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Bases Loaded

Typed out by Will Armstrong NES-LD-USA-1 Bases Loaded Instruction Manual --- Thanks for buying Jaleco's Bases Loaded. It's just one of many exciting new games we will bring out for your NES. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Story.............................4 The Controller........................5 The Control Pad/Team Selection........6 Pitcher Selection/Game Play...........7 How to Pitch..........................8 How to Bat............................9 How to Field/ Added Features-Pickoff...............10 Added Features-New Pitcher/ Pinch Hitter.........................11 Added Features-Advance Runner/ Steal................................12 Hints................................13 Taking Care of Your Jaleco Game......14 --- THE STORY It's the top of the ninth and you're at bat in the seventh and final game of the World Series. Your team is ahead by one run - that's not a lot, since your opponent just scored three in the eighth! You've battled back in every game - no one figured it would be this tough. Your best hitter is in a slump; but, the rookie has gotten a hot bat the past two games. The bottom of your line-up will face your opponent's ace reliever. They've got the momentum. But you've got the heart. So, ready for what could be your last at-bat, you've got to pick your hitters carefully. Use your imagination. Catch your opponent off guard. Wait for the right pitch. Bunt. Steal. Play aggressively or don't play at all. The inning you've been waiting for all season is finally here. Make the most of it. After 11 years of waiting, you're ready to wear that World Series' ring and bring home that trophy. --- THE CONTROLLER This illustration shows you the control points on your Bases Loaded controller. Press the "Select" button to choose either: Pennant mode - 1 player vs. computer. Vs. mode - 1 player vs. another player. Press the "Start" button to begin game play. The pennant mode is a 132 game series against the computer. If you win 80 games, there will be a celebration in your honor. If you select the pennant mode, you will have to enter a password. This is what keeps track of your wins and losses against the computer. Ignore the password for the first game. When you have completed an entire 9 innings of one game, write down the password that shows up on the screen. This is the password you will enter when you begin the second game. --- CONTROL PAD Use the control pad to enter the letters of the password. Press it up or down to move through the alphabet. Press it left or right to enter the next letter. After you are finished entering the password, push the "A" button to move to the next step. TEAM SELECTION: There are twelve teams to select from; Philly-P Jersey-J Miami-M Utah-U Kansas-K New York-N Wash. D.C.-D Los Angeles-L Boston-B Texas-T Hawaii-H Omaha-O When playing in the pennant mode, you select your team first and then the computer selects a team. Use the control pad to move back and forth, up and down. Above are the team names and their corresponding abbreviations. In the Vs. mode, both you and your opponent select teams at the same time. So you need to --- be quick to get the team you want. After you have completed the team selection, press the "A" button to move to the next step. PITCHER SELECTION: The starting line for each team is predetermined with the exception of the pitcher. You must select the pitcher for your team. There are 12 pitchers from which to choose. Player 1 selects first, then the computer or player 2 selects. Use the control pad to move between the pitchers. You will notice the pitcher's name and earned run average (ERA) appears at the bottom of the score board. (Hint - select the pitcher with the lower ERA). Press the "A" button to make your selection and move on to the 1st inning. GAME PLAY: In the Pennant mode, Player 1 always pitches first and the computer is at bat first. In the Vs. mode, Player 1 always pitches first and Player 2 is at bat first. --- HOW TO PITCH: As the pitcher, you control all of the aspects of pitching. First, you signify that you want to pitch by pressingf the "A" button. This starts the pitcher's wind up. Next, you must use the computer pad to determine how fast or slow you want to throw the ball. Press the computer pad "up" for a fast ball, straight down in the middle for a medium speed pitch and "down" for a slow pitch. And finally, you determine where you want to throw the ball. The diagram describes where you can throw the ball. The diagram is for a right-handed batter. Reverse it for a left-handed batter. Diagram: Upper-left = High outside, Up = High, Upper-right = High inside, Left = outside, Right = Inside, Lower-left = Low Outside, Down = Low, Lower-right = Low inside -- HOW TO BAT: As the batter you can swing or you can bunt. Press the "A" button to swing and the "B" button to bunt. You can also step into the pitch or back away from the pitch. The diagram describes the moves. The diagram is for a right-handed batter. Reverse it for a left-handed batter. If you do not touch the control pad at all, you will swing straight across the plate. When bunting, you must press the "B" button before the pitcher begins his wind up. Use the control pad to determine how high or low you wish to position the bat. Diagram: Upper-left = High & Into, Up = Swing high, Upper-right = High & Back Away, Left = Step into the pitch, Right = Step away from the pitch, Lower-left = Low & Into, Down = Swing Low, Lower-Right = Low & Back Away -- HOW TO FIELD: As the pitcher, you control all of the players in the infield and outfield. You can only control one player at a time. Whichever player is closest to the ball is the one you control. The diagram shows the computer pad and its relationship to the infield. This is important to remember when trying to throw the ball around the field. You must press the you wish to throw and the "A" button at the same time. Diagram: Up = 2nd Base, Left = 3rd Base, Right = 1st Base, Down = Home Plate ADDED FEATURES: Pick off - If there is a base runner, the pitcher can pick him off. To do this, press the base you want to throw to and the "B" button down at the same time. -- New pitcher ** You can bring in a new pitcher any time while you are still pitcher. Press the start button to call time. Then select from the roster of available players. Push the "A" button to bring him into the game. If you change your mind and decide to keep the original pitcher, press the "B" button. Pinch Hitter ** As the batter, you can bring in a pinch hitter. Follow the same instructions as those given in bringing in a new pitcher. To bring in a pinch hitter or relief pitcher with controller 2 (2 player game): Only controller 1 can call time out. However, if you wish to bring in a pinch hitter or relief hitter and you are player 2, you can do so by having player 1 press his "start" button (calling time out), then pressing the Controller 2 "A" button. This will bring up the selection screen for player 2, and he can proceed as normal. -- Advance Runner ** The base runners will automatically advance only when there is a baserunner on the base before them. They will only advance one base. You must advance them. To get all runners to advance one base press the "B" button and the computer pad "down" as shown on the controller. If you only want to advance one runner press the "B" button and the base the runner is on. Runners will retreat to a base by pressing the "A" button and the base the runner is coming from. Steal ** After the ball has left the pitcher's hand, press the "B" button and the base the runner is on. This will cause the runner to advance and slide into the next base. -- HINTS: Some pitchers can "bean" some of the batters with the baseball. Sometimes this causes a bench clearing fight scene. When playing against the computer you have the be very skilled and fast. It is very difficult. Each team has 30 players - 18 fielders and basemen, 12 pitchers. The trick is to learn the stats of each player because they really mean something during game play. A player with a higher batting average will be a better hitter. A pitcher with a lower ERA will pitch better. So, learn all of the players for each team for better strategies. GOOD LUCK!! -- TAKING CARE OF YOUR JALECO GAME This Jaleco Game Pak is a precision-crafted device with complex electronic circuitry. Avoid subjecting it to undue shock or extremes of temperature. Never attempt to open or dismantle the Game Pak. Do not touch the terminal leads or allow them to come into contact with water or the game circuitry will be damaged. Always make sure your NES Control Deck is SWITCHED OFF when inserting the Game Pak or removing it from the NES Control Deck. Never insert your fingers or any metal objects into the terminal portion of the expansion connector. This can result in malfunction or damage.

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