover -- no way! Each of the levels are packed with beastly baddies and lethal objects - each more horrendous than the last! 8 -- Baddies are the combined armies of the Dark Queen and the Shadow Boss. From the spineless Shadow Marines to the mighty monstrous muscle of Abobo and Big Blag, they're all gonna try to stop you! Obstacles are a multitude of stationary and moving objests, always very dangerous and often fatal to the touch. These are hidd throughout the levels, waiting to catch unwary dragons and 'toads completly off guard. To deal with these evil hordes, the 'toads have an awsome arsenal of Smash Hits at their disposal, while the Dragons can call upon their equally impressive array of Dragon Force Techniques. Each gives the user incredible attacking combinations, including kicks, punches, stamps, throws and much more! In addition, you'll find that certain objects can be picked up as weapons, so don't hesitate to use 'em should the situation arise! But the bad guys aren't gonna stand there and let you punch their lights out, are they? Of course not, they're rough 9 -- n' tough and love a good fight, and if your player falls short, its's a one-way ticket t othe ground - 'cuz cach 'toad and Dragon has a livited lifespan. Most of the action takes place on foot, but certain areas demand expert driving skills. There's the 'toads' favorite Speeder bike, plus the use of a high-speed heavily armored Space Pod. When you finally battle your way down to planet Earth, the real challenge begins. You must venture into the dingy darkness of a basement where the Shadow Boss lurks. Then it's into the dark Queen's spaceship, where a life or death struggle begins to determine the future of the Earth. 10 -- Battletoads - Smash Hits Kiss-My-Fist - Big straight punch. Big Bad Boot - Big kick. Nuclear Knuckles - double handed slam. Battletoad Butt - Big headbutt. BT Bashing ball - Swining wrecking ball attack. Swingin' Size thirteens - Big kick while on turbo rope. Take Out The Trash - Picks up and throws on the ground. Bikin' Bash - backward kick while on the Speeder Bike. No Way Back Thwack - Used when holding the Walker's leg. Twin Side Slam - Smashes baddy to the left and right on the gruond Back N' front Punt - Kicks while hanging 11 -- Dragon Force Techniques Twistin' Typhoon Kick - Jumping spinning kick. Thunderin' Knee Drop - Jumping knee-drop. Earthquake Elbow Smash - Jumping elbow drop. Flying Dragon Kick - Flying kick. Whizzin' Whirlwind _Fast-spinning attack. Side Wall Smash - Grabs n' smashes against a wall. Take Out The Trash - Picks up and throws on the ground. Bikin' Bash - backward kick while on the Speeder Bike. Jab n' Stab Strike - Used when golding the Walker's leg. Nose-Crunching Knee - Grabs and knees-up. Back n' Front Punt - Kicks while hanging. Dragon's Tail Throw - Rolls on his back and throws bddy backwards. 12 -- Objects Bonus Pods - Dstroying one of these brings good news at last. Who knows what you might find: points, a weapon, more energy or an extra life! Dynamite/Grenades -Thrown by the Doorman and Windowman, they have real short fuses and explosive tempers. Steer clear if flashing, as they're about to go BANG! 13 -- Walker's Leg - Bust up a Walker and you can grab his broken leg. using this on baddies gives 'toads access to the "No Way Back Thwack' and enables Dragons to use their 'Jab n' Stab Strike.' Turbo Rope - An essential possession insike the vast Colossus. Press 'B' to throw the rope, then swing across or down the chasms. Speeder Bike - Make sure you're wearing your diapers when you get on this mean machine, 'cuz it's definitely not for a spuearmish 'toad ro Dragon! 14 -- Baddies Shadow Marine - The Shadow boss's personal army of mindless morons. They patrol the colossus's tail, eager to repel attackers. retro Blaster - With twin blasters glowing, this robotic bone-shaker will make holes in your team if you're not quick on your feet. Mechno-Mitt - This heavy-handed horror can't wait to serve you up a knuckle sandwich. dodge its digits, then give it a handshake it won't forget 15 -- Abobo - He' big, he's bad and he's really MAD! You're intrudiers in his territory, and he won't rest until he's pounded you into the ground. Walker - ONe of the Dark Queen's loyal stalwarts, this mechanical menace takes great pleasure in kicking you when you're down. Doorman of Doom - This cowardly character lurks behind doors and tosses sticks of dynamite into your path. Pick 'em up and return 'em - and he's sure to get a blast of unhappiness. 16 -- Big Blag - This undisputed chief of the Rat Pack fell foul to the 'toads in their last encounter, but he won't be so easy to beat this time he's out to do some serious chompin' 'n' stompin'. Ryder - Hurtling along the corridors of the Colossus at breakneck speed, this brainless biker will keep kickin' 'til you bite the dust. Guido - This scum-ball halfwit may look stupid, but he's rough and tough and never knows when he's been beaten. 17 -- Linda Lash - New to the 'toads, but the Dragons'll recall their numerous encouters wiht this whip-wielding woman. Avoid her stingin' swingin', or you'll be squealing like a Psyko-Pig Raven - Survivors from the orignal Battletoads, they're back to even the score. tweak their beaks with a well placed punch and watch these feathered fiends fall. Securi-Cam - Located deep in the bowels of the awsome Colossus, the slightest movement is enough to activate their high-powered blasters. 18 -- Roper - He's as big as Abobo, he's as bad as Abobo, but he's also got a BIG GUN! What's more, he knows how to use it, 'specially on 'toads and Dragons! Buzz Disc - Crackling with 10,00 volts of energy, it patrols the walls of the Colossus's interior. Accuracy means everything, as mistakes can be shocking. Colossus - This ship's the size of a city, chock-full o' henchpeople of the Shadow Boss and the Dark Queen and packed with enough ordnance to invade a galaxy. 'Nuff said! 19 -- General Slaughter - He might be clumsy and stupid, but he always uses his head - as a weapon! Robo-Manus - THE MUTANT BIOGEN STILL LIVES! Though to be destroyed by the 'toads, he's back looking keener, leaner, and meaner than before! Lopar - An old enemy of the Lee twins, he's gonna make darn sure that this encounter won't end in gim receibing his usual humiliating beating. 20 -- Windowman of Doom - Brother to the Doorman, he's every bit as chicken - hiding behind windows where he thinks he's safe. Grab his grenaes and sling 'em back! Scuzz - Mooching menacingly inside the missile, this revolting rodent springs from doorways to try to knock you out for the count. 21 -- Shadow Boss - ONe half of the dire duo, the 'Boass has waited so long to see the Dragons fall. Now, with the Dark Queen's help, he's sure it'll be curtains for 'em all Dark Queen - The other half of the dire duo, she wants revenge on the 'toads for Ragnarok! As usual, you'll have to defeat her diciples before you'll get eh chance to show her the error of ger ways. 22 -- Drums - Big and blue, they block the Speeder Bike's path in the corridors of the Colossus. Take Professor T. Bird's advice - steer round 'em, not through 'em. Post Walls - Use the turbo boost to jump over these, or you and the Speeder Bike will be parting company sooner than you think. Crusha - Comes in varying degrees of difficulty, but all have the same result, either a 'toad pancake or a Draogn pizza... 23 -- Sparkbolt - Fired as a bouncing bolt of energy between weo gus, this is guaranteed to give eater Dragons or 'toads a sizzlin' sensation of the fatal kind. Electro Barrier - Fires sizzlin' spark rings when you're tryin' to reach the lever that deactivates it. Mines - There are three types of these perilous projectiles - one thatexplodes straight, one that explodes diagonally and one that explodes in a BIG way! 24 -- Astro Boulders - These ain't no one-hit-wonders, they'll keep on splittin' 'til you've blasted away every last bit. Homing Missles -You can fire these at the Colossus but be warned: it likes to fire 'em back! An' if your pod takes too many hits, you're as good as gone! 25 -- Machine Gun - One of the many features in the awsome arsenal of the Colossus. Stay out of the live of fire, or your pod'll get some ventilation where it ain't needed Afterburners - Propelling the deadly missle toward Earth, their fearsome, fiery flames block your path. Hop over their heat, or you'll end up as burnt meat.

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