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Paper Boy 2

Typed out by Jesse Smith Nintendo Y O PAPERBOY 2 DMG-V2-USA B E M A Instruction Booklet G Table of Contents Game Controls 2 Starting the Game 3 Playing the Game 4 Levels 6 Scoring 7 The Daily Report 9 1 Game Controls Up: Speed up the bike. Down: Slow down the bike. Right: Move the bike right. Left: Move the bike left. Select: Go to the Options screen; choose an option Start: Start the game, pause, and continue. A: Throw papers right. B: Throw papers left. Control Pad: Moves the Paperboy or Paper girl as shown. 2 Starting the Game To start the game: 1. Put Paperboy 2 in the Game Boy. 2. Turn on the Game Boy. 3. At the title screen, press Start. 4. Press Select to go to the Options screen. 5. Press up or down to select the following options. Press left or right to change the Route number. Route Player enters the correct Route number. Paperboy The action figure is a boy. Papergirl The action figure is a girl. 2 players Sets a two player game, where Player 1 is Paperboy and Player 2 is Papergirl. 6. Press Start to begin the game. 3 Playing the game It's early morning and the birds are singing. That familiar "TWAP!" could only mean one thing-look out the Paperboy is back! Paperboy 2 is a daredevil stunt rider with a new look - he's a boy or shes a girl! The neighborhood has changed too! There are more types of houses, including mansions, haunted houses, and kids club houses. There are also more obstacles, such as gargoyles, ghosts, and sewer monsters. Luckily, Paperboy 2 has improved steering ability and can deliver to both sides of the street. Nonetheless, Paperboy 2 still needs help (and skill) to survive the hazards of the suburban jungle! When the game begins, a screen shows all the houses. The houses that belong to Paperboy 2's subscribers have paper boxes near the door. Score, lives remaining, and papers are shown in the lower left portion of the screen. Score points by getting Paperboy 2 to deliver papers to subscribers' houses-those with paperboxes in front. Make sure they get their paper delivered or they'll drop their subscriptions! Get points when Paperboy 2 does good deeds, such as stopping burglars or runaway baby strollers. Collect bonus points in many ways, including breaking nonsubscribers' windows, watering the sunbather, and hassling the garbage man. 4 At the end of each day, beware! Paperboy 2's boss reviews his (or her) performance. If Paperboy 2 did well, he (or she) gets to wake up bright and early the next morning and make the rounds again. If she (or he) didn't make the grade, it may be time to look for a new job! 5 Levels The game has three "weeks" of seven days each (Monday through Sunday). Each week has 20 houses: 10 subscribers and 10 non-subscribers. If Paperboy 2 misses a subscriber's house, then that house becomes a non-subscriber. If Paperboy 2 delivers to all of the subscribers, he (or she) can regain a former subscriber. This is called a Perfect Delivery. A perfect delivery earns resubscribers up to a maximum of 10. After that, a perfect delivery earns a free life. After successfully completing a week, Paperboy earns a promotion to a new route Week 1: 20 small houses, a gas station, and a market. Week 2: 10 small and 10 medium houses, a gas station, a market, a carnival, and spark. Week 3: 10 medium and 10 big houses, a gas station, a market, a carnival, spark, a car dealer, and a mall. Training Course: In addition, there is a bonus round training course at the end of each day. The training course grows longer with each week. If Paperboy 2 crashes in the bonus round, he (or she) doesn't lose a life. 6 Scoring The score indicator appears in the upper left hand corner for Player 1 and in the upper right hand corner for Player 2. Line 1 shows the number of papers and lives remaining. Line 2 shows the game score. Line 3 is the breakage bonus that is added to the score while time remains in the bonus round. Score points by hitting objects with newspapers. Points Object Points Object Points Mailbox 500 Cars and trucks 100 Kid running across street 1000 Clown 100 Baby stroller 1000 Vacant lot kids 100 Graffiti guy 1000 Zombie 50 Burglars 1000 Ghost 50 Sewer monster 500 Gargoyle 50 Fat lady 250 Mummy 50 Bottles 250 Bird 50 Subscriber's doorstep 200 Dogs 50 Skateboarder 200 Scarecrow 50 7 Breakage Bonus Players score breakage bonus points as shown by hitting objects with newspapers. The breakage bonus is added to the score during the training course. Object Points Open car hood 300 Lawn mower 300 Pig roaster 300 Non-subscriber's window 200 Men with glass 200 Men with couch 200 Garbage man 200 Old people 100 Sunbather 100 Baseball players 100 Waiter 100 Piano mover 100 8 The Daily Report After the training course, the Daily Report screen appears. If Paperboy missed any subscribers' houses (or broke their windows!), those houses flails on the screen, meaning they cancelled their subscriptions. If Paperboy made all deliveries, she (or he) keeps existing subscribers and gains additional subscribers (to a maximum of 10). When Paperboy gets through an entire week of daring deliveries, she (or he) makes the headlines of The Daily Sun and earns a promotion! Along with the promotion, the next Route Number appears. Paperboy begins the next game on that route 9 Limited Warranty Page 10-11 Technical Support For technical support in the USA: Mindscape Inc. A Software Toolworks Company 60 Leveroni Court, Novaro, CA 94949 Telephone: (415) 883-5157 FAX (415) 883-3303 For technical support in Europe: Mindscape International P0. Box 51, Burgess Hill RHl5 9FH West Sussex, England, United Kingdom Telephone: (0) 444 239-600 FAX: (0) 444 248-996 12 For technical support in Australia and New Zealand: Mindscape International 5/6 Gladstone Road, Castle Hill, New South Wales, Australia 2154 Telephone: (02) 899-2277 FAX: (02) 899-2348 13

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