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Baseball Stars

Page 1 is the cover and page 2 has the Nintendo seal of approval and game care instructions-omitted (page numbers at top of page) pg. 3 Thank you for selecting BASEBALL STARS from SNK for your Nintendo Entertainment System. For maximum enjoyment of your new game, please read this booklet carefully and save it for future reference. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Controller............................... 4 Starting a League or Game.................... 6 Creating Your Own Teams...................... 8 Hiring, Firing, and Trading Players.......... 9 Play Ball!................................... 12 General Information.......................... 17 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg. 4 Player, manager, owner... You can do it all in Baseball Stars! Make your own team and leagues; hire, fire, and trade players; develop your players from inexperienced rookies into veteran pitchers and hitters. Play against a friend or the computer - you'll never have to worry about being rained out again! The Controller (picture omitted) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg. 5 Control Pad Use to toggle between selections when choosing teams, players, etc. Also use to move players while fielding or batting. Start Button Press to start the game; or press while playing to call a time out (pause) then press again to continue playing. Select Button Not used during game play. A Button Press "A" to select players, teams, etc. Also use to control batting, running, pitching, and fielding. Press to make player changes during time out. B Button Press "B" to go back one screen to correct mistakes when selecting teams, players, etc. When your team is up to bat, use "B" for base running and stealing bases. When pitching, use "B" to bring up the pick-off screen, or to tag runners out. -------------------------------------------------------- pg. 6 STARTING A LEAGUE OR GAME New League Select the number of competing teams and how many games they will play. Press the Control Pad left or right to change the number of games. You may choose from 1 to 6 teams and from 1 to 25 games. When you start a league with two teams they must play at least three games. When you have decided, press the A button. (Remember, if you start a new league while one is already in progress, the old league will be erased.) Selecting Teams After choosing the teams that will be playing you must decide whether they will be computer or player controlled. Press the Control Pad up and down to toggle between (C) Computer, and (P) Player. Press the Control Pad left and right to toggle between each team. Pressing the A button will select that team. Confirming Selections Throughout the game you will almost always be given a chance to change your mind on decisions that you will make. With leagues, once you confirm your selections, all the statistics for all the competing teams will be set to zero for the duration of the league, i.e. win-loss record, batting avg., ERA. As you play, these will go up and down according to how well each individual player performs during league play. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- pg. 7 Viewing Statistics This will let you see how well players are doing in league play, letting you view: Games won and lost, win-loss percentage, games back (GB), top ten batting avgs., top ten homerun hitters, top ten ERA's, top ten pitchers and pitchers with saved games. Press the Control Pad right to view these statistics and press the B button when you are finished. Continuing a League This mode will let you re-start a league that is already in progress. Computer vs. Computer Games You may either watch computer vs. computer games or you may end them instantly. (The game will have been played, you just won't see the actual game play.) To just see the outcome of one of these games choose the option "DON'T SEE GAME". VS. Mode Select 1p (player vs. computer) or 2p (player vs. player) or Computer play (computer vs. computer.) There is no instant end option in VS. mode. Move the cursor with the Control Pad and select the two competing teams with the A button. Controller #1 bats first and controller #2 bats second. You may play in VS mode even when a league is in progress. League statistics will be affected only if a player can be powered up. (Original teams only). -------------------------------------------- pg. 8 CREATING YOUR OWN TEAMS Selecting Team Strength Select the strong point of your team. You may choose one of these eight categories: 1)Consistent Hitters 2)Power Hitters 3)Fast Runners 4)Good Defense 5)Strong Pitchers 6)Veterans 7)Balanced Team 8)? (Unknown- Surprise Category) Naming Your Team The computer will already have named your team, but you may change it if you wish. You may use up to 16 letters for your team name. Use the Control Pad up, down, left and right to choose the letters or symbols you want to use. The A button will enter the letter and the B button will return you to the start of the character screen. Select "END" when you are finished naming your team. Team Initials The computer will take the first and ninth letters of your team's name and use them for team initials (i.e., "AMERICAN DREAMS" - "AD"). Selecting Your Team Logo Use the Control Pad left and right to select a team logo. Each logo also comes with a uniform. You can see the color of the uniform when you select your team logo. Press the A button when you are finished. ------------------------------------------------ pg. 9 Eliminating a Team You may have only 6 original teams at one time. If you want to eliminate an original team to make room for a new one, or you just don't like one that you have already made, use the Control Pad up and down to select a team you want to remove then press the A button. Once you remove a team there is no way to bring it back. Viewing a Team Select the logo of the team that you want to view with the Control Pad and the A button, then use the Control Pad again to select the player you wish to view. HIRING, FIRING, AND TRADING PLAYERS Trading Players You can trade players among original teams you have created. (You cannot trade players among pre-programmed teams.) Select tow teams to trade between. Player one selects a player to trade first and player two second. Press the A button to select. After the trade is complete you will be asked to confirm your selections. You must have created at least two original teams before you are given the option to trade players. Trading Note If there is a significant difference between two different players being traded, the stronger player's stats will be changed so that the are close to that of the other player traded. ---------------------------------------------------- pg. 10 Buying a New Player You can improve your team line-up by purchasing stronger players, or by purchasing players with more room for improvement than ones you already have. To purchase a new player you must first have fired a player.(see "FIRE PLAYER")You must have also acumulated enough money to purchase a new player. (Some players come at a premium price.) Use the Control Pad up, down, left and right to find which kind of player you want, and press the A button to select. (Each team may have no more than 5 pitchers and 13 fielders) Types of Players You Can Hire ROOKIE: His ability points are low but his max ability points are high. This makes him a good choice for long term investment. STAR PLAYER: This player's ability scores are already near a high maximum. His price is the highest of all the players. VETERAN: Most veterans are near their maximum ability score or at it. These players demand a fairly large price. PITCHER: Choose between overhand and side-arm style pitchers and whether they are left or right handed. FIELDER: Choose between: Batter, good hitter; Batter, good runner; Batter, good defense. You may also select whether the player will be left or right handed. There is also a way to decide if your player will be male or female. Can you find it? ---------------------------------------------------- pg. 11 Firing a Player Because each team may only have 18 members total, it will be necessary to occasionally fire a player if you wish to improve your team considerably. (You cannot hire a player without first firing one.) When you fire a player he will be gone forever. The face will still be there and the player will still be there, but his stats will be set to zero and he will do your team no good, so you must hire a new one. (Never fire more than one person at a time.) To fire a player, first select the team you wish to fire a player from, then select the player you wish to fire. Toggle the options to "FIRE" and press the A button. Increasing Points This mode will let you improve a player's statistics and performance in one or more areas. The dollar amount next to the player's face is the amount needed to raise that particular player's ability scores. (If you don't have the necessary funds this ption will not appear.) Once you choose (A BUTTON) to pay the money to raise a player's scores, a random number between 1 and 6 will appear. This is the number of times that you can raise a score for the money paid. (You can raise one or more scores each time you power up, they don't have to go all into the same category.) Pressing the Control Pad up and down will toggle between attributes and left and right will add to ability scores. After using all your bonus points, press the A button to con tinue. (You must use all the bonus points to continue.) -------------------------------------------------- pg. 12 Changing a Player's Name You can change a player's name anytime except during actual game play. Just follow the same procedures for naming a team. You may use up to six letters. You can only change the names of players on original teams, not those that were pre-programmed. To See Fielding Ability The pitcher is the only player with two stat screens. If you wish to see how good a pitcher is at running and batting use the Control Pad to toggle over to, "SEE FIELDING ABILITY." You can raise a pitcher's pitching ability scores just the same way as you would raise any other scores. Pressing the B button will take you backwards one screen if you make a mistake. When you are finished, press the A button. PLAY BALL! Changing Your Starting Line-Up If you are not happy with the way the computer has set your starting line-up you may change it on the first screen after starting a game. Select which category of players you wish to change and press the A button. Then move the cursor up and down to pick your starter. Changing the Batting Order Move the cursor to the player you wish to change, then press the A button. The cursor will turn blue to signify which player was chosen. Now move the --------------------------------------------------- pg. 13 new red cursor to the player you wish the first player to change with and press the A button. Repeat until you like your line-up, then press the B button to return to the start mode. Changing Players This allows you to change which of your fielders are pinch hitters. Follow the same instructions as "Changing the Batting Order", with one exception. The player's names will be at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through these names by pressing left and right on the Control Pad. Press the A button to select. Changing Fielders Follow the same instructions as "Changing the Batting Order". With this mode you may move players to different field positions. If you have a catcher with a weak arm you may want to change him with somebody who has a stronger arm so you can throw out players who steal. (Pitchers may only pitch. They may not be changed to any other position.) Controlling the Team at Bat Use the Control Pad to change the batter's position. Use the A button to swing. Pressing the A button quickly as the ball is thrown will let you bunt the ball. Press the A button again to return to the ready position. As the batter is hitting the ball, moving the batter forward will cause him to swing upwards, and moving backwards will cause him to swing downwards. ---------------------------------------------------- pg. 14 Base Running A runner will automatically run when the ball is hit. When he reaches the next base he will stop unless he is told to take another base. To advance a runner push the Control Pad towards the next base and press the B button. Returning to Base If you don't want a runner to advance, point the Control Pad to the base that the player just left and press the A button. Once a player has reached the next base he cannot go back. Stopping a Runner Between Bases While a player is running towards a base, push the Control Pad down and press the A button. To make him start running again follow the same procedure as "Running" or "Returning to Base". Leading Off and Stealing Bases Press the Control Pad towards the base you wish to steal then tap the B button once to lead off. This must be done before the pitcher starts his wind up. Press the B button when the pitcher is in his wind up to steal the base. Once you lead off you cannot return to base until the pitcher actually throws the ball, or the pitcher brings up the "Pick-off" screen. --------------------------------------------------------- pg. 15 Controlling the Fielding Team PITCHER: Select your pitcher's position on the mound by moving him left and right with the Control Pad. Press the A button to throw the ball. When the pitcher is in his wind-up use the Control Pad up for a fast-ball, down for a slow ball, left and right for curve balls. Pickoffs When pitching and you see a runner lead-off, press the B button to bring up the "Pickoff" screen. Next press the Control Pad towards the base you want to throw the ball to and press the A button. (If you don't specify which base, it will always be thrown to first). Catching the Ball If the ball is hit high in the air, maneuver the player that you want to catch the ball onto the shadow of the ball. Keep him on the shadow of the ball until he has caught it. Once the ball enters his space he will catch the ball automatically. When the ball is hit low, stand in its flight path. If the ball is just over your head, see "Jumping Catch". Diving Catches When the ball passes near either side of an infielder he may make a diving catch by pointing the Control Pad in the direction the ball is in and pressing the A or B button. Only infielders may make a diving catch. ----------------------------------------------------------- pg. 16 Jumping Catches Press the Control Pad up and press either A or B button when the ball passes near overhead the fielder. Climbing the Wall When the ball is hit hard and you think it's a home run, think again. You can catch the ball as it goes over the fence. Run your outfielder into the wall and press either the A or B button while pressing up on the Control Pad. This is the most difficult move in the whole game, but don't give up hope. It can be done. Timing is most crucial. Throwing Point the Control Pad towards the base that you want to throw to and press the A button. If you press the Control Pad and the A button at precisely the same time you can throw the ball at a faster than normal speed. If no base is specified the ball will be thrown to first base. Tagging Players Out After a fielder has caught a ball you may make him run to any base by pressing the Control Pad towards the base you want the player to run to, then press the B button. If the player with the ball beats the runner to the base on a force the runner will be called out. If the player with the ball touches the runner before he reaches base the runner will be called out. ---------------------------------------------------------------- pg. 17 GENERAL INFORMATION League Play "Pitcher's Stamina" In league play if you use a pitcher too much he will get tired. This happens when you use up all his stamina. He will need to rest at least one game before he will be able to pitch at his peak performance level. Fielder Ability Points Hitting: Consistent ball hitting/high batting avg. Batting: Puts muscle behind your swings/home runs. Running: Fast strong legs/base stealing. Defense: Good fielding/diving, jumping and high speed throws. Chance: This can affect many things, your chances of dropping an easily caught ball for example. Prestige: This affects audience and income numbers. Pitcher Ability Points Stamina: Physical endurance/affects all other pitching abilities. Speed: Controls the average speed of your pitcher's fast ball, Right curve, Left curve, Drop ball. Each point added will add one degree to the ball's curve. Max Points This is the number you may not exceed when tailoring your team players ability scores. Decide what kind of player you want and use the points in the appropriate areas. Use your ability points wisely. -------------------------------------------------------------- pg. 18 Called Game If, at the end of an inning, one team has a leading margin of ten points, the game will be called. Victory goes to the team with the greater points. Earnings You will earn money for your team if: 1)You win in a 1 player vs. computer game 2)You win in a 1 player game vs. any original team (computer controlled). 3)You win in a 1 player vs. 2 player game in league mode. You will not win money in VS. mode if you are playing a 1 player vs. 2 player game. Ending the Game When you wish to stop playing "BASEBALL STARS", you must follow these important rules before turning the power off or you may lose all your saved memory. (i.e., original teams, league statistics and the money you have earned.) 1)Move the cursor to "END" on the main menu. Press the A button. (If you are in the middle of a game first press reset and follow these steps.) 2)Press reset and hold it in. 3)While holding in reset press the power button. 4)Release them both at the same time. The chance of losing memory is very slight and will not hurt your game, but could make you very upset if you lost all you have worked for. Better safe than sorry. ----------------------------------------------------- Controlling

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