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Mega Man 2

Typed out by Jesse Smith Nintendo DMG-W2-USA-2 Y O B MEGA MAN 2 E M A INSTRUCTION BOOKLET G TABLE OF CONTENTS Safety Precautions 4 Getting Started 5 Time Trap 6 Controlling Mega Man 7 Terror Beneath the Earth 8 Mega Power 9-10 Mega Mans Best Friend 11-12 Using Your Password 13 Robot Masters 14 The Winner's Edge 15 90-Day Limited Warranty 19 3 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Follow these suggestions to keep your Mega Man II Game Pak in perfect operating condition. 1. DO NOT subject your Game Pak to extreme temperatures, either hot or cold. Always store it at room temperature. 2. DO NOT touch the terminal connectors on your Game Pak. Keep it clean and dust-free by always storing it in its protective plastic case. 3. DO NOT try to disassemble your Game Pak. 4. DO NOT let your Game Pak come in contact with thinners, solvents, benzene, alcohol, or any other strong cleaning agents that can damage it. 4 GETTING STARTED 1. Insert your Mega Man II Game Pak into your Nintendo Game Boy and turn it on. 2. On the title screen, you can choose to begin a new game or use a password to continue a previous game. To begin a new game, move the arrow next to START, then press START on your control pad. To continue a previous game, see the Using your Password section later in this manual. 3. When the next screen appears, you will see mug shots of Dr. Wily's robot masters. Use the control pad to highlight the robot master you wish to battle, press the A button and get ready for action! 4. To end the game at any time, simply turn your Nintendo Game Boy off and remove your Game Pak. 5 TIME TRAP! "Light to Mega Man! Light to Mega Man! Come in Mega Man!!!! "Dr. Wily has broken into the Chronos Institute and stolen the experimental Time Skimmer. We tried tracking him on radar, but he simply vanished. My calculations show that he jumped approximately 37.426 years into the future. I have no idea what he plans to do, but your can be sure that he'll be back! "In the meantime, Rush has sniffed out a few of Wily's robots guarding a subterranean passage. Get over there and check it out. And remember, let's be careful down there! "Light out!" 6 CONTROLLING MEGA MAN TO DO THIS: DO THIS: To move left or right Press the control pad left or right. To climb up or down Press the control pad up or down. Jump Press the A button Slide Press the control pad down and hit the A button. Mega Man will slide in the direction he is facing Fire your current weapon Press the B button. 7 TERROR BENEATH THE EARTH! Lurking at the entrance to the underground cavern are four of Dr. Wily's most fiendish robots. Each of these angry androids has surrounded itself with a web of tin-plated terrors who want to mangle Mega Man! It's up to you to run, jump and climb past these metallic maniacs to the inner sanctum of the robot master. Once you arrive, it's going to be a cybernetic showdown and only one of you will survive. Launch a barrage of lethal lasers and keep on pounding the robot master until heÕs a mound of molten metal. Then grab his weapon and get ready for the next steel stompin' cyborg. 8 MEGA POWER! As you annihilate Dr. Wily's raucous robots, you will gain their special weapons and add them to your own arsenal. You can view the various weapons you have collected by pressing the START button. When the weapon box appears, you will see all the weapons, energy tanks and extra lives you have collected so far. Press the control pad in any direction to select the weapon you wish to activate and then press the A button. When you return to the action, Mega Man will be armed with that weapon. 9 MEGA POWER! As Mega Man smashes his way past waves of metallic meanies, he may find a variety of power-up items to recharge his energy. Energy Pellets: These pellets increase Mega Man's energy level. Weapon Capsules: These capsules increase the energy level of Mega Man's current special weapon. Energy Tanks: These handy tanks of liquid energy replenish Mega ManÕs supply. Mega Man can store these tanks until needed. 1-Up: A I-Up gives Mega Man one more life. 10 MEGA MAN'S BEST FRIEND Every dog has his day and Rush is no exception! When Mega Man is in need of a little help, his canine companion is ready to leap to his side. But before Mega Man can transform Rush into a mighty machine, he must find the missing Rush adaptors. And the adaptors are in the hands of Dr. Wily's robot masters!!! The 3 Rush adaptors are: Rush Coil - Rush turns into a springboard to catapult you over obstacles. Rush Marine - Rush turns into a submarine for undersea travel. Rush Jet - Rush becomes a jet sled for sky high travel. 11 MEGA MAN'S BEST FRIEND Once you acquire an adaptor you can summon Rush to your side by pressing the START button. When the weapon box appears, press the control pad in any direction to select the machine you wish to use. Then press the A button to activate the machine. When you return to the battle. Press the B button to call Rush and he will transport down next to you. Just jump on him and away you go! 12 USING YOUR PASSWORD As you reduce Dr. Wily's crafty creations into scrap metal, Mega Man may be rewarded with a secret password. Using a piece of paper and a pencil, copy the location of the dots in the password grid. When you have finished, place your password in a safe place. The next time you play Mega Man II you can continue from where you received your password. Here's how: 1.On the title screen, move the arrow next to PASSWORD and press the A button. 2. When the empty password grid appears, use the control pad to move the brackets to the location of your first dot. Press the A button to place the dot. (To erase the dot, press the A button again.) 3 Once you have finished placing each of the dots in your password, press the START button. If the password is correct, the game will return you to where you received the password. 13 THE WINNERS EDGE 1. Each robot master is vulnerable to a certain type of weapon. If a robot master seems to hard to defeat using the normal cannon, you may need to acquire a special weapon to defeat him. 2. If your special weapon runs out of energy, pick up a weapon capsule while the special weapon is active and it will recharge slightly. 3. Practice firing from ladders and while jumping to blast sky-high machines 4. If you get hit by an enemy, you will be invincible for a moment. Use this time to get by any tough obstacles. 5. If you canÕt jump over enemies, try sliding under them! 15

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