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Solar Striker

Typed out by Jesse Smith Nintendo DMG-SS-USA-1 Y SOLAR STRIKER O B E M A G INSTRUCTION BOOKLET CONTENTS GAME STORY 3 1. CONTROLLING YOUR SHIP 4 2. PLAYING THE GAME 6 3. THE ENEMY CHARACTERS 8 Cautions During Use 1) It you play for long periods, take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour or so. 2) This equipment is precision-built. Do not use or store it under conditions of extreme temperature, or subject it to rough handling or shock. Do not disassemble the unit. 3) Do not touch the terminals or let them come into contact with water, as this can cause malfunction. 4) Do not wipe this equipment with volatile solvents such as thinner, benzene or alcohol. 5) Store the Game Pak in its protective case when not in use. (C)1990 Nintendo of America Inc. (TM) & (R) Trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. 2 GAME STORY It is now the year 2159. Earth has been attacked by forces from the planet Reticulon. Several hundred years ago, Reticulon sent messages conveying their intent to attack. The Earth Federation Government was formed, unifying the whole world. The Earth would be protected by the Federation Army. Unfortunately, the power of the aggressive Reticulon forces proved too much for the Federation Army. Earth was subjected to a crushing defeat. There is one last chance. The Federation Army has a secret megabase on the Moon. Here, the Earth's finest scientists and technicians have developed an ultra-performance fighter ship. The name of this fighter is SolarStriker. The only way to foil the menacing Reticulon's mission is to fly to their GOOD LUCK! 3 1. CONTROLLING YOUR SHIP Control Pad Moves your ship in eight directions. A Button (or B Button) Fires missiles. Keep the button held down for rapid fire. START Button Starts the game. (Pause Function) Pressing the START Button during game play will pause the game. To resume playing, press START again. SELECT Button Not used. Other Operations If you press the A, B, START and SELECT Button at the same time will return you to the title screen. The top score will stay in memory. 5 2. PLAYING THE GAME You are in control of the ultra high-performance fighter ship -- SolarStriker. It is your mission to attack and destroy the main Reticulon base. There are six stages that you must progress through in order to destroy Reticulon. Each stage is under the control of a boss which must be destroyed to clear the area. Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stellar Area Ozone City Death Valley Outer Base Core of Base On the screen [Screen Image showing the locations of the following.] SolarStriker Score Number of ships remaining 6 Increasing your power The power of your missiles increases when you fly over the power up items that appear throughout the game. Your missiles have four different power levels. To get to the second level of power, you need to pick up one power up item. To get to each level of power you need to pick up two power up items. You get 200 points for each power up item that you pick up. If you pick up a power up item when your missiles are at maximum power, you get 1000 points. * Your missile power will decrease by one level if one of your SolarStrikers gets shot down. * You get extra SolarStriker for every 50,000 points. 7 3. THE ENEMY CHARACTERS * The Reticulon Army Protodroid Batwing Pincher Arrowhead 200 pts 200 pts 200 pts 200 pts Moves straight, then quickly speeds up. Zig-zag Vexor War Hawk Anthrop 200 pts 200 pts 300 pts 500 pts *Fires three *Watch out for its *Fires big missiles. missiles at a laser beams! You get 500 pts time. when you destroy a missile. 8 Rotomech Cruiser Harrier Miditron 200 pts 200 pts 300 pts 300 pts *Attacks while *These will try to *Watch out for the rotating. ram into you from lasers! the side. Octopod Twerk Scarab Blazer 200 pts 200 pts 200 pts 500 pts *You should have the most powerful missiles before you try to defeat these! 9 Skimbot Mack Terra Cannnon Power Pod 200pts 300pts lOOOpts 200pts *Drives on the *Also drives on *Blocks the roads *Changes into a roads in area 3. the roads. in area 3. Very power up item hard to destroy. when shot. 10 * Stage Bosses Stage 1 Boss: Stage 2 Boss: Stage 3 Boss: Epikhan Destructor Ultra Crusher 5000 pts 5000 pts 5000 pts *Moves left and right *Fires bubble bombs that *Attacks with laser firing at random. you can destroy. They’re beams. worth 100 pts each. 11 Stage 4 Sub Boss: Stage 4 Boss: Stage 5 Sub Boss: Omniquad Unknown Xenocrypt 2000 pts x 5 1000 pts 3000 pts x 4 *Made of four parts plus *Made up of four a center computer components. controller. 12 Stage 5 Boss: Stage 6 Sub Boss: Stage 6 Boss Unknown Quasi Obliterator Unknown 10,000 pts 10000 pts x 2 20000 pts *Made of two menacing parts. 13 Page 14, 90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY NINTENDO GAME PAK

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