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Mario Kart Super Circuit

Typed out by James Wingo Table of Contents 1. Basic Controls 2. Competitive Spirit 3. Before Racing 4. Mario GP and Quick Run 5. Items 6. Tracks 7. Multi-pak Battle 8. Time Trial 9. SinglePak Multiplay 10. Game Link Cable Set-up 1. Basic Control Control Pad: Steering left and right Start: Pause, Confirm Selections Select: Horn L Button: Use Item R Button: Jump A Button: Accelerator, Confirm selections B Button: Brake, Cancel Selection 2. Competitive Spirit: When choosing your character you must think about which character would fit your driving needs best by looking at their Stats: Yoshi: Dirt is No obstacle Peach: Check out true lightweight racing Toad: No one has faster acceleration Luigi: Great Steering Mario: Perfectly Balanced Bowser: Theres nobody faster Donkey Kong: Better steering than Wario Wario: True heavyweight power 3. Before Racing: Choose a Players ( 1 to 4 with a link cable ) Choose a Game: Mario GP 1-2, Vs. 2-4, Battle 2-4, Time Trial 1, Quick Run 1 Choose an Engine class: 50 cc, 100 cc, 150 cc Choose a Character (see above) Choose a Track
4. Mario GP/ Quick Run
Choose a Cup: There are different cups made up of 4 different tracks Racing and Placing: you must be in the first 4 to be able to go on to the next track in a cup. 5. Items Power Up your Kart with a: Star: temporarily invunerable Mushroom: great big Burst of speed Attack on other Racers with a: Lightning: Drops lightning on all of your opponents Steal Items with a: Ghost: takes items from teammates Attack the Leader with a: Red Shell: a guided shell that hits leader Green shell: a non-guided bouncy shell Spiny Shell: Homing shell-shot hunts down leader 6. Tracks Mario Cup: Peach circuit Shy Guy Beach Bowser Castle 1 Riverside Park Flower Cup Mario Circuit Boo Lake Bowser Castle 2 Cheese Land Thunder Cup Luigi Circuit
Sky Garden
Sunset Wilds
Cheep-Cheep Island
*Star Cup*
Snow Land 
Bowser Castle 3
Ribbon road
Yoshi Desert

7. Multipak Battle
Choose a Track: out of the four different courses
Rules of Engagement: Ballons pop when you run over bananas
get hit by a shell
or drive over an edge

8.Time Trial:
Choose Trial
Then Choose a Track
then choose items

9. Singlepak Mulitplay
Consists of only Yoshi players with different colors. The first player to complete their laps first wins.
10.Single Pak Multi-linking
                              ( Player 4 )            ( Player 3 )
                                    ll                   ll
          Cartridge>>>                  II                   ll
                                    ( Player 1 )         ( Player 2 )

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