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Metroid 2: The Return of Samus

Manual re-write by: VmprHntrD This is the manual to the GameBoy game..... Metroid 2: The Return of Samus (from: Nintendo) [TABLE OF CONTENTS]_____________________________________________ The Metroid Story .......................................................... 3 Controller Operations ...................................................... 7 How To Play Metroid ........................................................ 8 The Planet SR388 .......................................................... 11 Cybernetic Suti Technical Spec ............................................ 13 Items ..................................................................... 15 Enemies ................................................................... 23 [Page 2] [THE METROID STORY]_______________________________________________ In the year 2000 of the history of the cosmos, representatives of many different planets in the galaxy established a congress called the Galatic Federation. A successful exchange of cultures and civilization resulted, and thousands of interstellar spaceships ferried back and forth between planets. When space pirates appeared to attack spaceships, the Federation Bureau created the Galactic Federation Police. There are many unknown planets throughout the galaxy. Many of these are causes of concern to the Galactic Federation. To take care of this, they employ Space Hunters, the greatest of which is Samus Aran. [Page 3] Samus' greatest achievement has been the destruction of the pirates' Metroid plans on the planet Zebes. IN the year 20X5 of the cosmos, an unknown life- form was discovered on planet SR388 by a Galactic Federation deep-space research ship. The research crew took a sample of the creatyre and placed it into a suspended animation stasis capsule and dubbed the life form "Metroid". On their way back to their home base, the research ship was attacked by pirates who stole the stasis capsule containing the life-form! The Metroid in suspended animation could easily be brought back to life, and exposure to beta rays was all that was needed to cause it to multiplu. This highly dangerous creature will cling to any other creature and suck away its victim's energy. Samus, by order of the Galactic Federal Police, sucessfully and singlehandedly penetrated the space pirates' natural fortress on the planet Zebes. After a series of intense battles, Samus destroyed all the Metroids she encountered. Her destruction of the reactivated Mother Brain at the center of the fortress crushed the pirates' evil plans. [Page 4] After serious consideration of how terrible and destructive the Metroid life form was, the Galactic Federation sent another research ship to SR388. This trip was to make sure their was no more Metroids left on the planet. After a short time the Federation received an emergency notice from the researh base. They had lost contact, and the research ship was missing. The base had already sent a search and rescue party, but after their initial contact, the rescue ship was not heard from again. A special combat group was assembled consisting of armed soldiers from the Federation Police and was immediately dispatched to SR388. After transmitting their primary landing data, they also were never heard from! Rumors spread fast, and again, the whole galaxy was seized with the fear of Metroids. With this limited information, the Federation was positive that a Metroid must still be surviving, hiding deep in the planet underground. Even one living Metroid could easily wipe out an entire planetary civilization. So, the Galactic Federation called its members to an urgent conference to find a way to overcome this menace. They quickly came to one conclusion, which was unanimous and simple....Give Samus Aran the order to exterminate the Metroids! [Page 5] The underworld of the planet SR388 is a complicated structure of multi-layered domes and space. Some of these contain the ancient ruins of some unknown civilization. These are home to many life forms living on the planet. Samus, charged with her mission from the Galactic Federation, hurried to the planet SR388. Samus' confrontation with the Metroids has started again. You must help Samus save the Galaxy from the Metroids! [Page 6] [CONTROLLER OPERATIONS]__________________________________________ Function of Each Button * A BUTTON Jump * B BUTTON Shoots Beam or Missile * CONTROL PAD Left and Right Moves Samus Left or Right Up Arrow Aims weapon UP Down Arrow Makes Samus curl into a ball During a jump, will aim weapon Down * SELECT BUTTON Selects deam or missile * START BUTTON Pauses game. Press again to release pause NOTE If you press A, B, START and SELECT all simultaneously, the game will reset back to the title screen. [Page 7] [HOW TO PLAY METROID]______________________________________________ * Before You Start Correctly insert the Metroid II The Return of Samus Game Pak into your GAME BOY compact video game system and turn the POWER switch to the "ON" position "Nintendo" will appear on the screen followed by a short introduction and the title screen. * Beginning The Game When the title screen appears, use Left or Right on the Control Pad to select START 1, START 2, or START 3. Then press the START Button to begin. You can save three different games. For detailed instructions on saving your game, see page 10. [Page 8] * Reading The In Screen Display [A screen shot is shown from left to right ENERGY UNITS, MISSILE SUPPLY, and METROID DETECTOR is indicated.] * During the game, data will appear on the bottom of the on screen display, as shown in the picture above. ENERGY ................... The untis of energy that Samus currently has. Each filled tank holds 100 units. MISSILES ................. The number of missiles that Samus has. METROID DETECTOR ......... The number of Metroids detected on the planet. This detector can also show other information about Metroids. [Page 9] * About Saving The Game You may only save the game when you reach a SAVE POINT. These will appear during game play. When Samus stands on the SAVE POINT, the message "SAVE...PRESS START" will appear at the bottom of the screen. Press the START Button and your progress will be saved. When "SAVE... COMPLETED" appears, you may continue playing the game, or you may turn the power switch "OFF" so that you may resume your game later. There are several SAVE POINTS in the game. The last save made will be the point at which Samus' status will be recorded. This game has battery back up, so saved data will be stored even if the GAME BOY is turned off. * Deleting A Saved Game To begin a new game after you have already saved data to all three file numbers you must first clear the file that you wish to save to. Using the Control Pad, select the file number your wish to clear, then press the SELECT Button. The wold CLEAR will appear below START. Then press on the Control Pas and the START Button simultaneously. You will hear a small explosion indicating that the file has been deleted. [Page 10] [THE PLANET SR388]________________________________________________ Samus, you are charged with the destruction of all Metroids existing on the planet SR388. The underworld of the planet SR388 is a complex maze shape. (On pages 11-12 there is a big picture of SR388's sections. Sorry but it's impossible to draw in ASCII, therfore I will just write all the text from the two pages below.) The underworld of SR388 has many different areas. The tunnels between each area are filled with a dangerous liquid that will deplete Samus of her energy. When an earthquake occurs, the liquid may drain away or fill in areas of the tunnels. Watch out for the liquid! You must learn to work around it. Some areas in the caverns appear to be ruins of an ancient civilization. Check these areas carefully. You may find useful items to make Samus more powerful. It is essential to your task to hunt for these power items. Some qalls can be destroyed by using the beam. However, some must be destroyed with a bomb. Often you must blow out a wall to proceed. There are many hidden paths and pitfalls. Metroids are hiding in the dome-like caverns, corridors and tunnels. Additionally, a number of strange life forms live in the underworld that will attempt to prevent you from completing the mission. According to the resort sent to us by the Galactic Federation Special Squadron the only effect way to destroy a Metroid is by using missi;es. Be aware that when the Metroid molts it undergoes a metamorphosis. Each time a Metroid changes its shape, it gets stronger and more powerful. This mission to exterminate this terrible creature will be a task of extreme difficulty........ [Pages 11-12] [CYBERNETIC SUIT TECHNICAL SPEC]__________________________________ Samus Aran With Full Equipment (On pages 13-14 there is a big picture of Samus' cybernetic suit. Sorry but it's impossible to draw in ASCII, therfore I will just write all the text from the two pages below.) HELMET_________________________________(Points to the helmet) OXYGEN SUPPLY EQUIPMENT________________(Pointing to air ducts on the helmet) WEAPONS HAND___________________________(Points to the hand cannon) Shoots beam or missiles. When missiles are active, the barrel will be open. The supply of missiles is limited, and it will be necessary to reload. There are many different kinds of beam weapons. The beam that will be fired will depend on which item was last found and equipped. HIGH JUMP BOOTS________________________(Pointing to the boot part of the suit) INFRARED RAY SCOPE_____________________(Pointing to the eye piece of the helmet) NORMAL SUIT____________________________(Pointing to the body armor) LEFT HAND______________________________(Pointing to the left hand) BARRIER SUIT___________________________(Pointing to the upper leg) Becomes enabled when Samus finds the Varia. Samus can wear up to 14 different kinds of items. Make sure to arm her efficiently and make good use of each item obtained. [Pages 13-14] [ITEMS]____________________________________________________ These items will help Samus increase offensive and defensive powers. Artifactor Statue This is a relic of an ancient civilization. This statue holds the "Item Sphere". Item Sphere usually, the power items (except missile type and energy type items) are hidden in an Item Sphere. Shoot the Item Sphere with a beam to make the item appear, then touch it to equip. [Page 15] Missile Pod This item allows Samus to hold more missiles. It also replenishes Samus' stock of missiles to maximum. Missile Battery Reloads all missile pods to maximum. Energy Tank This item will increase Samus' amount of storable energy and will refill all life energy to maximum. Big Energy Ball This will refill all energy tanks to maximum. After destroying some of the creatures on the planet of SR388, they may turn into Small Missiles or Energy Balls. These items will allow Samus to recover missiles and energy. [Page 16] Bomb After obtaining the bomb, press the B Button while in the ball shape to set a bomb. Bombs have the power to hurt enemies, and to break through some floors, walls, and ceilings. Spider Ball When Samus has assumed the ball shape, she can activate the Spider Ball by pressing Down on the Control Pad. This "sticky ball", gives her the power to move across the walls and ceiling unhindered by gravity. To maneuver, use the Control pad. To return to the regular ball, press the A Button. High Jump Boots With these boots, Samus can jump more than twice as high as she normally can. [Page 17] Spring Ball This allows Samus to jump while in the ball shape. Space Jump With this item Samus can jump continuously through the air while spin jumping. Learn how to use this item effectively by hitting the jump button again before she touches the ground and Samus will be able to do a perpetual jump. It may require some practice, but keep trying! Screw Attack This allow Samus to destroy enemies she contacts while spinning through the air. [Page 18] Varia This itme effectively doubles the energy absorption of Samus' cybernetic suit, enabling her to withstand enemy attacks much more effectively. [Page 19] Star Ship This is Samus' elite custom scout ship designed to travel interstellar distances. Samus travelled to the planet SR388 in it. This ship is her base of operation for this mission. Samus may restore her energy and reload her missiles by returning to it. [Page 20] Beams When Samus equips a beam type item, her normal beam will change to that beam. NOTE She cannot have 2 different beams simultaneously. Ice Beam This beam will freeze an enemy for a short period of time, making them unable to move. Samus can jump on a frozen enemy without receiving damage. Wave Beam The beam travels in a wav shape. It is a very powerful beam and had a wide range of effect. [Page 21] Spazer Laser Beam A three way beam with an extremely wide focus is fired when this weapon is discharged. Plasma Beam This extremely powerful weapon fires a beam that can even penetrate solid walls. It's the strongest and most destructive of all of the beam type items. [Page 22] [ENEMIES]__________________________________________________ On the planet SR388, there are a variety of life-forms to be found. Additionally there are several mechanical creatures left from the ancient civilization that are still present and functioning. Samus must be careful of these, as they will attack immediately when she approaches. YUMBO Flies unsteadily in the air. TSUMURI This snail-like creature has very sticky legs and will creep along the walls and ceilings of the caverns. DRIVEL They move back and forth in the air. When Samus approaches, they will spit a strong liquid acid. SKREEK They usually hide in the gaps in the underground or in the liquid. They will suddenly appear to attack, spitting bullets from their mouth. [Page 23] HORNOAD Be wary of this hopping enemy. CHUTE LEECH Usually they will lay quietly on the ground or in the liquid. But, when Samus comes close, they will jump up to attack falling down like a leaf from a tree. MUMBO This enemy flies in the air. GAWRON This enemy lives in a nest with many of its kind. When Samus approaches, they will start attacking, on after another. SEPTOGG This unusual shaped creature floats in the air. Samus can ride on it without damage. [Page 24] GULLUGG This creature flies around and around in the air. BLOB THROWER This plant creature spits out little blobs. SEEROOK Moves back and forth on the ground. SENJOO Spinning the rings on its side, this creature floats in the air and attacks at a perpendicular angle. [Page 25] MOHEEK usually quite tame, but if Samus touches its tendrils, she will be hurt badly. SKORP They come out from their holes to attack with their disk saws. GLOW FLY When dormant, they stick upon the wall with their abdomen flashing, When Samus comes close, they will roll up and crash into her. NEEDLER They move along the walls and the ceilings. YUMEE This creature will pop out of the ground and try to sting Samus with its sharp horn. [Page 26] MEBOID This is an amoeba-like creature. They just move back and forth. FLITT Samus will not receive any damage even if she touches them. Look closely for them, as they have a tendency to conceal themselves. OCTROLL When Samus comes close, they fall fluttering downward. TPO This robot may be small, but it will do damage. ARACHNUS It will roll up its body like an armadillo, then rush at Samus. [Page 27] WALLFIRE A robotic, proximity sentry mounted upon the walls. SHIRK This robotic enemy is programmed to crush targets with its sharp nail. AUTOCAD Another type of robot, presumably left over after the demise of the ancient civilization. They now hop around out of control. AUTRACK This robotic guardian can be found in various places. They have a long neck that is usually withdrawn, but it will extend it and attack with a laser beam. [Page 28] GUNZOO This multi-gunned robot fires at anything that moves. AUTOM Watch out for this robot's severe firepower. GRAVITT It comes out of the ground and rushes at Samus, then darts back underground. PINCHER FLY A fly-like creature found in some areas. If touched, they will damage Samus, but they will not attack on their own. [Page 29] HALZYN It flies unsteadyly in the air. The hard shell on both sides of its body keeps it safe from beams fired its way. MOTO When Samus comes close, they will dash at her. They have a hard shell that protects them from beams. PROBOSCUM Originally programmed as a worker, not a fighter, this robot is out of order and out of control. RAMULKEN Their bodies are protected by a hard shell, and beams will not effect them. Their only weak point is their legs! [Page 30] METROIDS AND THEIR KNOWN MUTATIONS METROID This is their first shape after hatching from eggs. They will cling to any creature that they can find, drawing its victim's life energy away. ALPHA METROID This shape of a Metroid after its first molting. GAMMA METROID After molting from the lesser mutation, the Metroids will grow much larger, gaining the power to attack with lightning bolts. [Page 31] ZETA METROID Multiple mutation will cause a metroid to continue to grow into an even larger and more powerful adversary. OMEGA METROID This mutation is absolutely huge, its power, incredible! [Page 32]

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