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Donkey Kong Land

Typed out by Nintendo Y O Donkey Kong B Land E M A G Instruction Booklet Table of Contents A Challenge for Donkey Kong!....................2 Controller Functions............................4 Screen Layout...................................5 Monkey Moves....................................6 Map Screen......................................8 Saving Your Game...............................10 Items..........................................11 Animal Friends.................................12 Earning 1-Ups..................................13 New Areas!.....................................14 Donkey Kong Land Atlas.........................16 New Baddies....................................20 Cranky's Advice................................22 Super Game Boy Enhancement.....................24 Warranty.......................................25 1 A Challenge for Donkey Kong! Cranky Kong, aging video game pioneer and primate patriarch, swayed back and forth in his rocking as he harrassed his grandape, Donkey Kong, and his little buddy, Diddy Kong. "Well, I've got to admit, your last adventure was a bit more successful than I ever thought it would be..." he jibed. "Course, put a few fancy graphics and some modern music in a game, and kids'll buy anything nowadays..." Donkey and Diddy tried to discreetly cover their as they stared out into the jungle surrounding Cranky's cabin. The old ape continued his taunting. "Back in our days, understand, we had an extremely limited color palette to work with, and we still made great games...No way you could duplicate that feat today, Donkey my boy! No siree!" Cranky had been going on and on like this for what seemed like hours, and Donkey Kong finally had had enough. 2 "People like Donkey Kong Country for more than just the 'fancy graphics,' you old coot!" he snapped. "The number of colors, the resolution, it doesn't make a difference. It was just plain fun!" "Yeah, and we worked hard fighting K. Rool and his goons!" Diddy chimed in. Both he and Donkey still had the bumps and bruises to prove it. Cranky nodded his head knowingly. The two youngsters had predictably risen to the bait and swallowed it hook, line and sinker. "So you're saying that an adventure like your last one would be a success even on an 8-bit system, like...Game Boy, for example..." Cranky said slyly. "That's right!" DK exclaimed without hesitation. Diddy joined him in accepting the challenge. "We'll even let the Kremlings steal the banana horde again, and this time we'll get it back on Game Boy!" Diddy boasted. Hey, a golden opportunity to get out of DK's ridiculous guard duty training, he thought to himself. "I'll believe it when I see it!" Cranky scowled. "I'll call old K. Rool and arrange everything. You'll wake up tomorrow without your bananas." Donkey and Diddy looked at each other, realizing they had been set up. "This time, the Kremlings will hide your bananas in all new places around the island." Cranky continued gleefully. "I'll tell the King to spare no expense and bring out some new tricks and foes for you, too. No more cushy adventuring for you two, no siree." Donkey could barely contain his anger. He was hoping he could just loaf around the tree house tomorrow, after all, the Banana Bowl was on, and...But he wasn't about to let the old ape get the best of him. "Bring it on, old ape, bring it on..." was all he said as he stalked off to the tree house. He was going to get some sleep for the adventure ahead. 3 Controller Functions (picture of Game Boy controls) Control Pad: Move Kongs in action or on map screen. A Button: Jump, Swim B Button: Roll, Pick up barrel (release to throw) Start Button: Pause Select Button: Switch to Diddy (or vice-versa), or dismount from animal. Press Start and Select to exit a level you have already finished. 4 Screen Layout The screen in Donkey Kong Land is nearly free of scores and other video game clutter. Instead, the Banana Counter and KONG letters appear when you collect an item to let you know how many you've got. (screenshot) EXTRA LIVES BANANA COUNTER KONG LETTERS 5 Monkey Moves Jump Donkey and Diddy can both jump. This is their basic technique for avoiding obstacles and defeating enemies in Donkey Kong Land. If you jump on tires or off enemies, you can jump a bit higher. Not every enemy can be defeated with a jump attack. Roll/Cartwheel These are Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's alternate attacks. Donkey Kong's roll will bowl over most foes as well as Diddy's cartwheel. 6 Climb Both Donkey and Diddy are expert climbers. Be it a jungle vine or the rig- ging of a pirate ship, the Kongs are at home with their feet off the ground! Swim Water doesn't faze our ape heroes either. To swim, repeatedly tap the A Button. 7 Map Screen The map screen helps you keep track of Donkey and Diddy's progress through Donkey Kong Land. To move around on the map, use the Game Boy's Control Pad cross. Some of the locations on the map are short-cuts that will transport you to another part of the map, so watch Kong's progress closely! Once you've reached the level you want to tackle, press A, B or Start to enter the action. 8 Levels are indicated on the map by an oval symbol. If you find everything in a level, an exclamation point mark will appear next to the level on the map screen. To get 100% in the game, you must find every hidden secret! Sometimes a boulder will block your path on the map screen. You need to the bomb in one of the nearby levels to bypass this obstacle. It works automatically once you have it. 9 Saving Your Game K-O-N-G Kong Letters If you collect all the letters to spell K-O-N-G in a level, you will gain access to the Save Game Screen after you finish the level. You can then select a slot in which to save your progress. Up to three different games can be saved in the battery- backed memory. The Save Game Screen will also tell you what level you have reached, as well as the percentage of the game you have completed. To erase a saved game, press SELECT, then press A, B, or START. 10 Items During the course of Donkey and Diddy's adventure in Donkey Kong Land, they will encounter many useful items. Many of these will help them complete their adventure! Barrels Barrels play an integral part in the Kong's adventure. Some of these wooden kegs can be picked up and used as weapons against enemies. Others, marked with a starburst, are cannon barrels that will launch the Kongs into space, to land in another part of the level. Buddy Barrel Barrels with a DK symbol on them will contain your buddy (Diddy if you are currently controlling Donkey, and Donkey if you're controlling Diddy). Once you have released your friend from the barrel, you can count on him to fill in for you if you should lose a life. Using the Select Button, you can switch to your friend during the game. This will not in every situation. 11 Continue Point These sparkling circles indicate a continue point. If you make it to one of these, this is where you will continue the current level should you lose your life before you reach the end. End of stage The goal! You did it! Get ready for the next level! Kong Tokens The big coins you will find in some stages are Kong Tokens. In the Bonus Levels, you can cash in these tokens for a chance to win extra lives. Animal Friends Expresso and Rambi are waiting to give the Kongs assistance in their quest. Release them from the crates and hop on for a ride! Expresso Rambi 12 Earning 1-Ups There are many wats to earn extra Kongs in Donkey Kong Land. You'll need them as the going gets rough in the later levels! Collecting Bananas Gather one hundred of your wayward bananas and you will be rewarded with and extra life. Big bunches of bananas The large bunches of banana are worth ten! 13 New Areas! King K. Rool and his gang of Kremling comrades have scattered Donkey Kong's bananas in all new areas of Donkey Kong Island. While some of the areas may look familiar, the layouts are totally different. Plus, there are many all-new locations, like: Kremlantis This gigantic complex of ancient ruined tem- ples is almost completely submerged. That means that there are plenty of Chomps and other biting fish swimming about, waiting to try and take a piece out of the Kongs. 14 Big Ape City Travel by zeppelin to Donkey Kong's favorite stomp- ing ground, Big City. The sight of that familiar skyline might bring back fond memories, but don't waist your time sightseeing when there are Kremlings around! Gangplank Galleon King K. Rool's leaky old ship is crewed by his kooky Kremling accomplices. The Kongs will need to climb the rigging and seek out the bananas stashed there. Chimpanzee Clouds At the peaks of some of the highest mountains, Donkey and Diddy will venture into the clouds for sky-high adventure. 15 Donkey Kong Land Map World 1: Gangplank Galleon Ahoy! Level 1: Jungle Jaunt Level 2: Freezing Fun Level 3: Simian Swing Level 4: Deck Trek Level 5: Rope Ravine Level 6: Tire Trail Level 7: Riggin' Rumble Level 8: Congo Carnage Level 9: Arctic Barrel Arsenal Boss: Wild Sting Fling 16 World 2: Kremlantis Level 1: Tricky Temple Level 2: Kremlantis Level 3: Reef Rampage Level 4: Snake Charmer's Challenge Level 5: Chomp's Coliseum Level 6: Nautilus Chase Level 7: Swirlwind Storm Boss: Seabed Showdown 17 Donkey Kong Land Map World 3: Monkey Mountain & Chimpanzee Clouds Level 1: Pot Hole Panic Level 2: Mountain Mayhem Level 3: Track Attack Level 4: Spiky Tire Trail Level 5: Sky High Caper Level 6: Landslide Leap Level 7: Collapsing Clouds Boss: Mad Mole Holes 18 World 4: Big Ape City Level 1: Construction Site Fight Level 2: Kong Krazy Level 3: Balloon Barrage Level 4: Fast Barrel Blast Level 5: Skyscraper Caper Level 6. Button Barrel Blast Level 7: Oil Drum Slum Boss: K. Rool's Kingdom 19 New Baddies! King K. Rool has pulled out all the stops for this test of Donkey Kong's courage. Check out some of these new enemies the Kongs will face: Hogwash the Flying Pig Flying Pigs? Something's not kosher in Donkey Kong Land! Like Necky, these porcine pilots patrol the air- ways and always seem to violate Kong's airspace at inopportune moments. Nemo A large shell-dwelling creature that chases down Donkey and Diddy when they're underwater. 20 Fangfish This must be the one that got away! Some of the new aquatic enemies are even bigger than Chomps the ape-eating shark. This makes them even tougher to avoid! Hard Hat This mole's on patrol, looking to dig the ground out from under Donkey's feet. He's in charge of the Mad Mole Holes! Swirlwind Warning The Swirlwind can either help or hinder Kong's progress, depending on how you approach it. Jump on top, and it serves as a convenient, if a bit squirrely, moving platform. Approach it from the side, and you'll be damaged by its windy vortex! 21 Cranky's Advice "You think I'm going to give you any advice? What's the matter, can't han- dle the heat? You're on your own this time...What? Awww, c'mon! Stop your sobbing and come tell old grandpa Cranky your problems... "Extra lives are you key to long term success. Earn as many as you can in the early levels as you will need them in the later levels, trust me. "Don't forget that you can't jump attack every enemy and expect to be successful. Some are immune to that kind of treatment. Likewise, not every enemy can be defeated with a roll or cartwheel! 22 "Take it slow when you first explore a level. Some of the enemies are pretty well camouflaged and might be hidden, waiting to spring out at you!! "Speaking of hidden, look out for ways to get to secret bonus levels...And no, I'm not gonna tell you where! "My final piece of advice is, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again! And if you don't succeed then, take up an easier hobby like knitting, for example! "There! That's all the help you're gonna get! Now get out there and stomp some Kremlings!! Sheesh! Back in my days..." 23 Enhancements If you have a Super Game Boy adapter, you can play Donkey Kong Land on your TV through your Super NES. Not only will this make it easier to see the details of the fully rendered graphics of the game, you will also get a more varied color selection, and a fully ren- dered screen border! Please see your Super Game Boy instruction manual for more details on how to use your Super Game Boy.

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