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Operation C

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- *(page 1 is the outside front cover) * Page 2 ULTRA SOFTWARE CORPORATION LIMITED WARRANTY Ultra Software Corporation warrants to the original purchaser of this Ultra software product that the medium on which this computer program is recorded is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. This Ultra software program is sold "as is" without express or implied warranty of any kind, and Ultra is not liable for any losses or damages of any kind resulting from use of this program. Ultra agrees for a period of ninety (90) days to either repair or replace, at its option, free of charge, any Ultra software product, postage paid, with proof of date of purchase, at its Factory Service Center. This warranty is not applicable to normal wear and tear. This warranty shall not be applicable and shall be void if the defect in the Ultra software product has arisen through abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES AND NO OTHER REPRESENTATIONS OR CLAIMS OF ANY NATURE SHALL BE BINDING ON OR OBLIGATE ULTRA. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES APPLICABLE TO THIS SOFTWARE PRODUCT INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE LIMITED TO THE NINETY (90) DAY PERIOD DESCRIBED ABOVE. IN NO EVENT WILL ULTRA BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM POSSESSION, USE OR MALFUNCTION OF THIS ULTRA SOFTWARE PRODUCT. Some states do not allow limitations as to how long an implied warranty lasts and/or exclusions or limitations or incidental or consequential damages so the above limitation and/or exclusions of liability may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. * Nintendo's Seal of Quality logo is here... THIS GAME IS LICENSED BY Nintendo THIS OFFICIAL SEAL IS YOUR ASSURANCE THAT NINTENDO HAS APPROVED THE QUALITY OF THIS NINTENDO GAME BOY(TM) PRODUCT. ALWAYS AND THE OFFICIAL SEALS Ultra Software Corporation LOOK FOR THIS SEAL ARE TRADEMARKS OF 900 Deedield Parkway WHEN BUYING GAMES NINTENDO OF AMERICA INC. Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-4510 AND ACCESSORIES TO 1991 NINTENDO OF (708) 215-5111 ENSURE COMPLETE AMERICA INC. COMPATIBILITY WITH YOUR GAME BOY SYSTEM. * Page 3 WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ULTRA! You're the hero of ULTRA's crackshot version of Operation C(TM) for Game Boy. We suggest you read the following instructions thoroughly before heading into battle. TABLE OF CONTENTS TODAY'S MENU FEATURES HOMEGROWN ALIENS .................4 HOW TO BE IN COMMANDO OF THE SITUATION .................6 LIVING TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY ............................7 POWER-UP TO SURVIVE ....................................7 LESSONS IN MUTANT MASHING ..............................8 THE STORY CONTINUES ....................................8 ENEMY BASE RECONNAISSANCE REPORT .......................8 A BUFFET OF BRAZEN BEASTIES ...........................14 * Page 4 TODAY'S MENU FEATURES HOMEGROWN ALIENS... Corporal Lance (Code name: Scorpion) is no slouch when it comes to man- to-alien combat. He and his partner Sgt. Bill "Mad Dog" Ko have twice defeated Red Falcon, the most despicable villain to overtake a planet...or at least try. But the danger is not over yet. The vile Black Viper has come from deep space to finish what Red Falcon started. And he did not come alone. Black Viper has transported a battalion of battletron tanks, stealth subs, laser cannons * Page 5 and annihilating androids. Now, from a secret naval base on a desolate ocean island, he is planning to unleash his hideous secret weapon: a new mutant breed of killer aliens. Armed with an array of devastating weapons, Scorpion's new mission is to infiltrate the five freak-laden levels of the enemy base and put an end to the madness-and Black Viper-once and for all. As he prepares to enter the secret army base alone, he knows it will take more than sheer firepower to wipe out Black Viper's horrific horde of mega-mutants. Scorpion will have to keep his eyes peeled sharp for unceasing assault by artillery snipers and keep his wits about him as he leaps into battle against grotesque genetic mishaps. The revival of the aliens must be stopped and the ambitions of the evil Viper vanquished forever! * Page 6 HOW TO BE IN COMMANDO OF THE SITUATION Control Pad: Press to guide Scorpion through the layers of Black Viper's base. Also controls the direction of shooting and jumping when the A or B button are pressed. A Button: Whe you're in the horizontal scrolling mode (Areas 1,3,5), press this button to do somersaults through the air, over the enemy and up the cliffs. In the top-view mode (Areas 2 and 4), this button is inactive. B Button: This shoots Scorpion's devastating weapons. When used with the control pad, you can shoot in seven directions. (Hint: You can shoot straight down. To do so, you must first jump up-press the A button, press the control pad down, and fire your weapon-press the B button.) Start Button: Press to start the game. Also press during the game to PAUSE the action. Select Button: This button is used with the "Continue/End" screen to toggle between the two choices. You may also reset the game during game play by pressing the Select, Start, A and B buttons at the same time. * Page 7 LIVING TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY Because battle isn't pretty, and no one makes it through enemy territory unscathed, you'll start your mission with three lives. These are displayed as "Medals of Honor" in the upper left corner of the screen. Points are scored for defeating the enemy, and you'll earn a "bonus" life when you reach 20,000 points, and for every 30,000 points after that. (Scores are displayed at the end of each area, and at the end of the game.) POWER-UP TO SURVIVE Scorpion can discover powerful anti-alien weapons by blasting the flying capsules. When the power-up symbol appears, Scorpion must touch it to capture and activate that weapon. Spread Gun: Bullets shoot out in three directions. If power is boosted a second time, bullets spray in five directions. Fire Gun: When enemies or obstacles are encountered, this gun sends explosions in four directions, attacking a wide area. Homing Gun: Bullets aimed at the enemy will be guided toward their targets. This is the kind of technology you need to even your chances of survival. * Page 8 LESSONS IN MUTANT MASHING As Scorpion, guerilla commando extraordinaire, you have to blast your way past jungle snipers, naval attack submarines, death-dealing androids and vicious genetic warriors. And that's the easy part. At the end of each level, Scorpion finds a terrifying boss character ready to tear him into "Contra" confetti. THE STORY CONTINUES... This mission is too important to end after you have lost all your lives. At the end of play, you will have the option to "continue" where you left off. You lose all your previous points, but you start at the same level where you left off. To continue, use the Select button or control pad to toggle between "CONTINUE" and "END." Press start to activate your selection. (Note: this only happens twice. Even Scorpion's luck has to run out sometime.) ENEMY BASE RECONNAISSANCE REPORT Here is a look at the five fierce areas you must battle through. You'll have a side view in Areas 1, 3, and 5 in which your leaping prowess plays a crucial role. In Areas 2 and 4, the action is seen from above, so you'll have to be extra careful as the terror surrounds you! * Page 9 Area 1: Entering Black Viper's Island Base Defeat enemy snipers and mechanized machine gun turrets while crossing the water to Black Viper's base. You'll find a small missile submarine waiting for you at the end, and it's not on your side. * Page 10 Area 2: Black Viper Extends His Warmest Tanks It would take an army to defeat the Viper's battalions of soldiers, artillery units, and armored fighting machines, but you'll have to do it alone! * Page 11 Area 3: Mayhem On Mutant Mountain If you knew about the Dynamic Dual Destruction Device waiting at the end of this level, you might think twice about climbing this mountain! * Page 12 Area 4: Don't Let Black Viper Bug You Blast these creepy-crawlers quick, and don't stop moving, because more are on the way. * Page 13 Area 5: Viper's Lab: The Kitchen Of The Cursed This is the target of Scorpion's mission-the lab where Black Viper is growing his legion of out-of-this-world warriors. After meeting the deadly Cyborg Robot, you must defeat the Black Viper itself. * Page 14 A BUFFET OF BRAZEN BEASTlES... These are just a few of the living nightmares Scorpion must overcome. BVA Criplon Frogman Soldier Experimental Squid Lice Mandiabla * Page 15 Eye Spore Laser Satelite Experimental Spider Moth Giwala BVN Kechlowak * Page 16 Operation C(TM) is a trademark of Ultra Software Corporation. ULTRA and ULTRAGAMES are registered trademarks of Ultra Software Corporation. 1991 Ultra Software Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

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