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Dr. Mario

Released: 1990 Game Code:DMG-VU-AUS Typed out by Ben Kosmina -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 Thank you for selecting the Dr. Mario Game Pak for your Nintendo Game Boy. CONTENTS MY NAME IS DR. MARIO.................3 CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS.................4 STARTING THE GAME....................6 HOW TO ELIMINATE VIRUSES.............8 1 PLAYER GAME.......................10 2 PLAYER GAME.......................12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 MY NAME IS DR. MARIO Hi everybody! I'm Mario. How's it going? Over the last few years, I've been involved in some pretty wild adventures. Now, believe it or not, I work in the virus research lab at the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital. Today I'm about to begin my research as usual. "Dr. Mario, something terrible has happened!" "What's wrong, nurse Toadstool?" "One of the experiments has gone out of control. The viruses are spreading quickly!" "Oh No! We've got to do something! I have just developed a new vitamin that should be able to take care of it. I sure hope this stuff works!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS + Control Pad LEFT & RIGHT - Moves vitamin capsules left and right. DOWN - Pressing down drops a vitamin capsule down quickly. * On the menu screen, the + control pad moves the cursor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5 A Button Rotates vitamin capsules to the right (clockwise). B Button Rotates vitamin capsules to the left (counterclockwise). START Button * Starts the game. * Pauses and unpauses during game play. SELECT Button * Moves cursor on the title select screen. If you press the A Button, B Button, START and SELECT at the same time, the game will reset and return to the title screen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 STARTING THE GAME After you power up the game, you'll see the title screen. Here, you can select a 1 or 2 PLAYER game by using the SELECT Button. (To play a two player game, you must use a Game Link cable and another Game Boy with a Dr. Mario game.) Then press the START Button to move around the menu screen. Menu Screen [Picture of Menu Screen] VIRUS LEVEL LEVEL METER SPEED MUSIC TYPE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 *VIRUS LEVEL The higher the number, the more viruses you start with. Move the arrow mark by using the + Control Pad. *SPEED This controls the speed at which the vitamin capsules drop. You can select from LOW, MED and HI. *MUSIC TYPE Choose between two musical selections: FEVER and CHILL. You can also turn the music OFF if you wish. After making your selections, press the START Button to begin playing. In the 2 PLAYER mode, both players can set their options as they wish. You can use this to give one player a handicap. NOTE: YOU is you, COM is your competitor. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 8 HOW TO ELIMINATE VIRUSES As the vitamin capsules drop use the A or B Button to rotate them. Try to match up four of the same colour [color for Americans] in a vertical or horizontal row. If you do this, all four will disappear. With a little pracitce you'll be able to get rid of all of the viruses! EXAMPLE 1 [Demonstration pictures] Four of the same colour are in a vertical row. These four disappear, taking the virus with them. EXAMPLE 2 [Demonstration pictures] Four of the same colour are in a horizontal row. These four disappear, but the virus remains because it is a different colour. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9 Types of vitamin capsules and viruses. There are six types of vitamin capsules: BLACK BLACK, GREY GREY [gray for Americans], WHITE WHITE, BLACK GREY, WHITE BLACK, GREY WHITE There are three types of viruses: BLACK, GREY, WHITE *Advice from Dr. Mario Mastering continuous capsule elimination. [Series of Pictures] The white column disappears -- The remaining vitamins fall -- Another column disappears This is what we call continuous capsule elimination. It doesn't just have to be two rows of columns. You can eliminate three, four or even more! This is a very important tactic in the 2 PLAYER game. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 HOW TO PLAY A 1 PLAYER GAME Dr. Mario destroys the viruses by throwing vitamin capsules into the contaminated bottle. When all of the viruses in a bottle are destroyed, you progress to the next stage. If the bottle fills all the way to the top, the game is over. *Game Screen [Picture of Game Screen] DR. MARIO SCORE CAPSULE NEXT CAPSULE SPEED BOTTLE WITH VIRUS LEVEL VIRUS INSIDE # OF VIRUSES IN THE BOTTLE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11 Scoring You receive points when you destroy a virus. The points depend on the SPEED setting and the number of viruses destroyed at once. Number of Destroyed Viruses LOW MED HI 1 100 200 300 2 200 400 600 3 400 800 1200 4 800 1600 2400 5 1600 3200 4800 6 3200 6400 9600 *Even if you destroy more than six viruses at once, you will only receive points for destroying six. *Advice from Dr. Mario * Watch the title screen for a while. It will show you a demonstration game that will help you get the hang of the game play. *You will see something special each time you clear level 5, 10, 15 or 20 at the HI level. *The speed that the vitamin capsules drop increases slightly after every 10 capsules. *When starting out, you will do much better if you try to lay the vitamin capsules flat rather than on their ends. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 12 HOW TO PLAY A 2 PLAYER GAME Using the Game Link cable, you can enjoy Dr. Mario in a special 2 PLAYER mode. Before starting play You need the following before starting a 2 PLAYER game. -2 GAME BOY units -2 Dr. MARIO Game Paks -1 Game Link cable (1) Connect the Game Link cable as shown on the left and make sure that both Game Paks have been inserted correctly. Then turn on both power switches ON at the same time. (2) On the title screen select 2 PLAYER with the SELECT Button and press START. Note: If step (1) is not done correctly, or if the Game Link cable is pulled out and inserted while both units are on, the game may stop. If this happens, simply turn both Game Boy units OFF and then turn them on again. *The Game Boy that selected 2 PLAYER mode can be used to make selections on the menu screen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 13 Both players will have a bottle on the screen. The first player to destroy all of their viruses wins and receives a crown. A player can also win a game if the other player's bottle fills to the top. The first player to earn three crowns wins the entire match. Game Screen [picture of Game Screen] NEXT CAPSULE CAPSULE SPEED CROWNS BOTTLE WITH YOUR # OF VIRUSES LEFT VIRUSES INSIDE YOUR OPPONENT'S NUMBER OF VIRUSES LEFT *Advice from Dr. Mario If you eliminate two or more rows or columns at once, some random pieces will fall down on your opponent's screen. One piece will fall for every row or column you eliminate (from two to four). The maximum drop is four pieces, even if you drop more rows or columns. All names and characters are copyright and TM their respective owners. This is NOT to be used as a permanent manual. This text file is only to be used for temporary situations where you may have lost your manual. If you need a new manual, click here. This manual was taken from this site.

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