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Adventure Island 3

Typed out by NES-AI-USA Adventure Island 3(tm) Hudson Soft(tm) Instruction Booklet --- Game Story Jeannie Jungle has been captured by aliens! She's stranded somewhere on one of eight islands and you, as the somewhat heroic Master Higgins, must find her. But be careful - each island is guarded by an enormous creature that's very hungry! Fortunately, you have a little help. There are five kinds of friendly dinosaurs waiting to give you a lift. They're stuck in eggs that you'll need to crack open! Hidden eggs are scattered all over the islands. By finding and breaking them open, you might get a bonus, or even a secret way to the next island! Just don't eat the eggplant... So hop on one of your dinosaur pals, and ride your way to Jeannie's rescue! --- The Characters Master Higgins: The bumbling, jumping hero who can really toss an axe! Jeannie: The fair damsel in distress. Master Higgins' dinosaur friends "Taylor" (Blue) Sure-footed on the ice, he can whip a blast Camptosaurus: with his tail! "Magma" (Red) This hot-foot can walk on lava, but you'd better Camptosaurus: watch his breath... he spits fireballs! "Don-Don" Pterandon: Don-Don can fly sky high! "Classie" She swims really fast... Elasmosaurus: even with those sunglasses! "Poley" This guy can rock, but he really Tripetaurus: knows how to roll! --- How To Use The Controller Control Pad Left Moves Master Higgins and the dinosaurs to the left. Right Moves Master Higgins and the dinosaurs to the right. Up Allows Master Higgins and the dinosaurs to jump higher. Down Allows Master Higgins to duck. A Button Jump Master Higgins, Taylor, Magma and Poley. Fly Don-Don. Swim Master Higgins and Classie. B Button Speed Up Hold down while running. Super Jump Hold down while jumping. Throw Weapon Master Higgins. --- How To Use The Controller (cont.) Press the B Button to use the special attacks listed below: Special Attacks Whip Tail While riding Taylor. Spit Fire While riding Magma. Drop Rocks While riding Don-Don. Rockin' Roll While riding Poley. Start Button Start Continue or Pause the Game --- How To Play You, as Master Higgins, must explore 8 islands, and defeat 9 monsters to rescue Jeannie Jungle. On each island, there are many areas ot discover. Energy: When you begin each area, you have a full Energy Bar. It is displayed on the top of the screen between your score and the number of lives you have left. The Energy Bar will continuously go down as you play. To keep it full, you must eat fruits, drink milk or eat meat. Fruit appears regularly in almost every area. You will receive points at the end of each area based on how much energy you have. Eggs: When you first start playing, you won't have any weapons or items. But as you explore the islands, you'll find eggs that might contain weapons or items. To open an egg, jump on it. If you have a weapon, you can also shoot an egg to open it. Eggs can contain several different items, such as milk bottles, axes, boomerangs, time-stops, dinosaurs, and even keys that lead to bonus rounds and secret rooms! There are also hidden eggs in every island. To try to find a hidden egg, shoot your axe, boomerang or shoot with the dinosaurs. If you hear a sound that sounds like you just hit an enemy,and you also see your "shots" disappear in mid-air, go to that spot and jump. When you jump, you should make an egg appear. You can break the egg open as usual. Hint: Shooting birds can make some of them drop eggs! --- How To Play (cont.) Item Select: At the beginning of each area, you will see an item select screen. This screen allows you to use items that you have collected throughout the game. You can collect axes, boomerangs, invincibility crystals and each of the dinosaurs. You cannot collect skateboards. To store a dinosaur, axe or boomerang that Master Higgins is using, press the B button. A picture of the item appears on the bottom of the screen. The number of those items in storage is displayed to the right of the picture. You may use up to 1 dinosaur and 1 axe or boomerang and 1 invincibility crystal at a time. To select them, use either the Control Pad or the Select button. When the white dot is next to the item you desire, press the A button. When your storage space for an item is empty, an egg will appear in its place. Note: When you first start the game, you will not have any items in storage. You will only see pictures of 8 eggs. --- Scoring Points are earned by: Eating fruit, shooting enemies, freeing dinosaurs from eggs, destroying boulders, collecting bouns items and for the remaining energy at the end of an area. Extra Lives: You are awarded an extra life for every 20,000 points you earn. 1-up's area also scattered throughout the game in hidden places, like within eggs and under boulders. You will also be awarded with a 1-up if you collect 100 pieces of fruit. You may have up to 99 extra lives! Continues: If you lose all of your lives, you may continue the game by choosing "CONTINUE" on the title screen with your Control Pad or Select Button, then pressing the Start Button. You will continue with all the items you had in storage. --- Scoring(cont.) Special Items: There are other items you may discover in Adventure Island 3. Honey Girl: She's tough. As long as she's around, you're invincible! Eggplant: Master Higgins hates Eggplant. If he comes around, your energy will quickly fade away! Flower: Sometimes if gives you bonus points. But if you can't pick it up, watch out! An enemy might run at you from behind! Time-Stop: This little clock will temporarily freeze everything. Run fast before time starts again!

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