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Typed out by Jesse Smith Nintendo DMG-QX-USA Y Qix O B E M A INSTRUCTION BOOKLET G Thank you for selecting the QIX(R) Game Pak for your Nintendo(R) GAME BOY (TM). Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure maximum enjoyment of your new game. Then save this booklet for future reference. CONTENTS 1. GAME OUTLINE 3 2. CONTROLLER OPERATION 4 3. BEFORE STARTING THE GAME 6 4. PLAYING THE GAME 7 5. HOW TO PLAY A 2 PLAYER GAME 12 6. HINTS AND TIPS 16 Precautions 1) If you play for long periods of time, take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour or so. 2) This equipment is precision built. Do not use or store it under conditions of extreme temperature, or subject it to rough handling or shock. Do not disassemble the unit. 3) Do not touch the connectors. Do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the Game Pak and/or GAME BOY. 4) Do not clean with benzene, alcohol or other such solvents. 5) Always check the Game Pak edge connector for foreign material before inserting the Game Pak into the GAME BOY. 6) Store the Game Pak in its protective sleeve when not in use. (C)1990 Nintendo of America Inc. TM and (R) Treadmarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (C)1981 TAITO/TAITO AMERICA (R) Trademark of TAITO/TAITO AMERICA 2 1. GAME OUTLINE QIX first hit the video arcades in 1981. This exciting arcade classic is now read for you to challenge on your Nintendo GAME BOY. A new 2 PLAYER option has been added to make this game even better! In the 1 PLAYER game, you move the Marker to draw lines. Enclose as much area as possible while being careful to avoid the QIX and Sparx- the lethal enemies that move on and around the playing field. You must enclose a certain portion of the screen in order to progress to the next round. Using a Video Link (TM) cable, you can challenge a friend in the 2 PLAYER mode The first one to enclose a certain amount of area wins. 3 2. CONTROLLER OPERATION * Names and functions of parts * Basic Button Operations * Control Pad Moves the Marker along the boundary lines. Selects settings when needed. 4 * Control Pad and A Button The Marker draws a line at high speed. When you enclose an area, it turns light gray. The bigger the area is, the more points you get. * Control Pad and B Button The Marker draws a line at low speed. When you enclose an area, it turns dark gray. The score obtained is double what it would be if it were drawn at high speed. * START Button Used to start the game. * Pause Function To pause your game, push the START Button during play. To resume playing, press START again. * SELECT Button Not used. * Other Operations If you press the A Button, B Button, START and SELECT all at the same time, the game will return to the title screen. The top scores will remain in memory. (In a 2 player game, both GAME BOY units need to be reset.) You can view the top 5 scores by pressing the B Button while the title screen is shown. 5 3.BEFORE STARTING THE GAME 1) Insert the QIX Game Pak into your GAME BOY and turn the power ON "Nintendo (R)" will be displayed, followed by licensing Information The title screen will then appear. 2) When the title screen is displayed, select either 1 PLAYER or 2 PLAYER with the Control Pad and press the START Button. If the Video Link cable is not connected between two GAME BOY units, 2 PLAYER cannot be selected. Turning the QIX sound off. While you are playing this game, the QIX makes a noise as it moves around the screen. If you wish to play the game without this sound, hold left on the Control Pad when you press the START Button on the title screen. 6 4. PLAYING THE GAME QIX can be played in 1 or 2 PLAYER mode. For information on the 2 PLAYER game, see page 12. *On the Screen [Map of a level showing the following] % enclosed Number of Markers left % needed to advance to the next stage QIX Marker Sparx Area Fuse Game field Sparx meter When the Sparx meter runs out, either the number of Sparx increases or the Sparx get faster. 7 Characters Marker: This is the character that you move with the Control Pad. QIX: An enemy character that moves around in an irregular pattern in the play field. Sparx: This character moves along boundary lines. If Sparx touches your Marker, the Marker will be destroyed. 8 Fuse: When you are drawing a line, if you stop for a certain amount of time, a Fuse appears at the start of the line and will chase your Marker. If the Fuse touches your Marker, your Marker will be destroyed. Super Sparx: If you stay on a stage for too long, you will hear a warning sound and the Sparx will change form and will become more aggressive. 9 PLAYING THE GAME * Use the Marker to draw lines that will completely enclose areas of the playing field. When you close an area at the Marker's faster speed, you get a normal score. If you use the slow speed, you get double the normal score. Whenever you enclose an area, the part of the playing field that the QIX is not in will become gray. * In the top left of the screen, the clear percentage is shown. This is the amount of the playing field that you must claim to advance to the next stage. When you exceed this percentage, the amount over the required amount is multiplied by 1000 and added to your score. * Your Marker will be destroyed if the QIX touches a line that you are in the process of drawing or if Sparx touches your Marker. Your game is over when you have no Markers left. * You get an extra Marker at 50,000, 100,000, 200,000 and 500,000 points. 10 * In the later stages of the game, sometimes two QIXs will appear in the game field. If you can split the two QIXs into different areas, "SPLIT QIX" will be displayed. Though you will not get any bonus points for that round, the bonus points for the next round will be doubled. * TOP SCORE If your score is in the top five, you can enter your initials by using the Control Pad and the A Button. Using the B Button will return you to the previous character. NOTE: The high scores will be reset when the power is turned OFF. 11 5. HOW TO PLAY A 2 PLAYER GAME The 2 PLAYER game is a new type of QIX. It's a game that takes a new set of tactics. Before starting you need: 2 GAME BOY units 2 QIX Game Paks 1 Video Link cable 1 Video Link cable * Connect the Video Link cable. After checking that both Game Paks are set properly, turn the power switch on both units ON. * Make sure that both units display the title screen. Then have one of the players select 2 PLAYER and press START. The person that starts the game is Mario, the other person is Luigi. 12 Game mode select screen On the game mode select screen, you can see the following options. (All operations here are carried out on Mario's GAME BOY.) Move the cursor by using up and down on the Control pad. To change any of the values, use left and right on the Control Pad. QIX SPEED This changes the speed of the QIX. (1= slow - 5= fast) SPARX SPEED This changes the speed of the Sparx. (1= slow - 5= fast) MARKER SPEED This changes the Markers' speed. (A= fast, B= slow) CLEAR 0/0 This changes the clear percentage. (35%, 40%, 500/0, 600/0) When all options have been set, press the START Button or move the cursor to END and press the A Button. 13 How to play a 2 PLAYER game [In image of a level with the following.] Mario's area % Number of Luigi's markers left Number of Mario's markers left Luigi's area % Luigi's area (light gray) Luigi's marker Mario's marker Mario's area (dark gray) Standby limit meter * In the same field, the two players take turns and try to claim the greatest percentage of area. * The player who first exceeds the preset clear % wins the round. 14 * The first player to win three rounds wins the game. * When the first round is completed, the win/lose screen is displayed. The player at Mario's GAME BOY unit presses the A Button to start the next round. * In the first round, the player at Mario's GAME BOY goes first. In the following rounds, the winner goes first. * Your Marker is not destroyed if it comes in contact with an enemy before the standby limit meter runs out. * SURVIVAL MODE In the 2 PLAYER game, if you set the clear % to 60%, you enter "survival mode." In the survival mode, if one player has at least 40% or higher, the only chance of that player losing is if his opponent's Marker is destroyed three times. This mode is extremely challenging! 15 6. HINTS AND TIPS Here are a few tips from the pros that can help you achieve a higher score. * Clear the 99% barrier! You get a special 50,000 point bonus if you can enclose 990% of the screen. It's not easy, but well worth the effort! * Enclose as much area as possible in low speed If you enclose an area using the B Button, you get twice the points you would get using the A Button. If you are after a higher score, enclose as many areas as possible using the B Button. * Use SPLIT QIX In some stages, two QIXs appear. Use the Marker to split the QlXs. If you split them twice or three times in a row, then the bonus points for the next stage will be tripled or quadrupled. If you can manage to use SPLIT QIX and clear 990%, you can get a very high score! *At the end of a 1 PLAYER game, Mario will give you a performance which changes depending on your score. See how many different ones you can achieve. 16 Page 17 Nothing, probably to take notes or post codes (Game Genie/Game Shark). Page 18 90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY NINTENDO GAME PAKS

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