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Baby Boomer

Typed out by Steve Begin ----------------------------------------------------------------- BABY BOOMER (Color Dreams) Instruction Manual PAGE 1 ------ BABY BOOMER Meet Baby Boomer! One day, while no one was looking, he crawled out of his crib and wandered off into the woods. Little did he realize that while he's enjoying this adventurous journey into the unknown, there are many dangers awaiting him! Your job is to protect Baby Boomer and help him find his way home to his mother. Unlike other Zapper games, you can shoot just about anything you see in Baby Boomer. Some things give extra points, while others give extra lives, open secret passages, control something in another part of the world or clear a safe route for Baby Boomer to follow. Copyright 1989 Color Dreams, Inc. * Brea CA Copyright 1989 Jim Meuer, All rights reserved. Nintendo, Zapper and Nintendo Entertainment System are trademarks of Nintendo of America, inc. This product is designed and manufactured by Color Dreams. It is not designed, manufactured, sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo. PAGE 2 ------ PRECAUTIONS 1) Store at room temperature. Do not subject to environmental extremes. 2) Always ensure that power is off before inserting or removing the cartridge from the Nintendo Entertainment System. 3) Keep contacts clean (do not touch them and store the cartridge in its box when not in use). 4) Do not try to open or disassemble the cartridge. 5) Do not sit too close to your television. 6) Do not clean the cartridge with chemical agents. IMPORTANT! If the Zapper does not seem to work effectively, turn down the television's brightness and/or turn up the television's contrast. PAGE 3 ------ You must protect Boomer from dangerous creatures that will try to harm him. Keep spiders, snakes and other bad guys from reaching the baby by zapping them with the Zapper. Spider, Snake, Chain Saw, Devil, Spook, Hammer, Missile, Pickaxe, Rat, Raven, Rock, Riveter. PAGE 4 ------ Skeleton, Ghost, Bat, Cat. Milk Bottle. Be sure to zap all the milk bottles you can find for Boomer, or Boomer he will get hungry and start crying. Not all milk bottles are visible. You may have to search high and low to satisfy Baby Boomer's ravenous appetite. Note: Watch your milk level indicator at the top of the screen to see how much milk Boomer has left. PAGE 5 ------ Fireworks: Zap fireworks before Baby Boomer reaches them or they will scare him. Invisible fireworks scare the baby as much as visible ones. Spot them by their glowing fuses. Nugget: Don't shoot the gold nuggets! Baby Boomer will collect these as he passes them. When he gets enough, you will get an extra life. Flower: Boomer likes to stop and smell the flowers for a moment before continuing on. PAGE 6 ------ To get Baby Boomer back home safely, you will encounter many puzzling obstacles which require good marksmanship and a clever mind. Don't let Boomer fall off cliffs or into rivers or empty graves! You must figure out how to make bridges to let Boomer cross these obstacles safely. It's not easy! If you really get stumped, try zapping everything in sight. Something is bound to work! CAUTION: Bridges may not be sturdy! Cloud, Ice Bridge, Stalactite. PAGE 7 ------ HINTS: Pipe - Zapping valve handles on pipes can determine which pipe opening Boomer will exit through. Hydrant - Fire hydrants may have more uses than just putting out fires! Stalagmite - Rock formations in the cave may come in handy. PAGE 8 ------ Shoot the moon and catch a falling star! Astronomical entities are worth their weight in gold! Moon, Star, Sun, Flame, Bird, Fish, Fountain, Grave, Harp, Hart, Lamp, Buttons. PAGE 9 ------ Mine Cart - Thar' she rolls! Get out of the way of runaway mine cars! You can't zap them so you'll have to out smart them. But dat's de way de rail winds (the clue to stopping the train is in this sentence's wording)! Watch out for steamy surprises when travelling in volcanic caverns. When the lights go out, beware of things that go bump in the dark! Be very careful of storms. They can make things slippery to crawl on. Sign, Torch. PAGE 10 ------- COMPLIANCE WITH FCC REGULATIONS PAGE 11 ------- 90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY PAGE 12 ------- NOTES

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