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Batman: Return of the Joker

Typed out by Sunsoft(r) for the Nintendo Entertaiment System(r) Batman(tm) - Return of the Joker(tm) Instruction manual --- Game overview Batman(tm) Return of The Joker(tm) is a one-player game with multi-directional scrolling capability. It consists of seven stages - each containing sublevels. The main objective of the game is to eliminate the henchmen or obstacles that block the pathway forward which leads to The Joker's hideaway. During your course you must pick up weapons and energy capsules which will help boost your offensive and defensive power. At the end of each stage (with the exception of stages two and five) the player must confront one of the many bosses. Each boss must be defeated before the player can move on to the next stage of game play. --- Game Story Precious metals are mysteriously missing from Gotham City(tm) mines. One of these metals has a highly toxic composition which is used to build explosives for missiles. Gotham City police have exhausted their resources and frantically call to Batman for help. He knows this scheme can only be the insane workings of one criminal mastermind... The Joker(tm) has returned! Batman must follow the trail leading to the location of The Joker's secret hideaway before it's too late. It won't be easy though. The Caped Crusader(tm) must use his new arsenal of weapons to foil The Joker's evil henchmen and rely on his acrobatic strength and wit to overcome the obstacles that block his way. Gotham City is relying on you to stop the Return of The Joker! --- Play Control Operation A-Button: Press to jump D-Button Down + A-Button: Press to slide B-Button: Press to use wrist projector D-Button: Down: Duck Up: Aim weapon upwards Left: Move Batman left Right: Move Batman right Start Button: Press to start game play Press to pause game play Password will appear on the pause screen. --- Attack Methods 1) Slide Attack Pressing both the D-Button downwards and the A-Button simultaneously will cause Batman to slide in the direction he is facing. Only certain enemies can be destroyed by this attack. 2) Basic Attack Batman is equipped with a wrist projector which will fire different ammunition at the enemy when the B-Button is pressed. Each ammunition can be powered up by holding the B-Button down for a short period of time. Then let go of the button to fire. This weapon power-up produces a more powerful blast. Note: Batman's starting weapon cannot be powered up. Power-up does not work with turbo joystick on turbo. --- Wrist Projector Ammunition C - Cross Bow Blasts out a powerful arrow. When this hits the enemy it will explode. B - Batarang(tm) Standard boomerang-style weapon which automatically chases the enemy. N - Sonic Neutralizer Shoots two sets of Batarangs in a criss-cross pattern. S - Shield Star Throws a star-shaped dart in three directions. Backpack Energy Capsule Collect eight of these for invincible energy. By collecting eight of the energy capsules Batman will become invincible to any enemy. This is indicated when Batman's costume becomes a bright gold color. However, his invincibility only lasts a few moments. Backpack Super Power Up Once you have collected the eight energy capsules, hold down the B-Button for a period of time. Batman will turn white and laser lights will explode and destroy all the enemies on the screen. This "Super Power Up" only lasts a second and will use up all of the eight energy capsules. Backpack Energy Capsules Each power capsule collected equals one increment on your screen. When eight capsules are collected Batman will turn invincible for a few moments. When he returns to normal the guage will be empty and you must collect more power capsules to fill it up again. --- Boss Stages After successfully completing a level, Batman will be challenged by one of The Joker's many bosses or evil inventions. During the boss stage you can determine how much power Batman or the boss has remaining by reading the life meter of each character indicated at the bottom of the screen. The life gauge is measured by numbers. The bosses become increasingly difficult as you progress through the levels. The more difficult a boss is to destroy the higher the number in his life gauge. When the life gauge reaches zero, the character is defeated. --- Password Screen 1) View the password Each level has a corresponding password. Before you stop playing, check the password by pressing the Start Button. You must check the password during game play because it will not be shown once the game is over. The password for the level in which you are playing will appear on the screen. Write it down so that you can insert it the next time you want to resume game play. You will begin at the level you left off. 2) Insert the password At the beginning of your next game, select the password screen by hitting the Start Button. Insert the password by using the D-Button up or down to select letters and left or right to move the cursor. Once the password is inserted, you can start game play by pressing either the A, B, or Start Buttons. Note: You will resume play at the very beginning of the level where you left off. You cannot resume play at a boss level. You must play through the entire level. --- Continue Screen Batman has three power lives. When all three power lives are lost the game is over. At the end of each game, you will have nine seconds to choose to continue your game. If you choose to continue game play, press the start button and you will resume at the very beginning of the level where you left off. If you do not want to continue playing, you can start where you left off by inserting the password the next time you play. You can continue as many times as you want. Life Increments Batman has three power lives. When Batman is injured, increments are lost. When all increments are gone, one power life is lost. When all three power lives are lost, the game is over. To view the number of lives remaining, hit the Pause button. The screen will tell you how many are left in the game. --- Stages of Game Play Stage 1 - Gotham City Cathedral 1-1 Cathedral 1-2 City Rooftops BOSS: Ace Ranger Stage 2 - The Joker's warehouse 2-1 Assembly Line 2-2 Weapons Plant Stage 3 - Snow mountain 3-1 Ice Valley 3-2 Excavation Mine BOSS: Minedroid Stage 4 - Refinery 4-1 Weapons Express 4-2 Assembly Plant BOSS: Master C.P.U. Stage 5 - Underground conduit 5-1 Sewer System 5-2 Deserted Tunnel Stage 6 - Ammunition base 6-1 Missile Silo 6-2 Tank #329 BOSS: The Joker Stage 7 - Island of Ha-hacienda(tm) 7-1 Tiki Jungle BOSS: Final Battle?

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