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Gradius: the Interstellar Assault

Manual re-write by: VmprHntrD This is the manual to the GameBoy game..... Gradius the Interstellar Assault (from: Konami) [TABLE OF CONTENTS]____________________________________________ INTRODUCTION ............................................................... 4 HOW TO PLAY ................................................................ 5 FLIGHT CONTROLS ............................................................ 8 BATTLEFIELD PREVIEW ........................................................ 9 ALL FIVE LEVELS ........................................................... 10 POWERING-UP ............................................................... 12 STARFIGHTER HINTS ......................................................... 13 STARSHIP SPECS ............................................................ 14 [Page 3] [INTRODUCTION]_________________________________________________ 1,000,000:1 (THE LATEST ODDS ON YOUR SURVIVAL) All is silent, black, cold. The attack has ended, and the spewed alien bile on your flight suit has gotten crusty. Your fingers twitch like the pincers on a fly, as if they were still wrapped around your ship's fire button. Your eyes dart back and forth searching the heavens for more enemy fighters, but the only things looming overhead are the smoldering stars which were destroyed during Bacterion's thrity light-years war. A drop of icy sweat rolls down your forehead and a frigid pain shoots up your leg. The chill comforts you, since it confirms you're still alive. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Fire suddenly erupts on all sides of your ship, jolting your head and smashing it into the gravity shield. You shake off the impact in time to see a swarm of doomships closing in on you. Warning signals illuminate your cockpit, but it's too late. They've used their cloacking devices to initiate the ultimate surprise attack. Your only hope now is to escape into the Akarian Asteroid Field, where you can regain your senses and hopefully survive long enough to outflank and then reengage the enemy. You fire your thrusters and rocket toward the risky santuary, hoping it's your lucky da. [Page 4] [HOW TO PLAY]______________________________________________________ HOW TO GO ON THE OFFENSIVE To begin, place the Game Pak into the Game Boy and turn on the power. "Nintendo" will appear, followed by "Konami". Press the Start button to advance to the Title Screen. You'll begin the battle with three starfighters. Bonus starfighters can be added if you score big enough points. When your final ship is roasted...well, you know what that means. TITLE SCREEN Here you can choose GAME, PRACTICE, or OPTION. Press the Control Pad Up or Down to make your selection, then press the Start Button. GAME MODE (AKA: YOUR INTERGALACTICE DOOM SENTENCE) If you select the Game Mode, the Weapon Select will appear. Press the Control Pad Left or Right to choose specific set ups for Intruder Missiles, Double Guns, 'A Blazing or laser Warfare. Then press the Control Pad Up or Down to choose from different attack options within each of these primary weapons categories. Finally press the Start Button or A Button to begin your mission. [Page 5] Intruder Missiles Options Normal: Missiles seek out targets at a downward diagonal angle. 2 Way: With a second power-up, missiles will fire upwards and downwards. Tail Gun: Missiles are fired from the rear. With a second power-up, they will fire upwards and downwards. Double Guns 'A Blazing Options Normal: Blasts are fired forward and diagonally upward. Twin Cannon: Parallel blasts are fired in unison. Tail Gun: Blasts are fired from the rear. Laser Warfare Options Normal: A direct laser beam will enhance your attack power. Twin: Parallel lasers will increase your striking range. Ripple: Widens your blast field. [Page 6] PRACTICE GALAXY (YOUR TUNE-UP TO TERROR) If you select Practive Mode, you'll first choose your weaon (See Game Mode for details). After making your selection, press the Start Button and the Stage Select Screen will appear. Press the Control Pas Left or Right to select from levels 1-4, then press the Start button. Sorry, but there's no warm-up for level 5. You'll have to fly through that level by the seat of your spacesuit! OPTION MODE (DECIDE YOUR LEVEL OF COURAGE) if you select the Option Mode, you'll get the chance to set up the parameters of your mission. Options inculde the Level of Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard. Rapid Fire: On or Off. BGM (Background Music): On on Off. You'll also select the Trigger Type, assigning the A and B Button Buttons to either FIRE or POWER-UP. First select a set-up category by pressing the Control Pad Up or Down. Then press the Control Pad Left or Right to review the options in each category. For Background Music you must press the A Button to hear your selection. When you've finished, move the cursor to EXIT and press the Start Button. [Page 7] [FLIGHT CONTROLS]__________________________________________________ CONTROL PAD Press Up, Down, Left, or Right to guide your starfighter. START BUTTON Press to pause and unpause the attack. SELECT BUTTON Not used during combat. A BUTTON Press to activate power-up weapons. B BUTTON Press to fire weapons. NOTE: You can restart the attack by hold down the A, B, and Select Button, the pressing the Start Button. Also remember, you can reverse the A and B Button functions in the Option Mode [Page 8] [BATTLEFIELD PREVIEW]____________________________________________ FIELD OF HONOR [Points to Weapon, Power-up indicator, and score] THE IN-BETWEEN SCREEN SHIP LOST Overall High Score ------------ TOP SCORE 30000 Present Score --------------------- SCORE 14500 Number of Starfighters Remaining --- REST 00 TO CONTINUE OR NOT TO CONINUE, THAT IS THE QUESTION After your final starfighter bites the meteor dust, you can choose to CONTINUE or END your mission. If you select CONTINUE, you'll resume from the level where you took your last breath. Make your choice by pressing the Start Button for Yes or the Select Button for No. [Page 9] [ALL FIVE LEVELS]________________________________________________ BEFORE FIGHTING IN THESE INFECTED AREAS, BE SURE YOU'VE GOT ALL YOUR SHOTS! Rubble Resort Just past the Akarain Asteroid Field lies the Beast Squadron's front lines, which was once a vacation hot spot before being burned by the Beast Squadron. Bacterion's Command and Control Center This level is probably your most critical target. After all, if you shut down the brains of the operation you'll have a batter chance and out-smarting Bacterion. The Askikin Meteor Belt Welcome to the Beast Squadron's lair. It's a radical area heavily defended by all sorts of cosmic creeps, including rolling Bone Heads from the Stone'em Galaxy. [Page 10] The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Zone Alien cruise missiles will zip toward you from all angles of the galaxy. The fire will be so intense, you'll probably have to pause the mission to splash some cold water in your face. Blam! Splash! Blam! Splash! Blam! Splash! It's enough to make you scream. The Fifth Dimension Often confused with a popular singing group from the 1960's, this level will separate the ultimate starfighters from the wimpy ones. It's packed with dozens of Bartanium Booby Traps, probably a starfighters biggest single fear. Note: This level isn't included in the Practice Galaxy. To reach it, you must be one lucky son of a ray gun!. [Page 11] [POWERING-UP]______________________________________________ PWER-UP SPHERE, WITHOUT THEM YOUR GOOSE IS COOKED Certain members of the Beast Squadron carry a power-up generator aboard their ship. Some missile batteries have them as well. When you turn these ships or fortifications into space shrapnel, the power-up sphere will remain. Capture these sphere and your Power-Up Gauge will advance. When the power-up you desire is illuminated, press the A Button. The Mega Blast Device A few specially selected enemy squadron leaders are equipped with Mega Blast Devices. Capture these and you'll definitely have a blast wiping out a screen-full of enemies. YOUR STARFIGHTER'S POWER-UP GAUGE Memorize the power-up sequence on tihs gauge. S is for the speed-up. You can increase your speed yp to five times. M is for missiles. D is for double firepower. L is for the laser beam. O is for the offensive Ghost Fighter. F is for the force field. NOTE: D and L can't be combined. If the Force Field is hit three times, it will be inoperable until you power-up with it again. [Page 12] [STARFIGHTER HINTS]______________________________________________ HINTS YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT 1. Whenever possible combine D and M. This technique is a sure fire way to destroy tons 'o enemies. Remember. the key is to select a balance of weapons that fire in many different directions. 2. Realize that D and L cannot be combined. Be sure to select the most effective of the two, depending on the battlefield or enemy. 3. Select O and you'll have the infamous Ghost Fighter as your wingman. Talk about the ultimate shotgun formation. You can have up to 2 Ghost Fighters beside you at once. Overall, it's a pretty awesome way to waste your foes. 4. Don't forget that the S option can be selected a maximum of 5 times. It's a great way to blow by long as you have the nerve and skill to hyper-speed to safely. 5. Finally, try to reach full power-up with each weapon option. That way, your Power-Up Gauge will always be in the F position, and your shields can remain operational for the majority of the mission. [Page 13] [STARSHIP SPECS]_________________________________________________ |------------------ Force Field | / -- \ || || /_| |_\ | || || | VIC VIPER / || || \ |----| |----| MODEL BP 456Y | || || | CLASSIFICATION: STARFIGHTER |- -|| ||- -| LENGTH: 49.5 FT. | || /\ || | HEIGHT: 20.0 | ||/ \|| | ---------- Apogge Cryton WIDTH: 51.0 ||-|-||\/||-|-|| Fuel-Injected Engine WEIGHT: 38T | |||||| | | |||||| | |\ |||||| /| | |--|/||\|--| | |/ | /\ | \| ---------- Cockpit /| || || |\ / | /||\/||\ | \ /| /\| / |||||| \ |/\ |\ ----- Double Cannon / || || /| | \/ | |\ || || \ / || ||/|| | | ||\|| || \ /___---|---| || | | || |---|---___\ ____/ | |---|----|----|----|---| | \____ | |_____|_ |---|_____ || _____|---|__|_____| | |\__|| | | |||---|| | || | ||---||| | | ||__/| ----||_|_|_|||_|_|----- || -----|_|_|||_|_|_||---- \| __|_||_|__ |/ ----- || ----- ||_______||_______|| -------------------- \|__/ \|__/ \ \--- Impulse Power Thrusters [Page 14]

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