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Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Typed out by |tsr NES-YB-USA Adventures of Tom Sawyer(tm) Seta --- The story In a one room schoolhouse on the banks of the Mississippi River, a boy is daydreaming in class. This little adventurer is Tom Sawyer, the star of the game. Tom's weekend exploits with his friend Huckleberry are world-famous. Even today as he naps, he's dreaming of a super adventure down the Mississippi river on his log raft. As he sleeps, he begins the adventure by running through an abandoned pirate ship. After defeating the pirates and octopus monster, Tom reaches the river. Every step of his journey is filled with danger. Evil ultimate enemies and their helpers try to prevent Tom from reaching his goal - saving Becky Thatcher. Can Tom defeat the greatest enemy Injun Joe and save Becky? Their Fate is in your hands! --- Before... you start your journey - You will begin thte game with 3 Toms. After three defeats, Tom will wake up from his dream in the classroom. - For every 20 T signs you collect, you will receive an extra Tom. If you collect a Skull sign, 10 T signs will be lost. - Normally, Tom will throw rocks at his enemies, but if a slingshot sign is collected, Tom will be able to shoot rocks further and faster. But remember, there will be situations where it's easier to get through without the slingshot. - Pick up a Heart sign and Tom will be invincible for a while. - The Red Balloon and Pelican characters are on Tom's side. - Player B is Tom's buddy Huckleberry. Screen displays and control buttons Timer: When playing with 2 players, the player who reaches the end in the shortest time wins. T-Sign Counter: Keeps track of how many T-signs you collect Button A: Jump button Button B: Throw rocks, shoot slingshot Start Button: Push to start the game, or pause while playing Select Button: Select 1 or 2 players and continue the game --- Choose... Tom's weapons Rocks: Tom starts his adventure loaded with small rocks. Tom's aim will improve if he throws while jumping. Slingshot sign: Collect one of these and Tom's rocks will fly faster and further. T sign: Collect 20 of these and earn an extra Tom. Heart sign: Collect one of these and Tom will be invincible for a short time. Hint: Avoid the SKULL SIGNS! Collect one of these takes away 10 T signs. --- The abandoned ship Trugoro: Rolling Barrels. Seagull: These birds attack from above with enormous speed. Pirates: Little pirates ordered by their master to attack Tom. Rarat: Dangerous black rats hidden all over the ship. Pamu: A big fat rad that attacks from above. Takon: Baby octopi lurking at the bottom of the ship. They attack Tom with black ink. The first hit is okay, but the second can be deadly. Sometimes the second hit will be a stram of water, so get cleaned up! Nuraklus: The ultimate enemy of this scene of the giant octopus Naruklus. He sends his little helpers to attack Tom. Hint - his weakness is his eyes. Hint: Watch out for the pirate's knives. --- Down the river Tompu: Flying fishes that jump from the water to attack. Karu: Creepy black penguins that attack tom from the side. Iglu: Ferocious eagles that attack from above. Guluguu: Whirlpools - even Tom can't control his raft when his raft is caught in these. Dobo: Green frogs that await Tom on the island. Rickey: A boy who has a grudge against Tom. He throws rocks from the river side. Gulogiry: This monstrous alligator is the ultimate enemy of the River scene. He isn't as powerful when his mouth is open. Hint: Jump a lot to get down the river. --- Through the forest Moth: Mutant moths that attack from the sky. Doddo: Wild hogs that charge at amazing speed. Goro: The only way to avoid this slithering monster is to throw rocks and jump over him. Mogu: Dangerous gophers that pop up from the ground to attack. Kunake: Slimy snakes that attack Tom from trees and mushrooms. Punk Monkey: These monkeys can change direction suddenly, watch out! Sarudon: The ultimate enemy of this scene is the giant monkey Sarudon. He is created from all the Punk Monkeys that weren't killed. He spits rocks and attacks. His weakness is in his face. Hint: Hold on to the Pelican. --- In the haunted house Gacha: Attacking skeletons that can only be temporarily destroyed. Knight: Skeleton warriors that carry swords and shields. Nuru: Slithering snails that crawl on the ceiling but sometimes fall. Witch: Watch out for this witch - she throws red balls of fire to try to get Tom. Rura: White ghosts that never give up. Debura: Little devils that pop up out of the Demon's cane. Demon: The ultimate enemy of this scene is the evil Demon. He stays put, but sends his little devils to do his bidding. Hint: The flames from the candles do not fall straight down. --- In the sky Hugh: Falling hail that doesn't give up, even after landing. Daibull: Birds that attack from behind. Falling stars: These stars are not of the lucky kind... Dragon: A fire-breathing dragon that moves freely in the sky. Red Balloon: Hang on for an easy ride. Balloon Cloud: Hop onto this cloud after your free balloon ride to face the ultimate enemy. Cheplin: The ultimate enemy of this scene is the giant airship. Be very careful, CHEPLIN has weapons located in every corner of the ship! Hint: Squat down to dodge the Daibull birds. --- Deep in the cave Blacky: Bats that attack in groups. Sari: A scorpion that crawls ever closer to Tom. Icestone: Sharp icicles that fall. Jinmeniwa: This violent rock travels with the will of Tom's enemy. Piranika: Piranhas that live at the bottom of the waterfall. They attack everything that comes near the water. Mishie: A kind-hearted monster that lives in the river. He was tricked by Injun Joe to attack Tom. Injun Joe: Injun Joe is the ultimate enemy of the Cave Scene. He shoots arrows at Tom. Defeat him to save Becky! Hint: Do not destroy the snakes, they only multiply! --- Wake up Tom! After defeating Injun Joe and saving Becky, the adventure comes to an end. Tom wakes up from his dream. As he wakes, Tom finds the three feathers he got from Injun Joe... was it really a dream!? The end (c) 1988, SETA, U.S.A., Inc.

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