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Bad Street Brawler

Typed out by Martin Nielsen ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- BAD STREET BRAWLER ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Program copyright (C) 1989 Beam Software. All Rights Reserved. Game Released By Mattel (NES-BV-USA). Licensed by Nintendo for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for purchasing BAD STREET BRAWLER by Mattel for your Nintendo Entertainment System. For greater game satisfaction and maximum enjoyment, read these game instructions throughly before you start playing. CONTENTS The Bad Street Brawler Story ......................... 4 Ste Set Up ........................................... 5 The Screen ........................................... 6 Controlling the Action ............................... 7 The Bad Street Brawler Enemies ....................... 11 Wicked Weapons ....................................... 15 Bad Street Brawler Locations ......................... 16 PRECAUTIONS 1. This is a high precision Game Pak. It should not be stored in places that are very hot or cold. Never hit ot drop it. Do not take it apart. 2. Avoid touching the connectors. Do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the game. 3. Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol, or other such solvents. 4. Always turn the power off before inserting or removing the Game Pak from the Nintendo Entertainment System. BAD STREET BRAWLER - THE STORY Lawbreaking crooks, thugs, and circus renegades rule the mean streets. It's a real zoo out there! The city is unsafe and the good citizens live in constant fear. You are DUKE DAVIS-former punk rocker and the world's coolest martial arts vigilante! You are a lean, mean, thug-trashing machine, returning to your native city streets as the ultimate defender of freedom! There's evil waiting behind every bush and danger lurking behind every corner-LOOK OUT! It's up to you to send the bad guys reeling with furious fist & foot bashing action. It's non-stop martial arts madness! Nail the no-gooders today-and watch the street savages scatter! THIS SET UP Insert the game Pak into the slot in your Nintendo Entertainmetn System and turn the power on. The game's title screen will appear. Press START on controller #1. Use UP and DOWN arrows to select type of game to be played. Press START again to begin playing. THE SCREEN [Picture of status bar] 1 - Location 2 - Time 3 - Score 4 - Player 5 - Enemy 6 - Game life 1. Indicates how far to go in your present game location. 2. Indicates amount of time left to complete the round. 3. Displays 1st Player's score. 4. Indicates Player's vitality. A game life is lost each time vitality is used up. 5. Indicates Enemy's vitality. Enemy dies when vitality is used up. 6. Indicates number of game lives the Player has left. Game is over when lives are used up. CONTROLLING THE ACTION .--------------------------------. | __ | | __| |__ ___ ___ | | |__ __| __ __ | || | | | |__| |__||__| |___||___| | | | `-------------------------------- Control Pad Select/Start B/A Start : Press to exit practice when you are ready to play. A/B : Control Duke's force Moves. Control Pad : Controls the basic moves. The basic moves are: JUMP __ __| |__ WALK LEFT |__ __| WALK RIGHT |__| CROUCH FORCE MOVEMENTS Duke knows fifteen FORCE MOVES. But, he can only use three of them per stage. You won't know which Force Moves Duke can use until the beginning of each stage. There are a maximum of 15 STAGES per game. At the beginning of each stage there's a PRACTICE section to learn which three Force Moves Duke can use. Try them out on the punching bag as many times as you like, in any order you want. Practice while you can. It will help you live to fight another stage. Use RIGHT and LEFT to move Duke into position then: Press A Press 6 Press A + 9 1st FORCE MOVE 2nd FORCE MOVE at the same time 3rd FORCE MOVE Press START to re-enter the program. You can use the three Force Moves you just practiced in addition to the basic moves against real Enemies in a brawling location. Experiment to find out which moves are most effective against each Enemy. Fast-Footwork Force Moves: Drop Kick [Pic] Sweep Kick [Pic] Trip [Pic] Roundhouse Kick [Pic] High Kick [Pic] Fist-To-Fist Force Moves: Punch [Pic] Pile Driver [Pic] Stooge Hit [Pic] Ear Twist [Pic] Arm Spin [Pic] Fancy Force Moves: Aeroplane Spin [Pic] Body Fling [Pic] Gut Knee [Pic] Head Butt [Pic] Bull Ram [Pic] BAD STREET BRAWLER ENEMIES Here's a few you might meet on the street: BOXER [Pic] Keep your guard up. This guy has a counter-punch for every move you make. GORILLA [Pic] A big, bad circus escapee who throws bananas. PUNK [Pic] Big surprises come in smallpackages. So, watch out for his ball and chain. BULLDOG [Pic] They say a dog's bark is worse than this bite. Not in this case. SPY [Pic] This sneaky little fellow is full of nasty tricks. He usually leaves bombs to blow you up, But, occasionally he drops a flying heart that gives you extra vitability if you catch it. BIKER [Pic] He'll leave you with nothing but a set of tire tracks across your back. Keep out of his way BASEBALL PLAYER [Pic] He swings you a mean bat. Three strikes and you're knocked out! BASKETBALL PLAYER [Pic] He doesen't like anyone under 7ft. tall, including Duke. He uses his basketball as a weapon AYILLA THE HONEY [Pic] She's a sharp witted assassin with knives to match. Look out behind you! She can be a real back-stabber. SKATEBOARDER [Pic] A bad dude to meet on the street. His sole motivation is to run you down. FAT MAN [Pic] He's as bad as his belly is big. He'll put the squeeze on your vitality if he gets his hands on you. MALE PUNKER [Pic] Punches out old ladies just for kicks. He deserves everything you can give him. WICKED WEAPONS Not alI your enemies carry weapons. but when they do watch out! Here's two ways to make their weapons work for you. 1 GAIN EXTRA VITALITY - If an enemy's weapon grows wings and starts to fly away, jump up and grab it. You may gain extra vitality. Remember the Spy sometimes drops a flying heart that gives you extra vitality it you catch it. 2 SCORE BONUS POINTS - Duke collects weapons from the enemies he defeats to help clean up street crime. At the end of a stage he throws them all into a trash bin. You'll get bonus points for every weaon he throws away. Basketball [Pic] Bat [Pic] Dagger [Pic] Banana [Pic] Gun [Pic] Ball and Chain [Pic] BAD STREET BRAWLER LOCATIONS The places that Duke Davis patrols are crawling with enemies. You'll be walking from mean streets to dark alleys as you progress through the stages of the game. It's your mission to get rid of the enemies in these locations for the good citizens of the land. City Park [Pic] Street [Pic] Docks [Pic] City Center [Pic] Railroad Yard [Pic] COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS This equipment generates and uses radio frequency energy and if not installed and used properly, that is, in strict compliance with the manufacturers' instructions, may cause interference to radio and television recepton. It has been type tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class 6 computing device in acccordance with the specifications in Subpart J Part 15 of FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection against such interference in a residential installation. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation If this equipmenc does cause interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: - Reorient the receiving antenna - Relocate the computer with respect to the receiver - Move the computer away from the receiver - Plug the computer into a differenC outlet so that computer and receiver are on different circuits If necessary, the user should consult the dealer or an experienced radio/television technician for additional suggestions. The user may find the following booklet prepared by the Federal Communications Commission helpful: How to Identify and Resolve Radio-TV Interference Problems This booklet is available from the U S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, Stock No. OO4-000-00345-4. 90 DAY LIMITED WARRANTY Mattel Toys warrants to the original consumer purchaser of any toy product it manufactures that the product will be free from defects in material or workmanship for 90 days [unless othenvise specified in alternate warranyies] from the date of purchase. If defective, return the product along with proof of the date-of-purchase, postage prepaid, to Consumer Adjustment Center, 15930 E. Valley Boulevard, City of Industry, CA 91744 for replacement or refund at our option. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, misuse or abuse. Valid only in U.S.A. Send only product to the address listed above. Send all correspondence to Consumer Relations, 5150 Rosecrans Ave. Hawthorne, CA 90250 or you may phone us toll-free at [800] 421-2887 [Alaska and Hawaii resdents phone [213] 978-6128, 6129, 6130 or 6133] Monday thru Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM ond 4:30 PM PST [11:00 AM and 7:30 PM EST]. (C) MAttel Inc. 1989. Hawthorne, CA 90250 U.S.A. PRINTED IN JAPAN. All Rights Reserved. .EOF

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