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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

Typed out by Dan Instruction Booklet Page 3 Contents Starting the Game...................4 Game Boy(R) Advance Controls........5 Main Menu...........................6 Select Skater Menu..................9 Level Select Menu..................10 Options Menu.......................11 On-Screen Display..................12 Playing the Game...................13 Scoring............................16 Perfect your Skating...............18 Customizing Your Skater............21 The Skaters........................23 Game Levels........................30 Credits............................34 Customer Support...................37 Page 4 Starting the Game Make sure the POWER switch is OFF.
Insert the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Game Pack into the Game Boy (TM) Advance slot as described in your Nintendo Game Boy (TM) Advance instruction manual.

Turn the POWER switch ON.

Note: The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Game Pak is for Game Boy (TM) Advance only. 

Page 5

Game Boy (TM) Advance Controls

All of the instructions refer to the default control scheme shown here. 
To change default settings, see page 11. 

L - Flip Trick/Toggle Nollie

R - Grab Trick/Switch

Control pad up - Lean Forward/Exit Pool/Manual Balance 

Control pad left/right - Turn/Grind Balance 

Control pad down - Brake/Lean Back/Manual Balance 

Start - Pause Game

A - Grind

B - Crouch /Jump

Page 6

Basic Controls

a.. You always move forward without having to press any button. 
Hold down the B Button to crouch and pick up speed. 
b.. Ollie: Hold down the B Button to crouch; release it to jump. The
longer you crouch, the higher you will ollie. 
c.. Nollie: Tap the L Button to move into nollie position, then press and 
release the B Button to nollie. 
d.. Wallride: Press the B Button to jump, then hold down the A Button 
when in the air near a wall, sign, building, etc. 
e.. Manuals: Tap up+down or down+up (nose manual) when skating or 
landing. Then use up and down to keep your balance. 
f.. Boneless: Tap up+up then press and release the B Button. 
g.. No Comply: Tap up then press and release the B Button. 

Page 7

a.. Switch Stance: Tap the R Button to change between Normal and 
Switch stances. 
b.. When falling from a big drop, press and hold the B Button at impact 
to keep from bailing. 
c.. Hit the controller buttons repeatedly to get up faster. 

Trick Controls

a.. When in the air, tap the L Button plus a direction on the control pad 
to do a flip trick. 
b.. When in the air, tap the R Button plus a direction on the control pad 
to do a grab trick. 
c.. To grind, press the A Button when in the air near a rail, edge, or lip. 
Press the A Button plus a direction on the control pad to perform 
different grinds. 
d.. To perform a lip trick, skate straight up a ramp or quarterpipe 
holding the A Button plus a direction on the control pad. 

Page 8

Main Menu

Use the control pad to make a selection. Then press the A Button or 
START to confirm your choice. 

Choose Career Mode to start a Career where you'll skate through the 
levels accumulating cash and medals. You can use the cash to upgrade 
your stats, buy a new board, and access locked levels. 

Important Note: Whenever you save your career, you save data for all 
the skaters in the game. You do not need to start a New Career in order 
to use a different skater. Only start a New Career if you want to reset 
all data in the game. 

Choose Free Skate to skate through the levels you've unlocked in 
Career Mode with no time limit. Free Skate is a good way to get a 
feel for the environments, practice your tricks, perfect your runs, 
and learn each skater's specials. 

Page 9

Choose Single Session and skate all out in a two-minute session in 
an effort to set high scores. Build your earnings in Career Mode to 
unlock other levels. 

Choose Options to go to the Options menu where you can adjust the 
volume, View High Scores, adjust game settings, and see the credits. 

Select Skater Menu

Choose the skater you want on the Select Skater menu using the 
Control Pad. Press the A Button to confirm your choice. Try every 
level with each skater because they all have unique skating abilities 
and specials. The vert skaters will get bigger air on the ramps. The 
street skaters will have better balance on manuals and grinds. But 
they're all pros and every one can kick butt on a board. 

Page 10

Level Select Menu

After you've selected your skater you'll go to the Level Select menu. 
Use the Control Pad to choose the level you want to skate. Some levels 
will be locked. You have to accumulate enough money in Career Mode 
to unlock them. 

Options Menu

Select Options from the Main Menu to go to the Options menu. 

Sound Levels: Use the sliders to change the volume for the music and sound effects. 

Page 11

Cheats: Here you can view and enable cheats that you have earned through Career Mode. 

Trick Zoom: Turn the trick zoom function On or Off. 

Kid Mode: If you're having trouble landing tricks, try turning Kid Mode ON. 
This will give you better balance and stability. Once you've got the hang 
of it though, turn it off and skate for real. 

Control Setup: Use the Controls menu to modify the controller settings. 
The A Button, the B Button, and both shoulder button assignments can be 
changed. Change the configuration to what feels most comfortable for you. 

Gaps Checklist: All the gaps in every level are listed here. Once you've 
found a gap in the game, you'll see it highlighted on this list. Find all 
the gaps in the game and who knows what else you might find. 

Credits: Choose Credits to see the people who worked hard so you can 
grind and ollie to your heart's desire. 

High Scores: See who's earned the highest scores in each level. 

Save Career: Save Career data for all skaters and high scores for all 
levels in the game. 

Page 12

On-Screen Display

The Special Bar

As you perform tricks, your Special Bar will fill up. When the Special 
Bar is fill and flashing, special moves can be pulled off. The full meter 
will decrease automatically if you don't use it, so take advantage of it. 
If you bail while the meter is full, you empty the whole thing. Still, you 
can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs! 

Page 13

Playing The Game

Free Skate

Choose Free Skate if you just want to skate hard and skate long. 

Free Skate is a good place to begin before you get going in Career Mode to 
learn the ins and outs of the levels and the best places to pull off tricks. 
Look for gaps and lines to increase your score. 

Free Skate has no time limit, so take as long as you want to perfect your 
tricks, practice your runs and learn your specials. 

Page 14

Career Mode

Choose Career Mode to start your professional skating career. You'll 
choose a skater and then you're ready to go skate. Complete goals for 
cash. Select Skate Shop to use some of the money you've earned in your 
career to upgrade your board. Choose Edit Stats to use your cash to buy 
even better abilities for your skaters. Choose Edit Tricks to add to your 
arsenal of Special Tricks. 

You can continue every skater's progress on the same career. To start a 
brand new career, select New Career and pick the skater you want to live 
with until your first victory. 

Be Careful! A New Career will wipe out any existing careers when you 
save your New Career. 

Page 15

Competition levels in Career Mode require you perform tricks to rack up 
points within a time limit in order to obtain medals and cash. You must 
qualify for any one of the medals in order to move to the next area. Getting 
a medal carries a cash prize along with it. You must win gold medals in 
both competition levels to finish the game. 

Page 16


Doing a trick the first time will give you 100% of its full point value. 
Each subsequent time you pull off the same trick in a level, your score 
decreases as the table indicates. In Free Play mode, your score for a 
trick will decrease subsequent times it's pulled off only if the trick's 
performed during the same trick string. 




4th on

5th on

Page 17

Adding spins to your moves introduces a multiplier. With each 180 degree 
spin, your score multiplier goes up. The bigger the multiplier, the bigger 
the score! 

180 degrees

360 degrees

540 degrees

720 degrees

900 degrees

Grabs have a base score associated with them, however they can be 
held for a longer time for additional points. Manuals, grinds, and lip 
tricks can also be held for extra points. 

Landing a perfect trick gives you 150% of the trick score, sloppy gives you 75%. 

Page 18

Perfect Your Skating


You will automatically move in the direction you're facing. For an extra 
speed boost, hold down the B Button to crouch and gain speed. 


To rotate the direction you face while on the ground, hold the Control Pad 
left or the Control Pad right. You can adjust the speed you rotate by 
modifying your truck settings. (See Skate Shop on page 21.) 

Remember: When you press the Control Pad left or the Control Pad right, 
your skater will turn to his or her left or right, not yours! 

Page 19


Hold the Control Pad down to slow down. You will slow down and eventually 
come to a complete stop. 


The most basic skateboarding trick, the ollie consists of kicking the 
skateboard's tail against the ground while pushing forward with the 
front foot (this is how skaters perform jumps). To ollie, press the B 
Button. The longer the button is held, the higher you will jump. 

Ollieing by itself doesn't get you any trick points. There are several 
variations of ollieing that will boost the height of your jump and/or 
earn points, these are the No Comply (tap up then press the B Button) 
and the Boneless (tap up+up then press the B Button). 

Page 20

Nollie/Fakie Ollie

A nollie is an ollie performed on the front of the skateboard rather than 
the back. To perform a Nollie press the L Button before ollieing. If you're 
riding switch, you will perform a fakie ollie instead of a nollie. 


To rotate your facing direction while in the air, use the left and right 
on the Control Pad. The rate at which you rotate in the air is based on 
your skater's Spin stat. (See Edit Stats on page 22.) To perform a full 180 
degree turn, tap the Control Pad twice in the direction of the turn. 

Page 21

Customizing Your Skater

Skate Shop

Go to the Skate Shop to use your cash to upgrade your deck. Use the Control 
Pad to scroll through the skateboard choices. Press the A Button to confirm 
your choice. Skateboards you can't afford will have a question mark (?) on 
them. Boards you can afford but have not yet purchased will have a dollar 
sign ($) on them. 

Select Buy Skateboard to accept that board and go to the Character Select menu. 

Select Adjust Trucks to change your turning ability. Looser trucks will 
allow you to make sharper turns, but tighter trucks give you more control. 

Page 22

Edit Stats

Go to the Edit Stats menu to use the money you've accumulated in Career 
Mode to modify your skater's stats. Use the Control Pad to scroll through 
the stats and highlight the change you want. 

Edit Tricks

Go to the Edit Tricks menu to spend money on specials for your skater. 
Your available cash will be shown. Use the Control Pad to scroll through 
the options. Highlight the Special you want and press the A Button to select it. 

Note: You can only add a maximum of 6 Specials to each skater. 

Page 23

The Skaters

Tony Hawk

If you meet Hawk, look at his shins. You'll see how much flesh he's left 
behind becoming the most influential skateboarder in history. He lost 
some perfecting the first 900. More went while creating 50+ signature 
moves and winning 12 world championships. The father of two boys and 
modern skateboarding, Tony makes his home in native SoCal. 

Page 24

Bob Burnquist

Out of Brazil and onto the winner's podium, Bob Burnquist is one of today's 
most exciting and original skaters. Blowing minds with his unique style 
and switch-stance tendencies, Burnquist won the first pro contest he 
entered. He then went on to be the first skater to pull off an Eggplant 
Revert, a move now simply known as the "Burntwist." 

Steve Caballero

How long has Steve Caballero been part of the skateboarding scene? Over 
three decades. Along the way he helped found the Bones Brigade, invented 
the Cabbalerial and owned his share of world records-including the 
highest halfpipe air and a 44-stair rail. Cab's still riding hard, inspiring 
skateboarding's next generation. 

Page 25

Kareem Campbell

East Coast, West Coast, or any coast, Kareem Campbell and his smooth 
metropolitan style are recognized on the real streets. Born in New York 
and raised in Los Angeles, Kareem defies any East vs. West barriers. When 
he's not skating you can find him chilling with his son, li'l Reem. Kareem's 
advice for skaters: "Do it for yourself and keep it honest. 

Rune Glifberg

When Rune was 11 years old a friend brought a skateboard to his home 
in Copenhagen, Denmark. Later, a skateboard brought Rune to his new 
home in Huntington Beach, California (He didn't ride it. He became a pro 
on it.) Here you'll find the all-terrain terrorist sessioning pools and streets. 
But he saves his best for his true love: wide-open vert skateboarding. 

Page 26

Eric Kosten

Who do you want to be today? Think Kosten, because he rides like anybody 
and nobody else. He'll bust any pro's signature trick with uncanny 
similarity then transition into the eponymous K-grind. Besides this 
move bearing his name, Eric's famous for clowning around while making 
challenging moves look like a joke. 

Bucky Lasek

Hardened on the East-Coast and currently refining his skills in Carlsbad, 
California, Charles Michael Lasek, better known as Bucky, soars to 
sickening heights above half-pipes-and other skaters. He's equal parts 
power, originality, and style. When Bucky's not dropping jaws at the 
local Mission Valley Skate Park, you'll find him loving life with his 
wife and daughter. 

Page 27

Rodney Mullen

Get up, shower, brush and head out and invent new tricks. Just another 
day for Rodney Mullen, the godfather of street skating. A pro for over 20 
years, Mullen owns 35 freestyle world championships and a dizzying list 
of signature tricks. Like the kickflip, underflip, impossible, casper and 
darkslide to name a few. 

Chad Muska

Out of his native Las Vegas and into skateboarding's top magazines and 
videos-welcome Muska. After lighting it up on the Strip, Chad moved to 
California at 15 and quickly became one of the most respected skaters 
of all time. This self-styled professional always takes his brand of 
skate-and-relax creativity to another level. This includes experimenting 
with jungle and hip-hop beats on his "Muskabeat" album. 

Page 28

Andrew Reynolds

Andrew's only been a pro since 1996, but what he my lack in years, he 
makes up for in air and guts. If you're in Los Angeles, California and you 
see somebody going huge over massive gaps, sessioning sick sets of 
stairs and doing it all with effortless style, odds are you're in the presence 
of Turtle Boy himself. Say "hi" as he flies by. 

Geoff Rowley

Called the one-man English invasion, Geoff Rowley went from the streets 
of Liverpool, England to the top of the skating world. In fact, Goeff's often 
called the skater's skater. 

He currently resides in Huntington Beach, California, where his diet consists 
of miles of handrails, huge staircases and lots of vegetables. Picture a 360 
flip down 13 stairs- yep, that's Rowley. 

Page 29

Elissa Steamer

Making the cut skating against the boys. Dominating every all-girl event 
she enters. Getting her name on a pro model street board. You guessed 
it- it's Ft. Myers, Florida native Elissa Steamer. Elissa specializes in 
sessioning streets and stereotypes. Now living in Los Angeles, California, 
Elissa skates like you wish you could. 

Jamie Thomas

Originally from Alabama, Jamie has conquered some of the biggest gaps 
and longest rails ever seen. His video parts in "Welcome to Hell" and 
"Misled Youth" prove it. Jamie is the only person to walk away from the 
Leap of Faith with both legs intact. 

Page 30

Game Levels

Each of the Career Mode levels have several items scattered around for 
you to collect. Each level will have a hidden tape. Touch the tape to 
collect it. If you search around, you'll also find floating items with the 
letters S-K-A-T-E. You don't have to collect the letters to spell skate 
in order, but grab them whenever you see them. 

Sometimes you'll be able to find bonus money orbs. Grab them to add to 
your score. 

Some levels will have special goals that you need to complete in order 
to advance to the next level. You may also have to collect items or rack 
up a certain number of points. There are also items you don't collect, 
but do tricks on. A trick is required to tag the item as complete. 

Page 31

The Hangar, Meacham Field, TX

A hangar is built to store and service airplanes, but its size, shape, and 
accessories make it a perfect place to start your skating adventure. 
You'll have plenty of room to get awesome air and echoing grinds. If you 
can see it, you can skate it. You may just have to figure out a unique way 
to get you and your board up real high. Who says you need a plane to fly? 
Practice your Lip moves in the windtunnel. 

The School II, Southern Cali

Southern California is known worldwide for the movie business, 
celebrities, and wild parties. But the population at large has no idea 
what's going on when the schools are closed and the skaters take over. 

You can create some massive sessions on the steps and rails. When 
nobody's around, a school makes for one burnin' skatepark. Jump to 
the roof for more areas to trick it up. 

Page 32

Contest 1: Marseille, France

Marseille is one of the most beautiful cities in a country known for 
worldwide for its marvelous architecture and stunning art. The skatepark 
in Marseille is known for its huge bowls and endless rails. Once again, if 
you can see it, you can skate it. We dare you to prove us wrong. 

Warehouse, Troy NY

The warehouse is just as great fun as ever with rails galore and the giant 
halfpipe. Grind the high rails for big drops. There may or may not be new 
secrets to discover. Go find out! 

Page 33

New York City, NY

The big city is always a terrific place to grind, if you can keep away from 
the cops. Streets, curbs, and benches are obvious places to skate, but don't 
overlook what else is there. The thing about a city is that it's built both 
high and low. There's a lot more surface area to grind that you'd think 
would fit into a square block. Good grinds are sometimes hidden up high. 

Contest 2: Skatestreet, Ventura

A terrifically huge skatepark designed by people who love boardsports 
and dream about pools and pipes. Get huge air if you can plan ahead to 
build up enough speed. Don't forget to switch to mix up your tricks. 

Page 34


Vicariously Developed By
Vicarious Visions, Inc.

Team Baisoku
Luis Barriga, Matthew Conte, Rob Gallerani, Alan Kimball, Andy Lomerson, 

Alex Rybakov

Project Manager
Jesse 'Agent' Booth

Executive Producers
Karthik Bala, Tobi Saulnier

Manfred Linzner

Assisted By
Guha Bala, Kerry Coffey, Lauren Costello, Steve Derrick, Jorge Diaz, 
Jill Doris, Nehme Frangie, Dawn Harrington, Chuck Homic, Chris McEvoy, 
Max Pain, Jesse Raymond, Chuck Stanhope, Robert Trevellyan, Jay Young 

VV Special Thanks
Neversoft, Cosmigo, Gene Bahng, Steve Crane, Dave Stohl, Jario Silva, 
Leo Zuniga, Activision QA, Manfred Linzner, Scott Tsumura, Brian Christensen, 
Mark Garcia, Bombers Burrito Bar, Vintage Aircraft Museum, Late-Night Coding Gnomes, 

THISO.exe, and CBruce

VV No Thanks To
Fingerboard Pilferer, VSS

Published by:
Activision, Inc.

Gene Bahng

Executive Producer
Marc Turndorf

V.P. Studio
Dave Stohl

Production Assistant
Joe Shackelford

Production Testers
Jario Silva, Leonel Zuniga

Special Thanks
Chris Archer, Christian Astillero, Brian Bright, Bryant Bustamante, Brian Clarke,
Paula Cuneo, Stacey Drellishak, Michael Fletcher, Joel Jewitt, Adam Goldberg, 
Jay Gorden, Eric Grossman, Chris Hewish, Todd Jefferson, Eric Koch, 
Talmadge Morning, Peter Muravez, Jeff Poffenbarger, Matt Powers, 
Mike Stephan, Murali Tegulapalle, Nicole Willick, and Tony Hawk. 

Business Affairs
George Rose, Michael Hand, Rob Pfau, Michael Larsen 

Global Brand Management
Will Kassoy, David Pokress, Serene Chan

Special Thanks
Ryh-Ming Poon, Denise Walsh, Jill Barry, Peter Menotti 

Activision Quality Assurance

QA Project Lead
Glenn Vistante

QA Senior Lead
Ben DeGuzman

QA Console Manager
Joe Favazza

QA Floor Lead
Jesse Shannon
(C) Nintendo 2001

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