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Air Fortress

Typed out by NES-AI-USA Air Fortress HAL(tm) America Inc. --- The story of Air Fortress The people of the Planet Farmel, located in the center of the Cromat Galaxy, are just now developing their own high technology. They have developed a new type of spaceship called a Lightship, enabling them to travel to other galaxies. Now they have dispatched Space Frontier Exploration Fleets, to boldly go where no Famellian has gone before. But now their mission of peace has taken a grave turn. While scouting the Yubbert Galaxy, the Famellian fleet has come across a group of eight huge space fortressesh, living entities that survive by destroying and feeding on defenseless civilizations. The invading fortresses are now on a direct collision course with the orbit of Farmel. Receiving an urgent appeal from the Farmellian government, the Federation of Intergalactic Governments immediately dispatched a defense armada, but it was no match for the tremendous firepower of the newly discovered fortresses. In desperation, the government of Farmel has sent our hero, Hal Bailman, on a last-ditch mission to defeat the Air Fortresses and save the planet Farmel from certain destruction. The fate of Farmel hangs in the balance. Air fortress data The fleet of Air Fortresses will launch a series of attacks on Hal Bailman's squadron. The first Air Fortress is comparatively simple in structure, but the ones to follow will be increasingly more difficult. They will have more complex labyrinths and unexpected traps. Learn from your previous encounters, and you will acquire the techniques needed to survive the more difficult Air Fortresses. Overview of an air fortress An Air Fortress is composed of two parts. The battle for each Air Fortress will begin on the Air Base. If you successfully defeat your adversaries on the Air Base, you will be taken through the Air Lock into the main body of the Air Fortress. The final objective is to destroy the Central Reactor of each Air Fortress. --- Operating the controls on the air base Pad: Used to operate the Light Blaster Start: Pause B, A: Beams can be fired indefinitely Pick up as many power-boosting items as you can on the air base! Power items can be found in many locations on the Air Base. The number of power items you pick up in this area will determine Hal's initial energy settings once he enters the Air Fortress. --- Operating the controls inside the air fortress Hal Bailman is moved with the control pad. Beam Bullets are fired with Button A. When Beam Bullets are fired, the energy available will decrease. Crash Beam Bullets are fired with Button B. The number of Crash Beam Bullets available is displayed on the screen. Beware of the fluctuating force of gravity in the air fortress! Energy items (E) and Crash Beam items (B) collected on the Air Base will determine the initial power settings once you reach the Air Fortress. You should note that, since the Air Fortress is under the influence of a gravitational field, energy will be lost by flying. Resting a moment will restore some of your energy, but you must learn to convserve your energy in the Air Fortress. You should also keep in mind that the number of Crash Beam Bullets you have available is limited. Learn to size up your opponents in order to use your resources as effectively as possible. --- Power-up items Power-up items found on both the Air Base and in the Air Fortress Energy items: These will boost Hal's energy level when taken. Beam items: Crash Beam Bullets will become available when these are taken. Power-up items found only on the Air Base Function items: By taking one of these, it is possible to destroy a whole wave of attackers in a split second. Barrier items: Hal becomes indestructible for a period of time when one of these are taken. --- Escape! The Air Fortress is a huge, formidable, living entity. But if Hal is successful in his mission and destroys the nucleus of the Air Fortress, it will start a chain reaction that will destroy it. If Hal is to survive the destruction of the Air Fortress he must find the hidden escape hatch leading from the Air Fortress, through the Riding Zone, and out onto the next Air Base. Game over The game is over when three Light Blasters have been lost on the Air Base, or when Hal's energy level display has reached zero in the Air Fortress. When the game is over, if you want to restart the game immediately, pushing START three times will put you at the beginning of the Air Base of the level you were in when defeated. If you plan on shutting the game off and resuming it at a later time, be sure to make a note of the password shown on the Game Over screen. Using the password option When you turn the game on, press Start, then Select, then Start once more. You can then enter the password with the Control Pad, press Start, and the game will start from the appropriate Air Base.

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