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Bad Dudes

Typed out by Page 1 Bad Dudes Instruction Manual Data East ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------- Page 2 DATA EAST BRINGS YOU ARCADE REALISM AT HOME! The President--Kidnapped?! But the really bad news is that the Dragon Ninja is responsible--and you alone can rescue President from his clutches. The Dragon Ninja has a helicopter waiting to spirit the President away. If he makes his getaway before you can stop him, the world will never see the President again. The Dragon Ninja will be ready for you. You can expect to face--at the very least--wave after wave of ninja henchmen, samurai, and super warriors as you make your way through city and forest, atop moving big rigs and freight trains. Remember--the nation is counting on you! Please read this instruction booklet to ensure proper handling of your new game, and then save the booklet for future reference. Precautions 1) Always turn the power off before inserting or removing the Game Pak from your Nintendo Entertainment System. 2) This is a high precision game. It should not be stored in places that are very hot or cold. Never hit it or drop it. Do not take it apart. 3) Avoid touching the connecters; do not get them wet or dirty. This may damage the game. 4) Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol or other such solvents. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------- Page 3 CONTROLLER PARTS AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS A Button: Kick (when close to an enemy), punch (when far away from an enemy), and pick up objects. A kick or punch is aimed in the direction you're facing (left, right, or up) B Button: Jump. To Jump to a higher level, press Up on the control pad and button B at the same time. To Jump to a lower level, press Down on the control pad and button B at the same time. Control Pad To move left push left on the control pad. To move right push right on the control pad. To duck press down on the control pad. To look up press up on the control pad. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------- Page 4 HOW TO PLAY To start Bad Dudes: 1) Make sure your Nintendo Entertainment System is off, then put the Bad Dudes Game Pak in the system. 2) Press the POWER button on the front of the system. After a few preliminary screens, the Bad Dudes title screen appears. 3) If you're playing alone, make sure the controller is plugged into socket 1, then press the START button on the controller. If you're playing with someone else, press the SELECT button on controller 1 to choose 2 PLAYER, then press the START button on controller 1. A screen appears that lets you choose the character you want to play. 4) Press the left arrow to choose Blade or the right arrow to choose Striker. 5) To start the game, press the A button on controller 1. One of the dudes appears to fill you in on what's happened and why your help is needed. 6) To skip this information and start the game immediately, press SELECT on controller 1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- Page 5 Pausing. To stop the game temporarily: Press the START button on either controller. To return to the game, press START again. Continuing. When you've lost three lives, the game is over. You can, if you want, continue the game on the same level with three new lives. A screen appears that gives you two options: continuing the game or ending it. To continue the game: 1) Press the SELECT button on controller (if you need to) to choose CONTINUE. 2) Press the START button on controller 1. The game continues on the level you reached. To end the game: 1) Press the SELECT button on controller 1 (if you need to) to choose END. 2) Press the START button on controller 1. GAME OVER appears on the screen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- Page 6 Objects To pick up an object: Press Down on the controller pad and button A at the same time. Nunchuck. (a nunchuck is 2 stick connected by a chain. It's easy to tell what it is during gameplay) Gives you more power. Knife (looks like a standard knife, T-shaped handle and blade sticking out) Gives you more power. Energy (looks like a soda can) Restores you to full energy, which means that you can withstand ten more hits. Extra Time (picture of a clock) Adds more time to the timer at the bottom of the screen. Spike (looks like an orange cone) You take a hit when you step on a spike. Jump over them or kick them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- Page 7 Status You can take ten hits before you lose a life, and you have three lives for each game. The bars in the lower left part of the screen show how many hits you can take before you lose a life. The number under the bars shows how many lives you have left. When you're fighting a super warrior (boss), a second row of bars appears in the lower right part of the screen. The bars there show how many hits the super warrior can take before he's defeated. Scoring Blue Ninja 100 points White Ninja 200 points Dwarf Ninja 300 points Red Ninja 400 points Flaming Ninja 1000 points Lady Ninja 400 points Dog 200 points Samurai 700 points Super Warrior (boss) 10,000 points Completing a Level 500 points for each second left on the clock NOTE: On the last level, you get 3,000 points for each of the super warriors (bosses) you defeat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- Page 8 Screen Display 1P IIIIIIIIIIIII Time 60 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII P 01 HI 39100 1P 37700 I will tell you what these are in order from top to bottom starting from the left. The 1P is the current player. The first row of I's are the number of hits that you can take. The 01 is the number of extra lives left. The 60 next to the time refers to the amount of time left. The 39100 is the current high score this game. The second row of I's is the the number of hits the super warrior (boss) can take. The 37700 is your current score. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- Page 9 Briefing (outlines of each level) The City (Level 1) Once you step outside, your life is in danger. FBI informants from all over the city have reported spotting the Dragon Ninja's henchmen. Information the FBI has in its files about the warriors makes it clear they're not all alike. They train in different skills, so don't expect that work on one group to work on all of them. You need to travel light, so you won't be taking any weapons with you. But keep an eye out for knives, and nunchucks you may find along the way. You can carry only one weapon at a time, and you lose the weapon you're carrying when you lose a life. There has also been a rumor that Karnov is in town. Karnov is a one-time circus strongman who has unique talent for shooting fireballs from his mouth. His reasons for joining forces with the Dragon Ninja aren't clear. You'll find him much more difficult to defeat than anyone else you encounter in the city. The Big Rig (Level 2, atop a moving 18-wheeler) Hopping a big rig is a good way of getting out of town fast. But be prepared. The Dragon Ninja has trained his troops in daring assualt tactics. His ninjas will no doubt attack you from all sides. Make your way to the front of the truck. Whatever else you do, take care when you jump from one trailer to another and from the front trailer to the cab--if you fall off the truck you'll take a hit and you'll lose time. When you get to the cab, the driver will stop the truck to let you off. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- Page 10 Watch out--that's a dangerous moment. The Dragon Ninja will no doubt have one of his super warriors (bosses) lying in wait for you. The Sewer You'll next find yourself in a large storm sewer. You can follow the path along the water's edge, or you can use the ledges above it. Needless to say, stay out of the water. At the end of the sewer, you'll encounter another of the Dragon Ninja's super warriors (bosses). The Forest The sewer leads you to the forest. The Dragon Ninja has let loose another pack of rabid dogs there. If you're agile enough to walk along the tall hedges in the forest, you can keep away from them up there. At the far edge of the forest, you'll have to do battle with one of the super warriors before you can continue. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- Page 11 The Freight Train Hop one of the freight trains that travels the old Southern & Pacific line to take you to the vicinity of the factory where the Dragon Ninja is holding the President. Make your way to the engine--be careful as you jump from one car to the next. One of the Dragon Ninja's super warriors is known to be commanding the hordes that are keeping watch on the freights that travel the Southern & Pacific line. Once the ninjas report your presence to him, you can be sure you'll have to deal with him before you reach the end of the line. The Cave The factory where the Dragon Ninja is holding the President is impregnable from ground level. But there's a secret cave that leads to the very heart of the factory. The Dragon Ninja hasn't had a chance to fortify it as he has the rest of the factory, but you can be sure that he keeps it under close guard and that he'll throw all the man power he has at you when you enter it. The cave has an unusual natural hazard, too--falling stalactites. The stalactites--something like stone icicles--formed over the centuries as water dripping slowly from the ceiling of the cave deposited minerals there. Many of the stalactites are only loosely attached to the ceiling of the cave and can fall without warning. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------- Page 12 The Factory By the time you reach the factory, some of the super warriors you've defeated earlier will have had a chance to return to the factory to reinforce it. Your first objective when you reach the factory is the elevator, which will take you to the second floor. The elevator is guarded by one of the super warriors, and you'll have to defeat him before you use it. When you reach the second floor, make your way to the Dragon Ninja's helicopter. He'll no doubt try to take off--with the President aboard--as soon as he senses your near. You may have to jump up to the hovering helicopter's runners and do battle with the Dragon Ninja there. You don't need the Secret Service to tell you that the Dragon Ninja will be your most challenging oppponent. Be ready for a fierce battle. And remember--you must defeat the Dragon Ninja at all costs to save the President.

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