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Typed out by NES-A3-USA Abadox - The Deadly Inner War Instruction Manual --- Introduction In the year 5012, a strange cytoplasmic creature is sighted in your galaxy. It's Parasitis! A deadly, formless mass which feeds on all life forms and assumes the shape of its swallowed prey! Parasitis rapidly advances upon your home planet, Abadox, and engulfs it! From nearby space stations, the World Alive Force launches a full-scale attack. But the massive Parasitis crushes the entire squadron! An orbiting hospital ship is even swallowed whole - with the beautiful Princess Maria on board! You are Second Lieutenant Nazal, the lone survivor of the Force. Sidelined from the action by your ship's faulty energy drive, you witness the attack! But it's not too late to join the battle! Now your weapons are ready and your ship has been repaired! Jettison from your spacecraft, ignite your power pack and zoom into Parasitis' grisly surface. Your Mission: To blast your way inside Parasitis' nightmarish body and battle your way to its Core - to destroy it! Fight your way inside its deadly mouth! Travel down its throat, through its nerve center - battling hordes of enemy antibodies and bacteria! Use lasers, guided missiles, and special orbiting shields to destroy them! Beware the Guardians that ward off all intruders - bombard them with fierce fire power! You must succeed to save the Universe and rescue Princess Maria! Prepare to blast off! Your Mission begins! --- Using The Controllers The illustration at right shows the controller parts you'll be using as you play. - To begin your Mission - Press the Start button. - To move - Press the control pad in the directions shown at right. - To fire your weapons - Press Button B. - To vary the orbit of your rotating barrier shields - Press Button A. - To pause - Press the Start button. - To restart after pausing - Press the Start button again. To Play Again: - To return to your last Stage of Combat - Leave the cursor at Continue and press the Start button. - To return to the title screen - Press the Select button to move the cursor to End. Then press the Start button. Note: If you have any NES controller which has the "turbo" feature, hold down the turbo button for steady bursts of fire power rather than just single shots. --- How to Play Your Challenge: The Stages of Combat Including Parasitis' surface, there are Six Stages that you must complete. Your Object: To battle your way into Parasitis' massive body, reach its Core and destroy it! Each stage will lead you further into the unknown inner world of Parasitis' body. You'll travel through its cavernous mouth with its treacherous fangs and tongue, down its dangerous throat and into the risky area of the esophagus! Then, suddenly, you'll enter a fluid connector channel which takes you straight into the stomach and intestinal region! The final stages lead you through Parasitis' energy nerve center to its heavily protected inner Core. For more details about each Stage, see pages 10-12 [below -tsr]. Note: Only a few of the amazing graphic images seen during these Stages are shown in this booklet! The Enemies Within As you fight your way to the Core, you'll encounter the strange creatures that live inside Parasitis. Hideous eyeballs, twisted worms and mutant skeleton fish are just a few that will swarm in for attack as you progress! But not all appear in each stage and some hold hidden surprises. For each one you destroy, you'll rack up points for your score. To check your score, view the continuous scoring update in the upper left corner of your screen. To advance within a Stage or move from one Stage to the next, you must destroy Parasitis' Guarding monsters. (For example, see Deathface and the Cilia mon- ster shown on the package!) As each one is destroyed, you'll gain entrance to a new part of Parasitis and add to your score! Beware! Your journey becomes more treacherous with every Stage you complete! --- Your Lives At the start of the game, you'll receive 3 lives. Once you've used them up, the game is over! However, you may then select Continue and re-start the game in that particular Stage you just ended. You will automatically receive 3 new lives, but you'll lose all weaponry except for your basic fire power! You can select Continue as many times as you wish. Your Weaponry Throughout the game, you'll encounter deadly blue scorpions. They appear both horizontally and vertically as shown at right. Destroy them and collect their special Blue Power Capsules. Gather as many capsules as you can - they'll give you advanced weaponry such as the Tresbeam, the Paradora Gun and guided miss- iles! Some capsules will allow you to maneuver more easily; others will contain special defensive shields and armor. Note: Not all weaponry is available in each Stage. For example, the Laser Gun is only available during the vertical Stages. See the Weapons Chart on pages 8 and 9 [below -tsr] for more details. --- Weapons Collect This Power Capsule - Get This Weapon [S] - Super Speed-Up allows you to maneuver more easily! [8-point diamond] - Tresbeam allows you to shoot in 3 different directions at the same time! [8-point square] - Star Beam allows you to shoot in 5 different directions at the same time! [4-point star] - Paradora Gun increases your fire power so you can shoot deadly rings of raw energy! [x-acto knife thingy] - Laser Gun sends out high-powered light beams! [M] - Twin Missiles give you 2 deadly weapons! * If you keep increasing your fire power, these will become guided missiles! [B] - Orbiting Barrier Shield surrounds you with a rotating satellite - allow- ing you to move in closer to attack any creature! Acquire up to 4! * Use Button A to vary your shield's orbit! [P] - Hi-Density Power Protector wraps you in glowing armor that absorbs enemy damage! Acquire up to 3 glowing eyes of armor! --- The Six Stages of Internal Combat Stage 1 Fly over the twisted, gnarled surface of Parasitis! Fight snapping jaws and cunning skulls - a sampling of Parasitis' mutant armies. Beware the hideous dog-like monster, Bau, who guards the entrance to Parasitis' mouth! Destroy him and you're inside! Blast past the treacherous fangs and tongue! Then ven- ture boldly through the bone-crunchers! If you thought Bau was a fearsome foe, the Guardian Deathface will be a real treat to defeat! Stage 2 Now you're in the throat! Weave your way carefully down this muscular canal. Battle single-cell organisms and pods of poisonous spores. Watch out for the Hands of Death! An unwary visitor is most welcome here! Soon, a circling Guardian will try to entrap you. Destroy it and then blast into the risky channel of the esophagus! This narrow part of Parasitis' digestive tract is the realm of the Lizards of Doom. Surprise! The final Guardian will greet you with a fanfare of deadly stars! Stage 3 Suddenly, you're in the Deadly Forest of Blue Nerves. Dancing flowers wave about as they scan for intruders to kill! Pass quickly through a twisted channel of frozen nerves and meet the great Shark Guardian head-on! Defeat him and enter another fluid channel. This inner sanctum is inhabited by floating larvae and vicious hydrozoa - among others. Grab those weapons! You'll need them when you meet the final all-seeing Guardian! Stage 4 Now plunge downward into Parasitis' stomach. Beware the cellular organisms that detach from the walls! They'll demolish and food (such as you!) so the stomach crabs can crunch away! Battle the King Crab as it guards the final digestive chamber! Here, the dreaded Cilia monster pummels anything that passes by! Avoid its pulsating horns if you can! Stage 5 Be careful as you maneuver through this intestinal channel! Armed insectoids will mobilize to attack you - along with many mechanical devices. Look out for enemies above and below! Destroy the 3 powerful Guardians so you can blast into the next chamber - the energy nerve center! Electrical charges and more await you! Destroy the Guardian Commander quickly or you'll never survive! Stage 6 Zoom down the Tube of Death, avoiding heat-seeking fireballs and other macabre organisms. Watch out for the hazardous energy bars with their electrical charges! Five Guardians protect the door to the Core. Destroy them to reach the last corridor! Every weapon counts here as you battle the final armies of Parasitis! Winning the Game: Enter the black inner chamber and destroy the Core! Find Princess Maria and rescue her!

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