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Game Boy Advance

Typed out by Jeff Wilford
1. Introduction to the Game Boy Advance Video Game System

Thank you for purchasing the Nintendo Game boy Advance Video Game system. The Game Boy Advance is a pocket sized color video game system that feature:

2.9" Thin-Film transistor (TFT) color Liquid crystal reflective display. 

Up to 32,000 simultaneous colors.
32 bit ARM with embedded memory.
compatible with Game boy and Game boy color Game Paks. 

Please read both the following instructions and the separate precautions 
booklet Before setup or use of the Game Boy Advance. If after reading 
this you still have unanswered questions please visit our customer 
service area at or call 1-800-255-3700 

2. List of components
On top of the Game boy Advance which we will know refer to as GBA 
is the External extension Connector, on both sides of those are the 
accessory slots, on the back is the Game Pak slot. On the front left 
corner of the GBA is the control pad, below that are the start and 
select buttons, the L and R buttons are on the top left and Right, the 
screen is in the middle on the right of the GBA are the A and B buttons 
below them is the Speaker above them is the power light, on the bottom 
are the headphone jack, on and off switch, and volume button, also on 
the back is the battery cover.

3. Description of components
The External Extension Connector allows you to plug in the game link 
cable which attaches to other GBA and the Game boy Printer. 

The Accessory slot allows for the attachments of the accessories 

The game Paks slot is were you put the games. 

The control pad, A and B buttons, L and R buttons, and the start and 
select buttons are all for game play control. 

The screen is for viewing the game.

The speaker is were the sound comes out of. 

The power light is green when the batteries are good, but turns read 
when you get to 30% battery life.

The battery cover you remove to take out, replace, or add batteries 
so you can play.

If you buy a wrist strap you plug it in to the wrist strap attachment. 

The on and off switch obviously turns the GBA on and off. 

You plug in headphones into the headphone jack obviously. 

The volume button changes the volume of the sound coming out of 
the speakers.

4. Installing Batteries

Remove the cover on the back of the GBA and insert two AA batteries. 
Use only two fresh high quality Alkaline Batteries. Do not use 
rechargeable Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride, carbon zinc or 
any other type of non alkaline batteries. Insert the negative end first, 
and Remove the positive end first when removing batteries. 

Note: Change Batteries when light turns red and starts dimming, if it 
is red but not dimming you can keep batteries in until it does. 

5. GBA Game Paks

There are four types of GB game paks that will work with the GBA 

Type 1. Original Game boy Game paks will work with GBA, GBC, GBP, and GB 

Type 2. Dual Mode Game paks will work with GBA, GBC, GBP, and GB 

Type 3. Full Color Game Paks will work with GBC, and GBA 

Type 4. Special Full color will only work with GBA. 

Note. When playing Type 1 - 3 on GBA you can Press L and R to change 
the screen size.

6. Using the GBA

Insert a game pak with the label facing away from the GBA 

Turn on power, screen will display logo, and then go to the game you put in.

To remove turn power off then slide Game pak out. 

7. Changing the color on original Game Paks 

There are 12 different colors that you can change too when playing 
a Type 1 Game pak

To change too one insert the game and turn power on then when the 
logo appears do one of these:

Up is Brown
Up and A is red
Up and B is Dark Brown
Down is Pastel Mix
Down and A is Orange
Down and B is Yellow
Left is Blue
Left and A is dark Blue
Left and B is Gray
Right is Green
Right and A is Dark Green
Right and B is reverse

This cannot be changed after the Logo or on types 2, 3, 4 game paks 

8. Two player using GBC and GBA

When the power is off on all systems plug the game link cable into the 
External Extension Connector on both GB's or the printer and turn power 
on. You cannot play two player GBA games on GBC. This also covers 
Number 9. They are pretty much the same.


Ac adapter information, do not use GBC, GB, or GBP Adapters on GBA. 

11. Trouble shooting

Blank screen although power is on = turn power off then on again 

Faint Screen = replace batteries

Horizontal lines = Reinsert game pak when power is off 

No volume = adjust the volume button

12. 13. 14. Nothing much

Just Rating system stuff and also if you have any problems visit or call the number from the beginning of the book, 
same thing if you need spare parts.

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