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Donkey Kong Land 2

Typed out by Ben Kosmina -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 1 Contents Starting the Game................................4 Controller Functions.............................7 Diddy's Moves....................................8 Dixie's Moves...................................10 Treasure........................................12 Items...........................................13 Barrels.........................................15 Animal Friends..................................18 Kong Family.....................................22 Enemies.........................................24 Warranty Information............................29 Thank you for selecting the DONKEY KONG LAND 2 Game Pak for the Nintendo Game Boy unit. Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure maximum enjoyment of your new game. Then save this book for future reference. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2 King K. Rool and his band of Kremlings apenapped Donkey Kong. They're demanding the Kongs to hand over the banana hoard for Donkey's safe return. Donkey Kong would have a fit if they lost the banana hoard again. So it's up to Diddy and Dixie Kong to save him. Help the two monkeys make their way through all the Kremlings and all the traps to find Donkey Kong. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 3 [Picture of Donkey, Diddy and Dixie Kong] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 4 Starting the game -GAME BOY SYSTEM First you have to plug the cartridge into the Game Boy system. Then turn the power on. Press START when you're ready for adventure. -SAVE SLOT When you start the game, you'll get to choose which slot to save your progress in. During the game you will have to make it to Kong Kollege so Wrinkly Kong can save your game, but more on that later. If you're continuing your game from before, you'll be able to select the saved game on this screen. -SUPER GAME BOY SYSTEM Plug the cartridge into the Super Game Boy. Then insert the Super Game Boy into the Super NES. Turn the power on. Press START when you're ready for adventure. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 5 GAME SCREEN During game play, the different counters that tell you how many items you have collected are scrolled off the screen. They will appear when you collect an item. The following things might appear on the screen: -BANANA COUNTER This keeps track of how many bananas you collect. Get 100 for a free life. -K-O-N-G LETTERS Collect the set to earn a free life. -LIFE HEARTS These hearts let you know how many lives you have remaining. They appear at the bottom of the screen. -TIMER In the Bonus Levels you will have a limited amount of time to get the Kremcoin. Time remaining is shown at the top centre of the screen. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 6 MAP SCREENS There is a map screen for each of the Worlds in DKL2. The maps show the different levels in the World. You can also see the locations of the different Kong Family members who will help you out during your adventure. In each location, arrows will point you in the direction you can go next. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 7 Controller functions + CONTROL PAD Move character SELECT Changes characters when you have both. Executes animal friends' special ability. START Pause A BUTTON Jump B BUTTON Cartwheel as Diddy. Helicopter spin as Dixie. Pick up barrel, release to throw. Press and hold to run. Animal friend's attack. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 8 Diddy's moves Diddy's in the starring role this time and he's off to prove himself a true member of the Kong Family of Video Game Heroes. He'll have his work cut out for him as he storms Kaptain K. Rool's pirate haven on Crocodile Isle. Cartwheel Diddy's signature cartwheel attack lets him bowl over enemies. If he cartwheels off the edge of a platform and then jumps, he'll leap a little farther than normal. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 9 Climb Crocodile Isle is covered with climbable terrain, which makes it a perfect place for a monkey to explore. Diddy and Dixie can not only climb up and down here, but they can also climb to the right and left if the rope or chain allows. Throw Diddy can pick up barrels and certain enemies (after stepping on them), and then throw them. Swim Swimming comes in handy in the many aquatic areas of Crocodile Isle. Tap the B Button to make Diddy swim. Use the Control Pad to make him sink or swim faster. [This should be the A Button that makes you swim.] Run Hold the Y Button down as you move to make Diddy run. Running makes the game faster and more exciting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 10 Dixie's tricks Dixie and Diddy are inseperable friends and go everywhere together. Both share a love of adventure and the awesome abilities to make it fun! Dixie's powerful ponytail allows her to equal and sometimes surpass Diddy's adventuring abilities. Dixie's Helicopter Spin! Using her terrific tresses, Dixie can float slowly to the ground from high places by pressing and holding the B Button as she falls. While on the ground, Dixie can also spin to defeat enemies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 11 Climb Being a monkey, Dixie can swing just like Diddy and Donkey Kong. Her arial abilities give her an edge when she's at high altitudes because she can helicopter to slow her fall. Throw Dixie uses her ponytail to pick up and throw barrels. She holds the barrels above her head, which gives her a slightly different throwing trajectory than Diddy has. Swim Dixie isn't afraid of the water (or much else for that matter). She's as much at home under the sea as her friend Diddy is. Run Hold down the B Button as you move to run. While running, you will automatically pick up and objects in your path, so use this with caution. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 12 Treasure -KREMKOINS You can earn a Kremkoin in each Bonus Level. There are three different types of Bonus Levels. In one type, you must collect all the Start to make the Kremkoin appear. In the second type, the Kremkoin is hidden and you must find it. In the third type, you have to defeat all the baddies to make it appear. You can use Kremkoins to pay off the monstrous Klubba so you can cross his toll bridge. What is on the other side? That's for you to find out! -CRANKY'S VIDEO GAME HERO COIN These huge DK coins are well hidden, one per level, by Cranky himself. Collecting these will improve Diddy's status as a video game hero in Cranky's eyes. You have not really finished a level until you have collected the Video Game Hero Coin. -BANANA BUNCH KOINS These coins are used to pay the various members of the Kong Family for their help. Yes, the days of free advice are over. Even old Cranky charges for his words of wisdom (although the insults are still free). [You can tell this is just a cut-n-paste of the DKC2 Manual. Cranky isn't in DKL2.] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 13 Items -EXTRA LIFE BALLOONS Pop one of these things to get an extra life. -HOT AIR BALLOON Use this balloon to safely float over lava, just don't run out of hot air or things will get a little hotter. -CRATES You'll find these scattered about the island. Picked up and thrown, they make good weapons to bean enemies with. -BANANAS AND BANANA BUNCHES The trail of bananas will lead you to your ape-napped buddy, Donkey Kong. It is possible to get every banana, and in fact the bananas will point you in the direction of secret areas, hidden items or the end of the level. -NO ANIMAL SIGN This sign indicates that your animal friend cannot continue beyond this point. If you try to go past he'll simply disappear. Don't feel too bad, though. You'll be rewarded depending on how difficult it was to reach the sign. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 14 -KONG LETTERS Collect the letters to spell KONG and earn an extra life. -TREASURE CHESTS These chests contain many different types of items. Break them open by throwing them at enemies to discover what is inside. -KANNONS AND KANNONBALLS Kannonballs by themselves are good, reusable ammunition to throw at enemies. If you place a kannonball in a kannon, it will flash, indicating that it's loaded. Jump into the loaded kannon and it will launch you to a Bonus Level. [The kannons in DKL2 don't flash when they're loaded.] -END OF LEVEL TARGET Jump on the target to end the level. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 15 Barrels -PLAIN BARRELS What's more fun than a barrel full of monkeys? How about Diddy and Dixie in a barrel? There are tons of barrels in DKC2, and most have special uses. -BONUS BARRELS Bonus Barrels launch you into Bonus Levels when you jump into them. -CHECK AND X BARRELS The Check Barrels will open the gates on the roller coaster, the X Barrels will close them. -ROTATABLE BARREL Use Right and Left on the + Control Pad to rotate this Barrel into the desired position. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 16 -KANNON BARRELS There are several types of Barrel Kannons: The Arrow Barrel simply launches you into the direction of the arrow. Use the + Control Pad to make your character move to the left or right once you're airborne. Blast Barrels will automatically launch you in a certain, pre-programmed direction. Delayed Blast Barrels will allow you to aim them in the desired direction before they blast you out. Be careful though, with some of these barrels you only have a limited amount of time to shoot them before they go off automatically. -TNT BARREL TNT Barrels explode when they are thrown. Be careful, because some Kremlings actually like to live in TNT Barrels... -DK BARRELS Here's where you'll find your partner if you don't already have him with you. If you already have both characters, you won't be able to break this barrel when it is in mid-air. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 17 -STAR BARRELS These barrels mark a midway point in the stage. If you break one of these barrels, you'll continue at that point if you lose a life later in the level. -EXCLAMATION POINT BARREL Break these barrels to gain temporary invincibility. -ANIMAL BARREL Barrels marked with an animal friend's picture will transform Diddy or Dixie into the animal if they jump in. If they jump into a Barrel that shows a picture of the animal that you are already transformed into, you will gain an extra hit as that animal (two hit maximum). -BIPLANE BARREL This flying barrel is available for rent from Funky Kong. Use it to travel back to levels you have already visited. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 18 Animal friends Don't underestimate the value of good animal friends. They can be found throughout the game's different Worlds and Levels. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 19 ENGUARDE THE SWORDFISH Enguarde adds invaluable assistance in aquatic settings. As Enguarde, you don't need to press the A Button to swim. If you press the A Button, Enguarde will dash forward and use his sharp bill to knock out enemies. Hold SELECT to charge. RAMBI THE RHINO This powerful Rhinoceros loves to use his horn. Press the B Button to butt everything out of his path. Hold SELECT to charge. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 20 SQUITTER THE SPIDER This giant arachnid is one of the coolest animal friends. Press the A Button to jump. Press the B Button to shoot a web. Make a platform by shooting a web then pressing SELECT. CLAPPER THE SEAL Most seals can't change boiling hot water to room temperature, or turn water to ice but Clapper can! Jump on him and he'll perform these services for you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 21 RATTLY THE RATTLESNAKE Rebelling against the Kremlings who infest the island, Rattly offers hish high- jumping ability to help the Kongs. He can jump much higher than the Kongs courtesy of his springy tail. Hold SELECT to jump higher. SQUAWKS THE PARROT Squawks' role in Diddy's adventure is very important. He helps Diddy and Dixie explore higher grounds. Squawks can also spit eggs at enemies if you press the B Button. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 22 Kong family Even though Diddy and Dixie are supposed to be going on this quest on their own, the rest of the Kong clan just couldn't stay out of it, especially since there is money to be made helping beginning adventurers! You'll find all the Kong Family members in the prime business locations throughout Crocodile Isle. FUNKY'S FLIGHTS Funky's Flights are the only way to fly! If you've already been to an area, you can use Funky's Flights to revisit that place. This time, though, you'll have to pay your fare in Banana Coins to get a ticket. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 23 WRINKLY'S KONG KOLLEGE Wrinkly Kong's school room is a vital place for the Kong's to visit. Even if you're having fun on your adventure, you'll want to go to school because nice Mrs. Wrinkly can save your game. Since this is a private school, you'll have to pay your tuition in Banana Bunch Koins. KLUBBA'S KIOSK The towering Klubba is only friendly if you pay him. He demands payment of anyone who would cross his bridge, but he'll only accept Kremkoins. What's on the other side? Why would anyone want to go there? You'll have to find out for yourself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 24 Enemies Our heroes encounter tons of K. Rool's Kremling Crew during their trecherous adventure on Crocodile Island. You'll need to outwit these swashbuckling baddies to rescue DK and the banana hoard! KLOMP This peg-leg Kremling is the standard type you will encounter. KLOBBER This Kremling hides in a barrel. When you get close, he pops out and tries to push you around. NEEK Named for the annoying little squeaking sounds they make, these bilge rats infest every corner of Crocodile Isle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 25 KABOING This Kremling bounces around on two spring-loaded peg legs. KLINGER Look out below! Klinger climbs around in the rigging, ready to slide down on anyone below him. CLICK-CLACK If you flip this beetle on its back, you can carry it around and use it as a weapon! KRUNCHA Muscle-bound and muscle-headed, Kruncha is impeverous to Diddy and Dixie's attacks. They only make him mad! KANNON It looks like Klump can shoot now! ZINGER The bugs are back! Zingers return to endlessly buzz about and cause the Kongs all kinds of problems. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 26 FLITTER Flitter hovers in many locations. Bouncing off these dragonflies is a useful way of reaching hidden areas, but be careful! KLAMPON He's Klaptrap's bigger brother, and he has a monsterous appetite for monkeys! KLUBBA His club should give you a clue about what might happen if you try to cross his bridge without paying the toll! FLOTSAM Flotsam is a stingray that cruises ceaselessly back and forth. LOCKJAW This fat-lipped piranha will try to bite anyone who swims too close. SHURI Shuri spins around underwater, trying to skewer careless swimmers with its pointy little arms. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 27 KROOK Krook rockets his hooked hands at anything that comes near. PUFTUP Slowly but steadily, Puftup rises from the depths, getting bigger and bigger as he puffs himself up. Watch out for his spines! SPINY Spiny may have a soft underside, but its quills will strike you if you get too close. KAPTAIN K. ROOL The leader of the pack is back, and this time he's packing a blunderbuss! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 28 [blank page] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 29 [warranty] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All names and characters are copyright and TM their respective owners. This is NOT to be used as a permanent manual. This text file is only to be used for temporary situations where you may have lost your manual. If you need a new manual, click here. This manual was taken from this site.

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