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Donkey Kong

DONKEY KONG Instruction Booklet Page 01 of 12 Thank you for selecting the DONKEY KONG (tm) Game Pak for the Nintendo (r) Game Boy unit. ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure maximum enjoyment | | of your new game. Then save this book for future reference. | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' CONTENTS ~~~~~~~~ Controller Operations .....................................................3 How to Start & Play the Game ..............................................5 Mario's Actions ...........................................................7 Pause and Save ...........................................................10 Time Trial ...............................................................11 Caution, Caution, and Caution ............................................12 (tm) and (r) are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc. (c) 1994 Nintendo of America DONKEY KONG Instruction Booklet Page 02 of 12 He's Back!!! Donkey Kong kidnapped the beautiful Pauline and has run away!! To save her, Mario must chase after Donkey Kong. The familiar game of "Donkey Kong" is now a Game Boy title. A totally new quest awaits Mario beyond the familiar scenes of the first few stages. Hunt down Donkey Kong as he escapes from the Big City, traveling on the Ship, through the Jungle, the Desert, Rocky Mountain and on to his home. Can Mario capture Donkey Kong and save Pauline? DONKEY KONG Instruction Booklet Page 03 of 12 Controller Operations ,------------------------------. ,------------------------------------. | Control Pad and A Button | | A Button | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | ~~~~~~~~ | | V Do hand stand or high jump | | - Jump / Jump on to an object | | <- -> Do back flip | | - Let go of rope | | | | | | Control Pad and B Button | | B Button | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | ~~~~~~~~ | | ^ Control switches | | - Pick up objects / Throw objects | | <- -> Throw an object up | `------------------------------------' `------------------------------' ,--------------------------------. KEY : | Control Pad | V - Down on Control Pad | ~~~~~~~~~~~ | <- - Left on Control Pad | ^ Spin on horizontal rope | -> - Right on Control Pad | V Crouch | ^ - Up on Control Pad | ^ V <- -> Move up, down, left, | | and right | `--------------------------------' ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | For detailed information about Controller Operation, read "Mario's Actions" | | in the manual beginning on Page 8. | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' DONKEY KONG Instruction Booklet Page 04 of 12 ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | SELECT Button | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | It displays the time that you took to clear the level. For details, see | | "Time Trial" in the manual on Page 19. | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | START Button | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | This will start and pause the game. Pressing the START Button during game | | play will stop (pause) it. To continue playing, select "CONTINUE" and | | press the START or A Button. | | For details, see Page 18. | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' If you press the A, B, START, and SELECT Buttons at the same time, the game will reset to the title screen. DONKEY KONG Instruction Booklet Page 05 of 12 Starting The Game Correctly insert the Donkey Kong (tm) Game Pak into the Game Boy (r) unit and switch the power to the ON position. You will see the "Nintendo (r)" logo appear for a few seconds before the title screen appears. When the title screen appears, press the START Button to begin playing. At the SELECT FILE Screen, press left or right on the Control Pad to move Mario. Select a file from the three choices and press the A Button. When you restart the game again after turning the power OFF, you have the option of beginning at a previously cleared stage. With Mario standing next to the file you want to play, use ^ or V on the Control Pad to select the Stage and Level you wish to restart at, then press the A Button. You can select level 1, level 5, and level 9 of any stage you have already completed. If you move Mario all the way to CLEAR at the right corner, you can clear any one of the files. When you press the A Button, Mario will pick up a bomb. Move Mario next to the file you want to delete and press the A Button again. Select YES from the options displayed to delete the record. To delete all saved files, simultaneously press left on the Control Pad, START, SELECT, and B Button while on the Select File Screen. Selecting YES will then erase all records. DONKEY KONG Instruction Booklet Page 06 of 12 How To Play The Game In levels where Donkey Kong and Pauline appear on the screen, your goal is to reach Pauline while avoiding Donkey Kong's attacks. In levels where you can hear Pauline's scream coming from the key hole in the door, (ed. note - what's going on in there?!) your goal is to find the key and use it to open the door. At the end of each stage, you must fight Donkey Kong and his friends. Pick up and throw barrels at Donkey Kong or find another way to damage your enemies. DONKEY KONG Instruction Booklet Page 07 of 12 Mario's Actions ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | New Actions! - Mario cannot use some of these new actions at first, but as | | he continues along the quest, he will acquire the skills to use them. | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | Handstand | | ~~~~~~~~~ | | While pressing V on the Control Pad, press the A Button and Mario will do a | | handstand. | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | High-Jump From a Handstand | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | After doing a handstand, you can do a high-jump if you press the A Button | | again. Right after doing a handstand, if the timing is right when you | | press the A Button, you can jump very high. | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' While doing a handstand, Mario can move left or right. ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | Switch | | ~~~~~~ | | Turn switches on and off to operate the elevator and slide-board. Move | | Mario next to the switch. While pressing the B Button, use the Control Pad | | to flip the switch. What the switch does differs depending upon the | | situation. | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' DONKEY KONG Instruction Booklet Page 08 of 12 ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | Kick From Handstand | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | While Mario is doing a handstand, he can kick falling objects to protect | | himself. Be careful though, there are some things that he cannot kick! | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | Back-Flip | | ~~~~~~~~~ | | While moving left and right, quickly press the key on the Control pad in | | the opposite direction and the A Button at the same time. Mario will do a | | back-flip in the direction opposite of that he was running. | | | | Using this technique, Mario can move up easily. Master it to finish | | quickly. By doing a back-flip, Mario can jump very high to reach a rope. | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | Spin On a Rope | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | Jump onto a rope. While Mario hangs from it, press ^ on the Control Pad. | | Mario will then begin spinning. Press the A Button again and due to the | | centrifugal force, he can jump higher and further. | | | | Using the Control Pad, Mario can move left and right while hanging on the | | rope. | | | | When Mario is on a vertical object, he cannot spin. | | | | To hang on to a horizontal rope, press ^ on the Control Pad. | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' DONKEY KONG Instruction Booklet Page 09 of 12 ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | Basic Actions! | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | Actions you can do with the A Button | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | - Jump | | - Jump onto an object | | - Let go of a rope | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | Actions you can do with the B Button | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | - Pick up | | - Throw an object after picking it up | | - To pick up an object, jump onto the object using the A Button, then | | press the B Button. | | - If MARIO is hit by an enemy while holding an object, he will be knocked | | away and the object will drop. | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | Actions you can do with the Control Pad | | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ | | - Climb up and down | | - To move faster when climbing a rope or vine, use two of them. When | | climbing down, use only one. | | - Crouch | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' DONKEY KONG Instruction Booklet Page 10 of 12 Pause And Save PAUSE During game play, if you press the START Button, the Pause Screen will appear. Select one of the three options below and press the A Button. ,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------. | CONTINUE: The game continues from where it was paused. | | | | SAVE + END: After the game is saved, it returns to the Title Screen. | | | | RECORD: It displays the time records for each stage played. | `-----------------------------------------------------------------------------' GAME OVER When Mario's lives equal zero, the game is over. When the GAME OVER Screen appears, you are given the same three options as the Pause Screen. Select one and press the A Button. DONKEY KONG Instruction Booklet Page 11 of 12 Time Trial The goal of the Time Trial game is to clear each level as quickly as possible. The remaining time is totalled after each four Level Sections. Your life will be increased depending on the amount of time you have left. After every four Level Sections that you clear, you will be asked if you want to save. To save, select YES. If you press the SELECT Button during the game play, the total time taken to complete the four level sections, including the level you are playing and the items collected, will be displayed. On the Pause Screen, select RECORD and press the A Button; this will display the best time record for all the levels you have cleared. Use ^ and V on the Control Pad to select a Stage that you want to view. The best time will be saved automatically. DONKEY KONG Instruction Booklet Page 12 of 12 Caution, Caution, and Caution Be careful when you jump. If you fall too far, you might lose your life. The door that Pauline is locked behind is sometimes hidden, look for it carefully. If the key slips from your hand, it will flash for a moment, then return to where it was. If you set more than one road or ladder, they will all disappear at the same time. They will also disappear when you press the A Button. There are enemies that you can pick up and enemies that will hurt you to touch.

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