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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe

Typed out by Santina55 Story Once upon a time, the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom was invaded by the Koopa, a tribe of turtles famous for their dark magic. These terrible terrapins transformed the peace-loving Mushroom People into stones, bricks and ironically, mushrooms, then set their own evil king on the throne. In the wake of the ghastly coup d'etat, the beautiful Mushroom Kingdom fell into ruin and despair. It is said that only the daughter of the Mushroom King, Princess Toadstool, can break the evil spell and return the inhabitants of Mushroom Kingdom to their normal selves. But the king of Koopas, knowing of this prophecy, kidnapped the lovely princess and hid her away in one of his castles. Word of the terrible plight of the Mushroom People quickly spread throughout the land, eventually reaching the ears of a humble plumber. The simple, yet valiant Mario vowed to rescue the princess and free her subjects from king Koopa's tyrannous reign. But can Mario really overcome the many obstacles facing him and become a true hero? Controls Control pad: Left/Right: Move Mario left and right Up: Move the field of view higher Down: Duck(When Super Mario), enter pipes and move the field of view lower Select: Change Mario's position on the screen Start: Begin/Pause game (You can save your progress from the Pause screen A Button: Jump/Swim: To jump higher, hold the button down longer. When in water, each time you press the button, you'll bob up a little. B Button: Run/Shoot fireballs: You can jump even higher if you run before taking a leap. Once you've picked up a Fire Flower, you can press the B button to throw fireballs Starting the game Insert the Game Pak into your Game Boy Color and turn it on. If you press the A button while on the Title screen, the Mode Select screen appears. There are three modes: ORIGINAL 1985, CHALLENGE, and VS GAME. The modes are described later. You can also access RECORDS, ALBUM and TOY BOX screens from the Mode Select screen. Selecting a file: In the Original Mode you can save your progress to one of three save files. If you select the ORIGINAL 1985 Mode on the Mode Select screen and press the A Button, the File Select screen appears. Select a file using left/right on the Control Pad and press the A button to confirm. The screen will change to the Map Screenm then the game Screen. COPYING AND ERASING FILES: If you press START while a file is selected, the Copy/Clear File screen appears. To copy a file, select the file you wish to copy and the file you wish to copy it to, then press the A button. To erase or clear a file, select the file you wish to erase and press the A button. If you press the A button while holding down Select, you can delete all saved data in the game. IF YOU DO THIS, ALL THE DATA WILL BE DELETED, INCLUDING THE COURSES YOU FINISHED AND YOUR HIGH SCORES. Original 1985 Game Viewing the Game screen: Coins: When you collect 100, you gain an extra life. Score: Your current score Mario: Mario character on the screen Timer: If the timer reaches 0, you miss. ? Block: Stomp it for a surprise effect! The Mushroom Kingdom is made up of several worlds, each with four separate areas. The fourth area of each world is that world's castle. Note: Some areas have been changed from the NES version of Super Mario Bros. In order to make the game easier to play on the Game Boy Color system. How to Play: The pause screen and Saving: If START is pressed during the game, the Pause screen appears. On the Pause screen, you can save your game progress. Note: You can only save your game in the ORIGINAL 1985 Mode, not in the CHALLENGE, or VS GAME Modes. Starting position: if you lose a life in the first half of an area, you must start again from the beginning of that area. However, once Mario gets about halfway through an area, you can restart from the middle instead. This does not apply to World 8 or castles at the end of each world, on those levels you must always restart from the area's starting point. Time Limit: When play starts, the timer in the upper- right corner of the screen starts clicking away. Any time left on the timer when you reach the end of an area is added to your score as bonus points. There are no time bonuses in the castles at the end of each area. If you run out of time before you reach the castle, you lose a life. The flagpole: Just before you reach the small castle at the end of each area, you must climb a tall staircase and jump onto a flagpole. The higher you jump on the flagpole, the higher the bonus you receive. The many faces of Mario If you come across Mushroom People Who have been turned into bricks or made invisible, they will reward you by giving you a power boost. With each boost Mario changes into a different, more powerful Mario. Mario Plus Super Mushroom= Super Mario plus Fire Flower= Fiery Mario. Star= Invincible Mario When Super Mario or Fiery Mario gets bumped by a bad guy, he will simply turn back into regular Mario instead of losing a life. After changing back into regular Mario, he will flicker for a short time, indicating that he is temporarily invincible and cannot be bumped by the baddies. Don't get too cocky, though, because the effect will soon wear off. Techniques Jumping: Mario and Super Mario jump the same height.Hold the A button down longer to jump higher, or jump higher by pressing the B butoon to run before jumping. You can also use the Control Pad to make Mario hook left or right, even in mid-air! Extra lives: Mario can get an extra life by picking up a 1-UP Mushroom or by collecting 100 coins. There are other secret ways to get an extra life too. Can you figure them out? How to topple the Turtle tribe There are many different methods of getting rid of bad guys. The number of points you receive depends on how you dispose of them. Try different methods to see which gives you the most points. You can jump on enemies to stomp them flat. Or, if a bad guy is on top of a block, you can punch the block from below to send him flying. Once you collect a Fire Flower, you can press the B butoon to throw Fireballs. Never touch an enemy from any direction when in the water. Finally, no matter how hard you try, there are some enemies you can't get rid of. Just stay away from these immortal creeps! Things to avoid Just as there are several ways to get rid of the bad guys, there are multiple ways to lose your own life. If regular Mario bu,ps into an enemy, walks into flames or gets hit by a kicked shell, he will lose a life. If any of these happen to Super Mario or Fiery Mario, he will simply turn back into regular Mario, and the game will continue. If time runs out or you fall into a pit or a chasm in the water, you will lose a life regardless of which Mario you have. High Scores If your score is high enough when your game ends, the Rankings screen will appear. When Game Over appears on the screen, press the A button to enter the Name Entry screen. To enter a name, use the Control Pad to select a letter, then press the A button to confirm. If you select COLOR, you can change the color of your letters. Press SELECT To copy a name that has already been entered. Once you have entered a name, select END and press the A button. Then the Rankings screen will appear. If you press the A button on the Rankings screen, you will be asked if you would like to continue. If you choose YES, your score will return to 0, and you will restart from the beginning of the course when your game ended. Challenge Game Once you have cleared a course in the ORIGINAL 1985 mode, you can play that course in the CHALLENGE mode. On the Mode select screen, select the CHALLENGE mode and press the A button to confirm. The clear List screen will then appear, and you can choose which course you will play. The background color on this screen will change depending on your total high score. In this mode, there is a Red Coin Medal, a High Score Medal, and an Egg Medal for each of the 32 courses from the original 1985 mode. Your goal is to collect all the medals ad you try to clear all 32 levels! Collecting the Medals The five red coins and the red coin medal: There are five red coins hidden in each area. When you collect all 5 red coins from an area, you will receive that area's red coin medal. The Yoshi Egg and the Egg Medal: there is a single Yoshi egg hidden n each area. When you find it, you will get tat area's Egg Medal. Your score and the High Score Medal: Each area has its own preset high score. When you score higher than the high score, you will get the high score medal. Viewing The Game You will not receive any medals unless you reach the flagpole. Also, just finding the Red Coins and Yoshi Egg does not count; you must pick them up. Red Coins: Coins you did not pick up will not be shown.Pay attention because you can't go back to pick up coins you missed Egg: When you grab the egg, it will be shown on the upper-right corner of the screen.Yoshi Eggs are very hard to find! Vs Game This mode is an all out race between Mario and Luigi. Note: You will need to link to another Game Boy Color using the Game Link Cable in order to play the VS GAME mode. After linking to another Game Boy Color using the Game Link Cable, select the VS GAME Mode and confirm by pressing the A button. The first player to press the A button automatically becomes Mario Playing to win The first player to reach the flagpole wins. If a player falls into a hole, gets sucked into an abyss or is damaged by an enemy, he will miss, and the other player will win. If time runs out, or if both players miss at the same time, the player with the most Coins is declared the winner. When your rival is outside the range of your screen, his position, direction and status will be shown in the upper-right or upper-left corner of the screen. Blocks and unique items to the Vs mode Face blocks: Smiling blocks are helpful, while blocks with their tongues sticking out make the course more difficult. If you hit a Face Block, all reversible blocks in that world are reversed. You can neither stand on, nor hit an outlined block. 3-2-1 Blocks: These blocks count down on their own and flip automatically. If you hit this block, all reversible blocks will flip, and the countdown will start again. Spiked blocks: You'll take damage if you touch a block with spikes protruding in all four directions Trampoline floor: This floor bounces you around when you walk on it. You Vs Boo Once you have met certain conditions in the ORIGINAL 1985, you can play the VS GAME courses in a 1-player race against Boo! Boo will run as fast as Mario's best time. Will you ever see the legendary black boo? Connecting via the Game Link Cable Necessary items: 2 Game Boy Color Systems 2 Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Game Paks 1 Game Link Cable How to connect Confirm that the Game Boy Color systems are OFF and insert the Game Paks. Firmly insert the Game Link Cable into the External Extension Connector. Be sure the plug is fully inserted. Turn both Game Boy Color systems ON Please properly connect the Game Link Cable before playing. Please refer to the Game Link Cable instruction Booklet for detailed instructions about inserting the Game Link Cable. Other Functions From the Mode select screen you can also access the records, album, and toy box screens. Records Using the Infrared Communications Port, it is possible to trade high score data with a friend. To communicate, align the triangle marks on the front of the Game Boy Color systems and keep the systems between 1.5" and 2" apart. Place the systems on a table or other flat surface to increase the chance of success. See the Game Boy Color Instruction Booklet for more info on using the Communications Port. Trading records On the Rankings screen, press the A button, select TRADE and confirm by pressing the A button again. When the Infrared Communication screen appears, press the A button to begin the trade. If your trade is successful, a circle will appear on the screen; If the trade fails, an x will be displayed. Once the trade is completed, your friend's high scores will flash. To combine your high scores with your friend's, select YES and press the A button. If you choose NO, you can delete the high scores you received from your friend. NOTE: Only the top 10 scores will be recorded. If all of the high scores you receive in a trade are higher than your own scores, your scores will be moved off of the records list. Please be aware that once scores are removed from the list, they cannot be returned. Album As you accomplish different tasks in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, your Album will gradually fill up with pictures. You can add comments to the pictures and print them out using the Game Boy Printer. Pictures that say NEW! have recently been added to your Album. The conditions, you must meet for the pictures to appear different for each picture, so keep checking your album for new mementos! Awards There are a total of Five Awards. Winning them is rather difficult, but don't give up! Toy Box The TOY BOX contains the Calendar and Fortune Telling functions. Calendar If you press the A button on the Calendar screen, it will switch to the Date Book screen. Here you can enter any dates you wish. If you meet certain requirements while playing the game, the marks you can use in your Date Book will increase. Press SELECT to change the dates. Fortune Telling Select one of the 5 cards shown on the screen and press the A button. What is your fate today...? If you are extremely lucky, something good just might happen to you! ????? Once you meet certain conditions while playing the game, other functions will be added to the toy box!

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