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Castlevania: Legends

Manual re-write by: VmprHntrD This is the manual to the Game Boy game..... Castlevania Legends (from: Konami) [Contents]______________________________________________________ Story: 2 Starting the Game: 3 Playing the Game: 4 Controls: 5 Description of the Screen: 6 Passwords for Continuing a Game: 7 Combat Method: 8 Soul Weapons: 9 Items: 10 The Stage: 11 The Characters: 12 [Page 1] [Story]___________________________________________________________ It was the Middle Ages in Transylvania. One man came into possession of an evil power, and the Prince of Darkness was born. Before long, this being used his new-found supernatural powers and the magic powers of his followers to spread his plague of darkness and despair throught the European continent. He was Count Dracula. Even to mention the name of this Prince of Darkness was to cast fear into the hearts of he people in the land, who were powerless to do anything save voice their concern. However, at about the same time a baby girl possessing special powers was born to a family living in a remote area of the country. "Your powers are meant for a higher purpose and not only for yourself," she was often reminded as she was growing up. The plot of this girl's fate began to develop one night in her seventeenth year when she met up with the young enigmatic Alucard, who was on a journey to search for the father that deserted him. The young girl's name was Sonia Belmont, and she was the first of the vampire hunters in the Belmont family to become legendary [Page 2] [Starting the Game]__________________________________________________ Insert the cartridge properly into your Game Boy and turn the power on. After the Title Screen appears, press the Start Button. Then, select either "New Game" or "Password" and enter your selection with the A button. New Game Choose this mode to start a game from the beginning. After selecting the desired game level, the game will start following an introductory story. (Press the Start button to skip the introduction.) Password By selecting this mode, you will be asked to enter a password, which will allow you to continue a saved game. (For more information, see Passwords on page 7.) Game Select In the Game Select Screen you can choose one of the following difficulty levels. Standard Mode Players start in a normal state, which a normal whip. Light Mode Players start equipped with a whip increased by two levels of power. [Page 3] [Playing the Game]_________________________________________________ You play the role of Sonia. The object of the game is to defeat Dracula, the boss character of the final stage, but to get to the final stage you must slay other enemy characters and avoid traps. Breaking a candle causes an item to appear that can increase your attacking strength, restore your health, or the like, but these items vanish after a fixed amount of time. If Sonia's life gauge drops to 0, her number of heart marks also drops to 0. Players lose one of their lives if they are unable to complete a stage within the time limit, if their life gauge drops to 0, or if they fall through gaps in the ground. If a life is lost, the player must start over from the beginning of the current stage. Players start with three lives, but can gain extra lives by earning points in the game. The game is over when the player loses all of his or her lives. However, when the last life is lost, the player will be asked if he or she wishes to continue the game. By selecting YSA, the player can return to the beginning of the current stage. After quitting a game, the player's Hit Score will be displayed, indicating the number of enemies defeated during the game. The Hit Score cannot be saved Different endings can be experienced depending on the number of items collected during the game. (For more information, see Collected Items on p. 10.) [Page 4] [Controls]__________________________________________________ * A button * A button + Down For jumping and for Direction entering selections. For sliding down a rope. * B button * A button + B button For attacking. For using the Burning Mode. * Start button For pausing/continuing * Up Direction + B Button and for skipping For using a Soul Weapon. conversations. * Down Direction + * Select button Left or Right Direction For displaying a For moving in a crouch. window. * A + B + Start + * Direction button Select buttons For moving and crouching, and For resetting. for moving the cursor. [Page 5] [Description of the Screen]____________________________________________ * Screen is showed displaying Sonia Belmont, an enemy Skull head, a candle, and the menu which has (left to right) Soul Weapon, Life gauge, Burning gauge, current time, total heart marks, and total players. [ ] L [][][][][][][][][][][][][][] () - 4 8 7 [ ] B [][][][][][][][][][][][][][] H 2 3 P - 2 (1) Candle (2) Player (3) Soul Weapon (currently selected) (4) Enemy (5) Time Remaining (6) Number of hearts (7) Number of lives remaining (8) Life gauge (9) Burning gauge [Page 6] [Passwords for Continuing a Game]______________________________________ When the game is over, the player will be asked if he or she wishes to continue the game. By selecting YES, the player can return to the beginning of the current stage. However, if the player selects NO, a password for the current stage will be displayed along with the player's Hit Score. Later, after pressing the Start button in the Title Screen, the player can select "Password" to continue the game. The Password Input Screen will appear after selecting "Password" and enter it with the A button. Beginning from the left-hand box, the player inputs one of eight items in each of four squares by pressing the Direction button up or down to select the item and left and right to move the cursor. The player then enters the password by pressing the Start button. If the password has been input correctly, the game will continue from the beginning of the last stage played. Although the player's Hit Score will be reset in a continued game, the player's soul weapons and collected items will not be lost. If the password is not input correctly, an error beep will sound informing the player of the mistake. [Page 7] [Combat Method]___________________________________________________ Whip Attacks Finding a crystal will boost your power as many as two levels. When you increase one level, the strength of your whip increases 1.5 times, doubling your attacking power. By increasing a second level, the whip begins to emit fire balls. The power of your whip will not return to normal as long as your strength remains above 0. In the Light Mode, the whip is always powered to the second level. The whip can be used at all times except when the player recoils the whip after incurring damage. Burning Mode Using Sonia's inborn self-defense ability, you can invoke Burning mode at will. During this mode, the player is invincible, the player's status being raised to twice the normal level. However, this mode can only be invoked once per life in every stage. Further, this mode lasts for a limited time shown on the burning gauge. When the gauge runs out, the player returns to a normal state. [Page 8] [Soul Weapons]_________________________________________________ If you defeat an enemy equal or greater to an area boss character, the enemy sacrifices his captured spirits, which you can use as a subweapon. Your number of heart marks is decreased each time a subweapon is used, the number consumed is dependent on the attribute of the weapon. You cannot use two types of soul weapons at the same time, but in some situations the weapons can be selected in real time. By collecting heart marks, the number of uses can be increased. Once acquired, a soul weapon is never lost even when a game is over, providing the player saves the game. The soul weapons can be used at all times except when the player recoils the whip after incurring damage. Attributes of the Soul Weapons Wind Stops enemy movement and attacks in all scenes except the area boss and stage boss battles. Consumes 5 heart marks per use. Ice Restores the player's entire health gauge. Consumes 20 heart marks per use. Flame A flash attack effective against all enemies but area and stage bosses. Consumes 5 heart marks per use. Saint Sends a wave in front of the player. Cannot be fired consecutively. Consumes 1 heart mark per use. Magic Destroys an enemy other than the area and stage bosses and nullifies the enemy's attack. Consumes 5 heart marks per use. [Page 9] [Items]_______________________________________________________ Various items appear when you break candles using your whip or soul weapon. Normal Items Hearts Increases your number of heart marks by 1. Meat Restores half your life gauge. 1UP Increases your remaining lives by 1. Crystals Raises the power of your whip one level. The whip can be raised a maximum of two levels. Special Items Collected items and soul weapons the player has in possession can be displayed in a window by pressing the Select button. Collected Items The items do not determine your sub weapons, but determine one of the multiple endings. * Displayed items left to right are: Dagger, Cross, Holy Water, Axe, and the Pocket Watch. [Page 10] [The Stages]______________________________________________________ * Displayed are six boxes in two vertical rows of three, I'll list them below and type the caption for them. Stage 1 Outside the Castle Stage 2 Inside the Castle Stage 3 The Clock Tower Stage 4 The Top Floor of the Castle Stage 5 The Cathedral ? In addition to the stages shown here, there are hidden stages! [Page 11] [The Characters]___________________________________________________ * Again displayed in this section are some incredible anime drawings of each of the major characters involved in CastleVania Legends. So, I will just list the captions as I did like on the previous page. Sonia Belmont 17 years old This young woman was the first of the Belmont family to leave her name to posterity as a vampire hunter. She was taught how to handle a whip by her grandfather and learned at an early age of her ability to sense the presense of beings physical and spiritual that cannot be seen by ordinary humans. Creatures Bat 1st Stage The Creatures Bat is a fiendish artificial life form that was created by fusing the abilities of a bat with those of a human. The Bat can fly and attacks with its superhuman strength. Death Dragon 2nd Stage This legendary monster was slain by Count Dracula himself and then was brought back as a living corpse. The dragon attacks by breathing flames. [Page 12] Grim Reaper 3rd Stage This apparation received the great power of magic in return for being bound to Count Dracula in an eternal master-servant blood contract. The Grim Reaper also brandishes a very sharp sickle. Alucard 4th Stage In order to pass on to Sonia his own hope of slaying his father Count Dracula, Alucard lurks somewhere in Dracula's castle, waiting for the fateful day when he must rise to his final test. Dracula Final Stage Master of evil castle, this legendary Prince of Darkness undertook a transmigration from his human body and, in so doing, came into a magic ability powerful beyond imagination.

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