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Toy Story

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Toy Story Docs -------------------------------------------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS Heroes Are Made, Not Born.................................2 Getting Started...........................................4 Take Control, Partner.....................................5 The Game Screen...........................................8 Bonus Items...............................................9 They Broke The Mold After They Built These Guys....................................10 The Toy Story World......................................16 The Making Of Woody......................................22 Using Your Super Game Boy Adapter........................24 Credits..................................................28 Limited Warranty.........................................29 HEROES ARE MADE, NOT BORN Welcome to Toy Story, a world where toys come to life when people are not present. It's an imaginative animated fantasy where a unique assortement of toys take on a life at their own and become involved in a serie of comic misadventures. Central to the story is a pull-string cowboy named Woody and his other toy friends. Woody is six-year-old Andy's favourite toy and sits in the coveted place of honour on Andy's bed. Life for Woody is pretty good and it looks like he'll remain the favourite toy for years to come. That is, until Andy's birthday party! Birthdays mean new toys and new toys mean old toys may be forgotten! To be forgotten is one of the biggest fears that all toys share. Anxious to see if Andy recieved any new toys, Woody sends in the green army men on a recon mission to find out. Soon they hear the news that changes all of their lives - there's a new toy in town named Buzz Lightyear. Buzz is the latest super-powered-karate-chopping- laser-blasting-space-hero-action-figure and it looks like he's an instant favourite with Andy! This comes as a great shock to Woody, who now must cope with being #2 in Andy's world. His answer is to try knock Buzz behind the dresser and into obscurity by using R. C. Car. Woody's plan backfires and he unintentionally sends Buzz out of Andy's window and into the real world. The rest of the toys see what happens and unite against Woody for sending Buzz to certain doom. Woody takes it upon himself to rescue Buzz and restore peace to the world of Andy's toys. GETTING STARTED 1. Turn OFF the power switch on your Nintendo Gameboy. Never insert or remove a Game Pak when the power is on. 2. Insert the Toy Story Game Pak into the slot on the Gameboy. To lock the Game Pak in place, press firmly. 3. Turn ON the power switch. The Nintendo logo will appear (if you don't see it, begin again at step 1). 4. When the Toy Story screen appears, press the Start Button to proceed. TAKE CONTROL, PARTNER You can't be a hero if you don't know how to move. Listed below are the buttons you will be using to move Woody. They are : The Control Pad, Start Button, Select Button, A Button and B Button. The general controls for Woody are listed and all special moves or manoeuvers are listed in the following chapters. Control Pad - Use this button to move Woody around. Press Left or Right to make him walk in those directions. Since Woody is such a small toy, you may need to press Down from time to time so he can duck under low hazards. A Button - Press this button to make Woody jump. When Woody is moving hand-over-hand (from an overhead pipe, beam or hanging chain), pressing this button will make him release his grasp. B Button - Press this button to help Woody use his pull-string as a lasso! Woody can temporary tie-up the other toys while he's trying to make it past them. He can also use his pull-string to swing across pitfalls by grabbing hooks. SPECIAL NOTE : Sometimes he'll need to perform the swinging manoeuvre a number of times in a row, so you better practice the move until you can almost do it with your eyes closed! Start Button - Press this button to pause the action of the game. Press it again to resume game play. THE GAME SCREEN * Stars - These indicate the number of health points Woody has left. Every time Woody takes damage from a hit, he loses one star. When he falls of the screen or loses all of his stars, he loses one try. * Hats - These indicate how many tries Woody has left in the game. When the last hat is lost, the game is over. BONUS ITEMS Not only can you have the adventure of a lifetime while playing the video game, but you can collect cool items while you're at it! The stuff below is spread throughout the game (some are pretty easy to find, others...). TIN STARS - Collect these to earn extra health points, lives and continues for Woody. GOLD STARS - Collect these to earn instant health points. COWBOY HATS - Collect these to recieve an additional life. CONTINUE FLAG - You will automatically restart at the point in the level where you reached this marker. Some levels have more than one Continue Flag. In this case you will continue at the last laf you reached before you lost that level. THEY BROKE THE MOLD AFTER THEY BUILT THESE GUYS WOODY Mild mannered, yet a natural leader among toys, Wody has been Andy's favourite toy as long as anyone can remember. Losing his well-earned position as the #1 to Buzz Lightyear has unhinged Woody a bit. Since his plan to get rid of Buzz backfired, Woody has taken it upon himself to rescue Buzz from the perils of the world outside of Andy's room. He may just prove he's the best toy after all. HAMM This little pig can be found near the monst interesting and useful objects. Hamm can be found in Andy's room, usually near an item that Woody needs to get his hands on. What did you expect from a piggy bank? ROCKY GIBRALTAR This toy is based on a former heavy-weight wrestler who was known for his massive strength in the ring. Rocky comes in handy when Woody needs to have something heavy moved. R. C. Car This speed demon shows up everywhere, usually just under foot. Woody uses R. C. to knock Buzz of the dresser. REX Take the most ferocious dinosaur the worlds has ever known and give him a score of anxieties and you have Rex. This carnivore wouldn't hurt a fly. He's busy working on his roar (he really doesn't want to sound annoying), and he can always be counted on to give Woody a hand. He also makes one dandy steed for the rough-riding cowboy... BUZZ LIGHTYEAR As Space Rangers go, Buzz Lightyear is a top model! The fact that he's a child's toy can hamper his intergalactic plans, but he first must figure this out for himself. Buzz is a spaceman - ready to take on a universe of trouble with a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye! Whether proving his prowess as a flyer or dashing to another heroic space rescue, Buzz has enough daring for a platoon of toys. Who knows, he may just hit it off with Woody. GREEN ARMY MEN For a platoon of green troopers, these guys sure know how to see red - Code Red! Woody has them perform recon duty at Andy's birthday party and learns all about his new competitor for Andy's attention. You never know when these resourceful men in green will show up... MUTANT TOYS Andy's neighbour Sid has a nasty habit of creating warped toys from various parts and pieces of several toys. These "Mutant Toys", although scary looking, really mean well. They just had a rotten role model! You will meet many other characters in your search to help Woody rescue Buzz. THE TOY STORY WORLD There are ten fun-filled levels to Toy Story. Listed in the next pages are the discriptions of each of the levels. Use this part of the manual as a guided tour of Woody's adventure! ANDY'S ROOM Level 1 : That Old Army Game Woody must find a way to marshall the troops to perform a daring recon mission to discover what's up with Andy's birthday party. Get the green army men out of the room with one of the baby monitors. Woody the has to make it to the other baby monitor to listen in. Level 2 : Red Alert! The troops have returned to notify Woody that Andy is on his way back to his room. You have to find a way to get all of the wandering toys back into the big toy box or under Andy's bed before Andy returns to his room. (This level is timed, so you better hurry!) After all the toys are in place, Woody has to make it to his spot on the bed. Special note : Woody must release the wandering toys and get them back into the toy box in the following order : Hamm, Robot and Rex. Level 3 : Ego Check The competition is on! Woody has to keep up with Buzz to prove he's just as good as the laser tootin' loud-guy. Buzz moves rather quickly - you must keep up with him or you'll have to try, try again. Level 4 : Revenge Of The Toys With Buzz out of the picture permanently, the toys align against Woody. They saw Woody knock Buzz out of the window to a fate worse than being forgotten... Now Woody has to make it out of Andy's room to help Buzz and clear his name with the toys. The big problem here, however, is that ALL of the toys are angry with him and he now must escape a room full of enraged toys! Level 5 : Run Rex, Run This cowboy has never ridden a panic-stricken dinosaur befire, but if it's the only way out to help Buzz, well then, Woody going to give it a go! Look out for low flying paratroopers and a really miffed R. C. Car ready to take Woody out of action! Special note : When riding Rex, use the Control Pad to make him run faster or slower by pressing Right or Left. PIZZA PLANET Level 6 : Food & Drink Woody and Buzz must sneak into Pizza Planet the only way two toys can - wrapped up in a Mega Gulp cup and a burger container. Avoid getting hit by falling food, and remember to duck to avoid low flying paper airplanes. And you thought your room was messy... Level 7 : Inside The Claw Machine Buzz climbed into the claw machine and now it's up to a certain cowboy figure to bail him out. Woody discovers the inner workings of the machine are not toy-friendly as he dashes from one precarious vantage point to another. Be sure to time those jumps well... SID'S ROOM Level 8 : Sid's Workbench O'Horrors If you thought the claw machine was tough, wait until you see what Sid has in store for Woody! Dodge all the booby traps and hidden horrors lurking about this sinister room and by all means, KEEP MOVING! Level 9 : Battle Of The Mutant Toys One of Sid's little hobbies is to take parts from one perfectly good toy and use them to create a terrible new scary creation. These Mutant Toys strike fear into the heart of Woody and our cowboy hero must use Buzz's karate-chop action to defend himself. What's a normal toy to do? Level 10 : The final stage involves some pretty tricky flying (courtesy of Buzz Lightyear), and some daredevil manoeuvering! Try to find the best spot you can to land Woody and Buzz. If nothing else, these two heroes may have finally learned to get along with each other. THE MAKING OF WOODY Pixar, the Northern California-based production company and Walt Disney Feature Animation have combined forces to create the first full-length 3D computer generated animated feature, Toy Story. You may have seen the film by now, but what you may not have heard is how this pioneering event has hit the video game arena as well! Traveller's Tales, Disney Interactive and Pixar, have collaborated on the title you have in your hands, Toy Story - the video game. In fact, the models used in this game were taken directly from the same sources as those used in the film. When you play Woody in the video game, you really get the feeling that you are Woody, not just something simular to the character you remember in the film. The process for creating Woody for this video game is identical to the way he was built for the film. Artist start by making a "wireframe" of the character. This is how the computer initially sees the image. Once the image is approved, the artist uses the wireframe to create a Rough "Polly" (or Polygon), of the character. This is where the areas between the wires are initially filled in. If something doesn't look right with the character, the artist can see it at this stage. Highlights are added to the model at this points. This shows how light is reflected off the surface of the character as well as the specific parts of the character that are affected by small lighting changes. The next step is to add the final texture maps to the character. Everything seen in the game has its own texture, from Woody's flannel shirt to Buzz's helmet. As you discover Woody's adventures in this game, you will relive some of the funniest and most daring moments from the film. This time, however, you control the outcome. While the story and goals remain true to the movie, It's up to you pull Woody's string, and make him the true hero he was meant to be! USING YOUR SUPER GAME BOY ADAPTER Correctly insert the Game Boy Game Pak into the Super Game Boy. Next, insert the Super Game Boy into the Super NES and move the power switch on the Super NES to the ON position. For further operation information, please consult your Super Game Boy and Super NES instruction booklets. Game play on the Super NES using the Super Game Boy adapter. Noth sold separately. This Game Pak has been specially designed to allow enhanced graphics when using the Super Game Boy. Game controls have been pre-set so that the A, B, Start and Select Buttons on your Super NES controller correspond to the same controls on the Game Boy. If you want to change the controller settings or the colour set for this game, consult your Super Game Boy instruction booklet. TOY STORY GAME BOY CREDITS DISNEY INTERACTIVE Producer Testers Matthew Engle Roger Bray Jocelyn Pastrana Karl Drown Marcus Pregent Project Manager Jerry Gillet Hugo Stevenson Chip Vollers Ronny Louie Software Production Administrator Original Toy Story Music and Score James Mellott "You've Got A Friend In Me" and " Strange Things" Product Evaluation Supervisor Jeffrey W. Blattner Music and Lyrics Randy Newman Lead Tester Kevin Cope 1995 The Walt Disney Company Brian Larkin All rights reserved. Used by permission. Original Music Based Package and Manual Design on Score by Katherine Lee, Beeline Group, Inc. Andy Blythe Marten Joustra Music and Audio Engineering by Patrick Collins

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