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Released: 1991 Game Code: DMG-RE-AUS Written by: Ben Kosmina -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 Thank you for selecting the R-TYPE Game Pak for your Nintendo Game Boy. CONTENTS MISSSION STATUS.................3 POWER UP ITEMS......................8 R-TYPE SPACE SHIP...............4 ENEMIES.............................9 USE OF CONTROLLER...............5 BOSSES.............................11 SCREEN DISPLAY..................6 HIGH SCORE AND CONTINUE............12 POWER POD.......................7 HINTS TO WIN.......................13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 MISSION STATUS The World Government intended that the fact-finding mission to Galaxy X1X be kept under wraps; yet information gathered from the mission had later leaked to the press and confirmed the public's most dreaded suspicions; extra-terrestrial mutants from the BYDO Empire were indeed consolidating their forces and soon would be departing their space bases to launch an all-out attack on the Earth. It's up to you now in your R-TYPE Spaceship to stop this threat. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 R-TYPE SPACESHIP The World Government has asked you to lead an attack on the BYDO Empire to destroy El Supremo and his five warlords. However, launching a successful attack with a large battle cruiser is impossible - the Empire's radar would detect it before you could fire one shot so chances for a surprise attack would be lost. Yet, the R-TYPE Spaceship is made of a rare metal alloy and armed with a laser cannon. Its speed gives it the edge. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5 USE OF CONTROLLER Controller Pad Maneuvers R-Type Spaceship up, down, forwards and backwards. Select Button Turns music and sound on or off. Also selects difficulty level, easy or hard. Start Button Starts and pauses game play. Also used to resume a paused game. A Button Launches Power Pod from R-Type ship. Also used to bring the Pod back to the ship when not attatched. B Button Fires the gun on the R-Type ship and pod. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 SCREEN DISPLAY [big picture of game screen] Enemies They enter from all areas and are attatched to walls and ceilings. R-Type Your Spaceship with power pod attatched. Beam Gauge Shows the strength of your laser cannon. By holding down the B Button, your cannon will increase in strength. When it reaches the end of the gauge, your cannon is at maximum power. Score Shows your total point accumulation. Extra Life Shows how many extra lives you have. Items By destroying the POW Shuttles, items will appear. To obtain an item, guide your ship through it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 USING THE POWER POD The Power Pod is your most powerful weapon. The first POW Shuttle you destroy will give you the pod. It can be used in three different ways: in front, in back and as a shield. FRONT Your pod can be sent ahead of you to spread out your fire, but the power up guns can only be used when the pod is attatched. BACK Hook it on to your back by launching ahead of you, passing it, and running tail first into it. SHIELD All enemy fire (except one) and enemies can be destroyed by the pod. However, some enemies take longer to destroy than others. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 8 POWER UP ITEMS After collecting the pod, every POW Shuttle you destroy will leave you a power item. Three of a kind will make an item its strongest. SPEED [flaming 'S' picture] Increases maneuverability and quickness of ship PLASMO [round ball picture] Ball of energy that can destroy anything it touches. LASER 1 [circle with '1' in it] Long in length and bounces off walls. FIRE CHAIN [circle with '2' in it] Fires directly parallel to the ship and travels the outer surfaces. BUBBLE UNIT [circle with '3' in it] Covers a great area directly in front of the ship. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9 ENEMIES Show these enemies you're the boss! Each enemy is unique and needs to be handled in its own way. Acting quickly is your best line of defense. One big advantage is to collect power-ups. Pow Shuttle Always carries power-up items you can use. Mr. Mee Attacks you from the top and the bottom of the screen. Armoroid Attacks with few, yet powerful blasts. Act quickly. Baldo A difficut obstacle to avoid and destroy. Sora Can't be destroyed, so act wisely and avoid it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 Transbot These will follow you wherever you are. Fire fiercely! The Follower This enemy does flying tricks while firing at you. Gobuka Brain These brains will be your shadow in Stage 2. Scorpio This enemy comes from the top and bottom of the screen. Drifter A moving obstacle. Mostly harmless. Gauntlet Act quickly and get through this death trap. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11 BOSSES Bosses must be defeated to clear each stage. Although they are the most powerful enemies in R-TYPE, the Bosses do have weak spots. Find their weak spots and take advantage of them. GLADIATOR GOMBA BATTLESHIP CRUISER [boss picture] [boss picture] [boss picture] BALDO GARDENS LUNAR BYDO [boss picture] [boss picture] [boss picture] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 12 HIGH SCORE AND CONTINUE Compete against friends and family for the highest score. When your first five sips have been destroyed, a Game Over screen appears. Wait for it to pass. If you have earned at least 30,000 points, the game will ask you to enter and save your initials. Select your initials by pressing the controller pad right or left then push the A or B Button to save them. After your ship has been destroyed five times, you will be offered the chance to start again from where you last were, with credits. But this opportunity will only come twice. [high score picture] -------- [Continue picture] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 13 HINTS TO WIN 1) Upon encountering Gomba, you will meet Insuloo who protects Gomba by spraying deadly gas at his enemies. Fire at Insuloo so that he will become temporarily frozen. Be careful though because even when he disappears, he'll soon be back ready to destroy. 2) When entering Stage 3, be sure to have power up #3. This is useful in your voyage through the Battleship. While under the front of the ship, position yourself so that when you fire your fire chain will go up, allowin you to knock out the missile controllers. All names and characters are copyright and TM their respective owners. This is NOT to be used as a permanent manual. This text file is only to be used for temporary situations where you may have lost your manual. If you need a new manual, click here. This manual was taken from this site.

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