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The Adventures of Gilligan's Island

Typed out by |tsr NES-2L-USA Licensed by Nintendo(r) for play on the Nintendo Entertainment System(r) The Adventures of Gilligan's Island(tm) Instruction booklet --- 1. Game description Gilligan's Island is an action/adventure game that tests your skills as you explore the uncharted tropical jungle. The Skipper and Gilligan must wander together throughout a vast maze of paths and underground caverns in an effort to discover a means of escaping from their island prison. To win they must successfully solve the four episodes of the game by finding the other members of the shipwrecked crew, the Professor, Mary Ann and Mr. and Mrs. Howell, and follow whatever instructions or clues they receive. --- 2. How to operate the controller A Button: Push to jump; push rapidly to swim, push to continue conversations. B Button: Push to punch or use weapons. Start Button: Push to start the game. Select Button: Push to access the menu screen.* Control Pad: Push left, right, up or down to move the Skipper. *Once you have selected the menu screen you may choose between map, food, and rope by pushing the control pad up and down. Once you have indicated which item you want, you can select the item by pushing the A button. Return to the game screen by pushing the select button. --- 3. How to play the game To start the game press the Start button once and then press the start button again or the A button. The screen will then indicate what episode you are about to begin. Press the A button to begin the game. The game consists of four different episodes. Each episode begins with conversation among the members of the shipwrecked crew. When a flashing ball appears before the last sentence of dialogue on the menu screen, press the A button to continue reading. This conversation will sometimes provide valuable clues that will help you finish the episode. When the conversation is over, the game will begin. Playing the game In each episode you have a limited amount of time and food supplies with which to help the Skipper and Gilligan search the island for the various members of the shipwrecked crew. In order to finish each episode you must find the crew members in a specific order. When the Skipper touches them, the crew member can talk. In most instances (when you locate one) they will provide clues that let you know which character or object you need to search for next. Some of the clues are very obvious and some you will have to figure out for yourself. Helpful devices Along the path, the Skipper and Gilligan will find the following three types of helpful items. When the Skipper runs into one of these items he gains an extra unit in the menu screen. Bananas: These provide the Skipper with one extra level of food. Hourglass: This adds one minute to the time clock Rope: This allows the Skipper to retrieve Gilligan no matter where he is. To access the food and rope, you press select to enter the menu screen. Then use the control pad to select the desired item and press the A button to activate your choice. The Skipper should access the food when his energy is low and use the rope when he wants to retrieve Gilligan in a hurry. The other helpful device that is accessed through the menu screen is a map of the twisting island paths. At the beginning of each episode this map shows the location of the Skipper, Gilligan and one other member of the crew. As Gilligan and the Skipper find the other members of the crew, their new initials will also appear on the map. It is important to note that some of the underground caves do not appear on the map. These must be explored at your own risk. Dangers on the paths The Skipper and Gilligan need to watch out for many dangers as they search for their crew-mates. There are many moving objects that can harm the Skipper and cause him to lose strength. These include the many wild animals that roam the island as well as the local headhunters. The Skipper can also be harmed by falling boulders and stalactites or by tripping over rocks, fallen trees, and other obstacles in his path. There are also other natural dangers on the paths including rushing rivers, quicksand bogs, narrow bridges, sinkholes and sand flows that can use up valuable time by taking the Skipper and Gilligan far out of the way. When the Skipper and Gilligan get separated, a new clock appears which gives the Skipper two minutes to find his little buddy. He can either find him on foot or use the rope to retrieve him. It is important to note that the Skipper cannot get any clues from his crew members unless Gilligan is with him. --- 4. Episodes All four episodes are won by figuring out the clues given by the crew members. Some of the less obvious clues can be deciphered by trying to understand the different characters in the game. For example, the Professor would be the likely person to deal with anything scientific (ie. electronics, archaeology, etc.) while Mr. Howell would be concerned with money. In general, anything that is lost can be found in the tree and certain items such as the transmitter and pieces of the stone tablet can be found in a blue treasure chest. Episode 1 As a tropical storm threatens to strike the island, the Skipper and Gilligan set out to collect the materials needed to build a protective hut. But first they must solve the mystery of the Howells' missing ring. Once the ring is found, they learn from the Professor that a gorilla has stolen the transmitter and he needs them to get it back so he can fix it. Only after all of this can they cut down the tree and build the hut. Episode 2 Mary Ann has been captured by headhunters on the island. As Gilligan and the Skipper search for her they locate part of a stone tablet. When they bring it to the Professor they find out that he can't read it because Mr. Howell has borrowed his translation book. Before Mr. Howell will return the book, he insists that they find his missing golf ball. After finding the ball and returning the book to the Professor they finally set out again to find Mary Ann. But she can only be freed if they defeat the chief of the headhunters who has the key to her cage. Episode 3 The belief that the stone tablet is part of a larger tablet that might provide the coordinates of the island brings with it the hope of a rescue. Finding the other pieces of the tablet will prove no easy task, as one of them is guarded by a ferocious bear. But after the Skipper and Gilligan return the tablet to the Professor, he tells them he needs Mary Ann to make a cleaning solution from special nuts so he can read the inscription. Episode 4 As Gilligan and the Skipper search for the magical stone idol, Mary Ann asks him to find some coconuts so she can bake a pie. Meanwhile, Mrs. Howell has been captured by the headhunters. Once again Gilligan and the Skipper must get the key from the native chief. After freeing Mrs. Howell, they get some money from Mr. Howell and bring it to Mary Ann. In return she gives Mr. Howell her coconut pie. Only then does Mr. Howell inform Gilligan and the Skipper that Mary Ann has the sacred weapon they need to defeat the curse that is guarding the magical stone idol. --- (c)1964 GLADASYA-UA TV (c)1989 Turner Entertainment Co (c)1989 Bandai America Inc

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