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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan

Typed out by DMG-NT-USA ULTRA GAMES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fall of the Foot Clan Instruction Manual ____________________________________________________________ WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ULTRA! You're now the proud owner of ULTRA'S Cowabunga version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (R): Fall of the Foot Clan (tm) for Game Boy. We suggest you read the following instructions throughly before beginning your Sewer Wars. TABLE OF CONTENTS HOW TO BEGIN YOUR REPTILIAN RESCUE ........ 4 CONTROLLING THE ACTION .................... 6 MEET YOUR RENAISSANCE TURTLES AND THEIR FRIENDS ......................... 7 GUIDE TO NEW YORK SEWERS .................. 8 THE FIVE FIGHTING FIELDS ................. 10 HOW THE PIZZAS DELIVER ................... 12 LEADERS OF THE THUG PACK ................. 13 MEMBERS OF THE FOOT CLAN ARMY ............ 14 _______________________________________________________ PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR SHELLS-CHOP! CHOP! To rescue April O'Neil, your all-time favorite newsperson, you must risk life, limb and shell by thrashing, bashing and smashing Shredder and his fiendish Foot Clan army. To accomplish this "Turtlean" Task, insert the game cartridge correctly into the Game Boy and turn the power switch ON. Nintendo will appear, followed by an ULTRA-cool logo, then the Turtles Seal of Approval and finally a message from your favorite foursome. After checking out the Tortise Rap, press the START Button and the Configuration Screen will appear. Here you'll pick your beginning stage by pressing the Control Pad Left or Right. All told, there are five fearsome stages to choose from (see page 10 for the diabolical details of each stage). Next, press the Control Pad Up or Down to assign the A and B Buttons either an Attack Function or a Jump Function. HOW TO SELECT A HARDTOP Next, press the Start Button and the Player Select Screen will appear. Press the Control Pad Up or Down to choose a turtle from a cast of four-Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Donatello. Once you've chose a Hero in a Halfshell, press the Start Button to begin your adventure. (NOTE: You can change your turtle identity only after you clear a stage or if your current turtle is captured. In other words, don't try to pull the ol' "Switcheroonie" in the middle of a stage!) Now, you're primed to take on the Kung Fu dictator Shredder and his newest recruit Krang, an arch alien warlord. This ultimate Sewer War consists of five never seen before stages of destruction, including the Waste Dump Ravine and Technodrome Tower. At the end of each stage a super-powered High Karate Dude will do his/its best to pummel you. In order to advance to the next stage you must counter this maven of mayhem's pounding with your own brand of pulverizing. Remember, you 4 ____________________________________________________________ can begin your reptilian rescue from any stage. However, to experience the GRAND TORTOISIAN FINALE you must begin at stage 1 and make it nonstop through all five stages. ------- TURTLE SOUP AND OTHER JUNK FOOD Each time a turtle is nicked by an enemy, his Life Meter will shrink. When his meter reaches zero, he'll become an official P.O.F. (Prisoner of the Foot Clan). When all four turtles are captured, the game will end there will be an extra helping of turtle soup at tomorrow's dinner table. Fortunately, thorughout the battle, you'll find pizza pies that will resore a waxy shine to your scratched and dented turtle. A slice of pizza will restore two points to your turtle's Life Meter, while a whole "za" will restore four life sustaining points. Plus increase your score. HINT: There are also different bonus (not to be confused with Bogus) Stages hidden in th New York sewers. If you're skillful (and lucky) enough to "do the right thing" in a Bonus Stage, your Turtle's life will be completely restored. the only helpful advice in the Bonus Stage 1 we're offering is this: "BIGGER" and "SMALLER" refers to the number you guessed, i.e. your number is bigger than the actual number so make your next guess lower. get it? Got it? Good! So, with all that in mind, get your taco shell amigos ready for battle, then stick it to Shredder, Krang and the rest of the Foot Clan fools. After all, it's the only way you'll save April for a rainy day! 5 __________________________________________________________ HOW TO PLAY THIS NEW SHELL GAME A BUTTON (THE ATTACK BUTTON) Press to attack your favorite Foot Clan dicing weapons. Press in the mid- dle of a jump to lick the life out of an CONTROL PAD enemy. Press when you're in a "down Press Left and Right and funky" position to toss to advance your your super-severing Shurikens. NOTE: Heroes in a Halfshell Although your supply of Shurikens is through the streets endless, their sheer numbers will prove and sweres of New of little value against a High Karate York. Press Down to Dude at the end of each stage. make them "get down and get funky." B BUTTON The longer you hold down the B But- START BUTTON ton, the higher your turtle will jump. If Press to begin the he leaps high enough in a single bound, game. Also press to he'll do a midair somersault that would pause and unpause have made the Flying Frisbeeno Brothers the adventure. proud. During flight, you can also press the Control Pad Left and Right to avoid enemy attacks. NOTE: Remember during the Config- SELECT BUTTON uration Screen you can switch your A This button is out of and B Button functions by pressing commission during the Control Pad Up and Down. your mission. 6 ___________________________________________________________ THE GOOD AND THE BEAUTIFUL LEONARDO DONATELLO Leonardo is the acknowl- Donatello is the real creative edged leader of the Teenage of the bunch who designs all Mutant Ninja Turtles. A regu- of the turtle vehicles. With the lar touche turtle, he is a mas- swing of his trusty Bo he can ster of the deadly katana Blade, disable a foe quicker than you and a hot-blooded leader can say OUCH! who's always willing to lead his buddies into battle. MICHAELANGELO RAPHAEL This carefree slave to pizza is Raphael is a very resourceful the spokesman for your favor- and cool cat (excuse me, tur- ite foursome. He's a disciple tle). He's a 21st Century wiz- of the infamous martial artist ard warrior and a sharp dude Vincent Van Vanquish, and a when it comes to wielding his genius with the head-banging razor sharp Sai. Nunchakus. SPLINTER APRIL Splinter is the adoptive father April is a ravishing TV reporter and mental guardian for the who befriended the turtles turtles. Once a strong and after they rescued her from mighty Ninja Warrior, he was the anything-but-friendly Foot turned into a rat by the loath- Clan. Presently, she is being some Shredder. held captive by Shredder and his radical band of punk rumblers. 7 ___________________________________________________________ UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH THE GROSSEST PLACE ON EARTH The Usual War Zone ---------------------------------------------- Turtle --------- | | \ | | \ [Foot Soldier] -------- Enemy | \ / | [Leonardo] / | | [Mouser] [Mouser] / | | | ---------------------------------------------- Turtle's | | Life Meter ---------------------------------------------- Score \ |LIFE [X][X][X][X][][][][] 2530| / ---------------------------------------------- The Killer War Zone ---------------------------------------------- Turtle | | \ | [Baxter Stockman] --- Super-Powered \ | High Karate Dude | \ | | \ | | [Leonardo] | | | ---------------------------------------------- |LIFE [X][X][X][X][X][][][] (o)(o)(o)(o)(o) E| ---------------------------------------------- 9 ______________________________________________________________ FIVE OF NEW YORK'S TOUGHEST NEIGHBORHOODS The Traffic Jam Queens (Home of that Queen Bee, Baxter Stockman) The Sewer of Your Dreams ____________________________________________________________ Technodrome Tower The Waste Dump Ravine ____________________________________________________________ PIZZA THAT WILL DELIVER YOU FROM EVIL --------- _____ | Pizza | /| / \ | | / | | | --------- ----- \-----/ The First Ever Slice of the Pie The Extra Large "ZA" Edible Pizza Box Value 50 points with Double Cheese Value 10 points Value 100 points 12 ___________________________________________________________ BIG, MEAN AND UGLY SHREDDER BAXTER STOCKMAN Shredder drove his arch This fightful flying fool, with rival Splinter out of the Ninja a wingspan greater than School for the Ruthless and the long extinct Terror- then transformed the academy dactil, has been looking into an evil organized crime syn- forward to buzz bombing the dicate. Now, as head of the Foot turtles ever since their mutated Clam army, Shredder has joined beginnings. Now, with the sew- forces with Krang, and together ers abuzz in the stench of bat- they they plan to have more of an tle, he may finally get his impact on society than Napolean, chance to crack a few shells. Alexander and Caesar combined. KRANG ROCKSTEADY Krang was a top-ranking war- Part beast and part criminal, lord on an alien planet light years this is Shredder's numero uno away until he went berserk and enforcer. was banished by the Galaxy Cops. During the struggle to depose Krang, his body was blasted into a million bits. Unluck- ily, his head survived. After "head- ing" to Earth, he agreed to share his sophisticated fighting tech- BEBOP niques with Shredder in exchange Part beast and part scum of the for a healthy body to match his earth, this is Shredder's numero warped mind. dos enforcer. 13 __________________________________________________________ EVIL COMES IN ALL SIZES Filet O' Filth Torpedo Timmy Nitro-Burning Doughnut- Value 20 points Value 10 points The Frosting is Murder Value 10 points Mouser Roadkill Rodney Brawling Bikers Value 20 points Value 50 points The guys are of absolutely no value to society 14 ____________________________________________________________ Winged Rabid Bat Not-So-Great Shell Shocker Value 10 points Value 10 points Its value wil shock you! Foot Soldiers Tubular Transport Spine Stretcher Value 20 or 30 points Value 10 points Value? It'll cost you depending on their ferocity! to find out! 15 _________________________________________________________ Ultra (R) and ULTRAGAMES (R) are registered trademarks of Ultra Software Corportation. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (R) is a registered trademark of Mirage Studios, USA. All rights reserved. Used with permission. April O'Neil, (tm) Shredder, (tm) Splinter, (tm) Leonardo, (tm), Raphael, (tm) Michaelangelo, (tm) Donatello, (tm) Foot Soldier, (tm) Mouser, (tm) BeBop, (tm) Rocksteady, (tm) Baxter Stockman, (tm), Krang, (tm) Heroes in a Halfshell (tm) and Foot Clan (tm) are trademarks of Mirage Studios USA. Based on characters and comic books created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. (C) 1990 Ultra Software Corportation. PRINTED IN JAPAN

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