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Mickey's Dangeros Chase

Typed out by Jesse Smith Nintendo DMG-MC-USA-2 Y O B MICKEY'S E DANGEROUS M A CHASE G INSTRUCTION BOOKLET TABLE OF CONTENTS Safety Precautions 4 Getting Started 6 The Missing Present 7 Controlling Mickey & Minnie 8-9 Get the Present Back! 10 The Score Bar 12 Boxes & Prizes 13 - 14 Mouse Lands 15-17 Present Hunting Hints 18 90-Day Limited Warranty 19 3 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Follow the suggestions below to keep your Game Boy and Game Pak in top operating condition: 1. Always make sure the Game Boy's power is off before inserting or removing the Game Pak. 2. Don't try to take your Game Pak apart. 3. Keep your Game Pak safe from direct sunlight, high heat, and extreme cold. Don't bend it, crush it, or let it get wet. Store it in its protective package at room temperature when you are not using it. 4. Never touch the contact points on your Game Pak. Before using it, check it for dust. If your Game Boy is dirty, clean it with a soft dry cloth. 4 GETTING STARTED I. Plug Mickey's Dangerous Chase Game Pak into your Nintendo Game Boy and turn it on. In a few moments the Title screen appears. 2. Watch to find out how Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy discover that the present is missing! Press START if you want to skip these screens. 3. Press the control pad RIGHT or LEFT. Mickey's glove points to Mickey or Minnie as your player. 4. Press button A to start playing. 5. Between rounds, press button A to move through the Conversation screens. 6. Press START while you're playing to pause the game. Then press it again to resume play. 7. Press START and SELECT together to restart the game from the beginning. 6 THE MISSING PRESENT Mickey's really sweet. He bought a present for Minnie. Won't she be surprised! But Mickey gets an even bigger surprise. The present is gone! And Goofy says he saw Big Sneaky Pete's got the present! Can you help Mickey, Minnie and Goofy get it back? It won't be easy! 7 CONTROLLING MICKEY AND MINNIE Press this: To do this: Control pad LEFT or RIGHT Move in that direction. Control pad DOWN. Duck. Control pad UP. Float upward by holding onto the balloons. Button A Jump. Hold down the button for longer jumps. Button A and control pad LEFT Jump in that direction. or RIGHT 8 CONTROLLING MICKEY AND MINNIE (cont) Press this: To do this: Button A and control pad DOWN. Jump off a ledge. Button B Throw a box. Button B and control pad LEFT Grab a box. or RIGHT. Button B and control pad UP. Throw a box straight up. Button B and control pad DOWN. Throw a box while crouching. 9 GET THE PRESENT BACK! Big Bad Pete has ruined the day for everyone. But if you get the present back, all will be well! Mickey starts with three chances. He's got a long way to go! He picks up boxes and lets them fly at attacking foes. Bonk! That's one less crabby critter. Mickey jumps high! He catches valuable Stars and Prizes that way, and by running over them. He also jumps to escape his enemies. Sometimes he ducks to hide or throw a box at a short attacker. 10 GET THE PRESENT BACK! (cont.) But if Mickey's not quick and smart, he could get hurt! Barking bulldogs, slippery weasels, hairy tarantulas, and lots more unpleasant creatures everywhere! If they touch Mickey, he loses one Heart. When he loses three hearts, he loses one try. When t his happens. you can reselect Mickey (or change to Minnie) and return to your level, though you'll have to backtrack a bit. The game has five levels, with three stages in each level. At the end of every stage, Goofy waits to tell Mickey and Minnie some news about what is happening in the chase. Disaster! If Mickey loses all his chances, the game ends. He'll never find Minnie's present that way. Press button A and start again! 11 THE SCORE BAR Watch the bottom of the screen to see how you're doing. Hearts: How much strength you have left. Stars: How many Star Points you have. Players: How many more chances you have. Circles: How many crystal balls you've found. 12 BOXES AND PRIZES Boxes Normal Boxes: Pick up and bonk unpleasant critters with 'em. Watch your foes fly! You can carry a box until you need it. You can't go backwards, so boxes you leave behind are gone forever. Stars Black Stars: You gain I point. White Stars: You gain 5 points. Blinking Stars: You gain 1 extra chance. You also get an extra chance when you collect 100 Star Points. Star Points show up on your Score Bar. 13 BOXES AND PRIZES (cont.) Prizes Normal Hearts: You gain 1 extra strength Heart. Blinking Heart: You gain back all strength Hearts. Magic Water: You can t be hurt by your foes for a little while. Crystal Balls Crystal balls are hidden in some of the treasure Boxes. It's up to you to find them! When you discover a Crystal Ball, one of the circles in the Score Bar fills in. If you find all four Crystal Balls in a stage, you can earn an extra chance. Whenever you start a new stage. the Crystal Ball circles will be empty. You cannot carry Crystal Balls over from one stage to the next. 14 MOUSE LANDS Level 1: Mickey's Hometown (includes the shopping center and the lake) Saunter through a neighborhood of feisty bulldogs and pitfalls. Not a friendly place! Go on a shopping spree along Main Street. The Weasel Building keeps you hopping up and down. Use blocks to climb up. Watch out for ambushes. See how many things you can climb on for Big Star Points, if the squirting fire hydrants and underground sewer don't get you! Zip across the Lake in a speedboat built for one. Hurdle flying fish and half-submerged rocks as you zoom about under the steel bridges. 15 MOUSE LANDS (cont.) Level 2: The Woods (includes the Snowy Woods and Up the Mountain) It's a beautiful day in the woods, if you don't mind rocks, pits, and swooping Bald Eagles! Falling nuts clutter your path. Flying squirrels dive in your face. Take a ride on the moving blocks and climb the log bridges. Explore! Ride a bear. You'll love your balloon ride-- keep catching those sky-high Prizes! The second hill is steep, rugged, and very tricky! Level 3: The Mountain (includes the Run-Down Shack and Down the Mountain) This place is splintery and spooky, unless you like spiders crawling on your body and bats flapping in your hair. Climb all the log towers to see what’s on top. Hop from bird to bird to make it back down safely. 16 MOUSE LANDS (cont.) Level 4: Industrial Area (includes the Factory and Driving to Town) Now you're caught in the machinery. Conveyor belts, and pressing machines are here to mangle you. You'll have to get in gear to get out of here! Jump in your jalopy for a bumpidy wild ride back to town. Level 5: Business District (includes Up the Building and Big Bad Pete) You've almost caught up with Big Bad Pete. Up, up, up you go, to the top of the building. Keep grabbing those Stars and Prizes. Pete's on the rooftop, ready to bully you some more. It's time to get your present back! 17 PRESENT HUNTING HINTS * Learn to jump and throw a box at the same time. This will let you smash your foes before they get too close. * Try to get all the prizes and stars in a level for high points and extra chances. * Climb as high as you can while searching, and explore every tunnel and passage. You'll find lots of hidden prizes. * If you catch a Blinking Star or find all four Crystal Balls in a stage, you'll be rewarded with an extra chance. * When hurt, Mickey will flash for a bit. He can't be hurt during this time. * Practice until you become fast and accurate. Then practice, practice, practice some more. Game counselors available 8 am. to 5 p.m. (408) 727-1665 18

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