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Super R.C. Pro-Am

Typed out by Tom Votava DMG-RC_USA Game Boy Instruction Booklet [1] {Nintendo Seal of Quality(TM) page} [2] Thank you for selecting the Super R.C. Pro-Am(R) Game Pak for the Nintendo(R) Game Boy(R) unit. Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure the maximum enjoyment of your new game. Then save this booklet for future reference. CONTENTS GAME DESCRIPTION....................3 CONTROLLER OPERATIONS...............4 HOW TO PLAY SOLO....................5 TRACK ITEMS-TARGETS.................6 POWERING UP YOUR R.C. RACER.........7 TRACK ITEMS-OBSTACLES...............9 DRIVING TIPS.......................10 PLAYING AGAINST OTHER PEOPLE.......11 UPGRADE CHART......................13 {Precautions} (TM) and (R) are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. Copyright 1991 Nintendo of America Inc. (*) Copyright 1991 Rare, Ltd. Licensed Exclusively to Nintendo by Rare Coin-It Inc. [3] OBJECT OF THE GAME/GAME DESCRIPTION Race your R.C. car to the head of a pack of highly competitive opponents. Push it to the limit on every corner as your tires squeal and you jockey for position to take the lead. Increase your car's performance by collecting "battery," "motor," and "sticky tire" items found on the race courses. Completion of the race within the "Bonus Time" will add a bonus to your score. Look for missiles, bombs, and bonus letters while avoiding water puddles, oil slicks and other hazards. 24 exciting R.C. tracks and a variety of car types await your challenge. [4] CONTROLLER OPERATIONS {picture of Game Boy at right} SELECT BUTTON The SELECT Button is not used. START BUTTON Used to start the game and to pause the game during play. CONTROL PAD Pressing Left or Right on the + Control Pad will steer the R.C. car to its left or right. A BUTTON Pressing the A Button will fire Missile/Bomb (when ammo is 1 or more). B BUTTON Pressing the B Button will cause the R.C. car to accelerate. {Sample game screen at bottom. Here's what the display on the bottom of the screen shows from left to right:} Scanner (Your position Indicated by =) Speed Lap Status {track number, current lap/total laps in race} Bonus Letters Ammo Type and # [5] HOW TO PLAY THE SOLO GAME {Picture of Game Boy at right} * Before Beginning Play Correctly insert the Super R.C. Pro-Am Game Pak into your GAME BOY Compact Video Game System and turn the POWER switch to the "ON" position. "Nintendo" will appear on the screen followed by the title screens and a demonstration race. {Sample game screen at right} * Starting The Race After the demo screens appear, press "START" to begin the race. Listen for the three warning chimes and on the fourth chime begin racing. As the cars leave the start line, a number indicating your current position will appear above your car. On each track, race to the finish. If you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, you proceed to the next track. If you place 4th, your game is over. Use the limited continue feature to return you to the same track. [6] TRACK ITEMS-TARGETS {For Pages 6-9, pictures of the items displayed next to their descriptions} Zippers Temporarily Increases Speed Roll Cage Temporarily Prevents Crashes While Spinning Ammo Adds 1 To Ammo Total Missiles Changes Weapon To Missile-Adds 5 To Ammo Total Bombs Changes Weapon To Bomb-Adds 5 To Ammo Total 1 Up Gives 1 Extra Continue **NOTE: MAXIMUM AMMO TOTAL IS 25!! [7] POWERING UP YOUR R.C. RACER *Track Items That POWER UP Your Racer Tires Tire Type Determines Handling Motors Engine Type Determines Top Speed Batteries Battery Type Determines Acceleration After the race your car will be upgraded. See the chart on page 13 to see what is available. [8] POWERING UP YOUR R.C. RACER *Bonus Letters For Faster Cars Bonus Letters If you collect the bonus letters to spell "NINTENDO", you will be awarded a faster, better handling R.C. car. R.C. Racer Slow The Speed Demon Faster The Spiker Fastest The Championship Trophy Spell "NINTENDO" again while racing The Spiker to be crowned champion. [9] TRACK ITEMS-OBSTACLES *TRACK ITEMS TO AVOID Puddles Driving through standing water puddles slows you down. Oil Slicks Driving through an oil slick will cause you to skid helplessly out of control. Cones You cannot drive through this obstacle, so steer clear of it. Sand Avoid driving through the sand to get the best time. Your Opponents The R.C. Drone cars can be fierce competition. When playing against a human opponent you'll find them to be quite ruthless. [10] DRIVING TIPS 1) If you find the R.C. type control difficult at first, practice, practice, practice. R.C. driving demands the split-second instinctual controller inputs that come only with practice. 2) Save your missiles or bombs until you need them most. They are saved from one race to the next. 3) Pick up the Roll Cages as soon as possible. If you don't the other R.C. cars will. 4) You cannot fire another missile until the previous shot explodes. In a tight race missing your target can make the difference. [11] PLAYING AGAINST OTHER PEOPLE-USING THE GAME LINK(TM) Using the Game Link cable, two players can race head to head with two computer opponents. {picture of 2 linked Game Boy's at right} To play with two players, you will need the following: 2 GAMES BOY systems 2 Super R.C. PRO-AM Game Paks 1 Game Link Cable (1) Connect the Game Link cable as shown in the figure above. Insert both Game Paks and turn the POWER switches to "ON" at the same time. (2) After making sure that the demonstration has begun on both GAME BOY units, one player should press the Start Button. NOTE: If the Game Link cable is not securely connected, or it is pulled out and re-connected during play, the game will not function correctly. If this happens, turn both units OFF and start again from step one. [12] PLAYING AGAINST OTHER PEOPLE-USING THE FOUR PLAYER ADAPTER {Picture of 4 connected Game Boys at right} To play with three or four players, you will need the following: 3 or 4 GAME BOY sytems 3 or 4 Game Paks 3 Game Link cables 1 Four player adapter 1) Player 1 user the Four player adapter DMG-07 (Grey Plug) 2) Players 2,3, and 4 use the Game Link cables. (1) Connect the first GAME BOY unit to the Four Player Adapter using the cable that is connected to it. Then use the three Game Link Cables to connect all other GAME BOY units to the Four Player Adaptor. (2) Correctly insert the Game Paks into all of the GAME BOY units. Starting with the first GAME BOY unit, turn all of the POWER switched to "ON". (3) After making sure that the demonstration has begun on all units, player one should press "START", followed by players two, three and four. After all players have done so and the "READY TO RACE" screen is showing on units two through four, player one must press "START" once more to begin the race. NOTE: If the title screen or the "READY TO RACE" screen does not appear on all units, start again from step (1). [13] Super R.C. Pro-Am Equipment Upgrade {Picture of Upgrade Screen} | Tires | Batteries | Motors ----------------------------------------- Stock | Sponge | 6 Volts | Red Upgrade 1 | Rubber | 7.2 Volts | Blue Upgrade 2 | Ribs | 8.4 Volts | Black Upgrade 3 | Spikes | 9.6 Volts | Gold Upgrade 4 | Lugs | 12 Volts | No.1 [14] {warranty information}

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