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Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge

Typed out by KONAMI INC. LIMITED WARRANTY [Way too long to type!] WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF KONAMI! You're the owner of KONAMI'S Game Boy version of Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge. (TM) We suggest you read the following instructions thoroughly before you start cracking your whip. TABLE OF CONTENTS FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES...........4 GETTING STARTED..................6 CONTROLLING YOUR DESTINY.........7 THE PASSWORD TO THE GREAT BEYOND 8 THE POWERS OF GOOD...............9 THE POWERS OF DARKNESS..........10 [Page 4] FANGS FOR THE MEMORIES In the first Castlevania Adventure, the fearless vampire hunter Christopher Belmont fought toe-to-toe and whip-to-wing against the vampire king, Count Dracula. Belmont defeated the Count and destroyed his castle, but unfortunatley Dracula used what remained of his magical powers to transform his body into mist, thereby making good his escape. However, his powers were so depleted that he was left unable to tranform into "human" form. The count decided to wait and rebuild his dark forces. Deep inside his black heart he swore revenge on Christopher Belmont and his family. Fifteen years later, a ceremony was held in the town of Transylvania. The son of Christopher Belmont, Soleiyu Belmont, had come of age, and it was time for the title of vampire hunter to be passed down to him. The ceremony was used to commemorate this occasion. All the citizens of Transylvania rejoiced, hoping that the father-son team of vampire hunters would bring peace to the region forever. [Page 5] [Image of Soleiyu] But on the morning after the ceremony, it was discovered that Soleiyu Belmont had vanished into thin air. The ceremony was the chance Dracula had waited for. Soleiyu received great sacred power in the ceremony to mark his adulthood, and Dracula used his last bit of magic to turn Soleiyu's powers against him, tranforming him into a terrible demon. Then, aided by the Soleiyu-demon, Dracula was able to assume human form once again. That evening, to the northeast of the village, the earth shook with a thunderous roar and four ominous castles appeared. And, hidden in a lake at the center of these castles, was another castle---the new lair of Count Dracula! Horrified to learn that his son had been altered by the forces of evil, Christopher Belmont determined to save Soleiyu and break the ambitions of the Count. He journeyed to the new castles, each ruled by a different power of darkness placed there by the Soleiyu-demon to stop anyone who would tamper with the mystic spell Dracula had cast upon him. Nevertheless, in order to save the village of Transylvania and free his son, Christopher had no choice but to go and fight once again. [Page 6] [Image of a Rope-Climbing Bone Chucker to the right of the following text] GETTING STARTED To begin The Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge(TM), insert the game cartrige into the Game Boy, and then click on the power switch. When the KONAMI logo appears on the screen, press the Start button. At the title screen, use the cursor in front of "start" or "password" to begin a new game or start a saved game. If you are beginning a new game, you will see the "Stage Select" screen next. Use the Control Pad to move the "bat" over one of the four castles, then press the Start button. [Page 7] CONTROLLING YOUR DESTINY [Image of Game Boy] CONTROL PAD Press left or right to advance thorugh the castles. Press up to climb up a rope. Press down to climb down a rope or to crouch down. A BUTTON Press to leap or to jump off a rope. Note: If you are on a rope and want to descend quickly, press the A button while holding the control pad SELECT BUTTON NOT used during the adventure. B BUTTON (The Attack Button) Press to crack the Mystic Whip. Also used to throw special weapons -- press the control pad up and the B button simulataneously to throw the Holy Water or Battle Axe. START BUTTON Pree to begin your quest and activate your selections. Press during the game to pause and unpause the action. [Screen shot of the opening area of Crystal Castle] YOUR LIFE LINE Dont let it get to zero. SPECIAL WEAPON The Battle Axe or Holy Water,if you've earned them. EVIL ENEMY'S LIFE Get it to zero! NUMBER OF HEARTS This is the number of special weapons you can use. TIME REMAINING [Page 8] THE PASSWORD TO THE GREAT BEYOND When you complete a level, or when you lose all of your lives, you will see the "Continue/Passowrd" screen. If you choose to see the password, then you can ue it later to return to that point in the adventure. The password is a series of four items -- a heart, a candle, a crystal ball, or a blank. To enter a password, press the Control Pad left/right to highlight one of the four boxes, and press up or down to scroll between the items. Enter the same sequence of items that you received earlier. [Image of the GAME OVER screen showing the password: blank, candle, big heart little heart(?)] THE HAUNTS OF CASTLEVANIA II [Screenshot of the castles] CRYSTAL CASTLE CLOUD CASTLE PLANT CASTLE ROCK CASTLE [Page 9] THE POWERS OF GOOD These items can be found throughout the game to give you an edge in your heroic struggle. CANDLE Extinguish these with your whip to reveal hidden power-up symbols. [Image of Candle] COIN Increases you point wealth. [Image of Coin] SMALL HEART Gives you one more use of currently selected weapon. [Image of Small Heart] LARGE HEART Gives you five more uses of currently selected weapon. [Image of Large Heart] CRYSTAL BALL Increases the power of the Mystic Whip. The first increase gives you the stronger, longer whip. The second increase gives you the strongest whip -- and you can release deadly balls of fire when you crack it! [Image of Crystal Ball] BATTLE AXE Christopher thoes these mighty weapons in an arc, destroying his foes. [Image of Battle Axe] HOLY WATER Throw vials at creatures of the night and watch them burn! [Image of Holy Water] (NOTE: You may only have one special weapon in your possesion, picking up the other weapon gets rid of the first.) [Page 10] THE POWERS OF EVIL Meet some of the macabre characters waiting for you as you journey through the four Castles of Darkness. Big Eye [Image] Large Bat [Image] Punaguchi [Image] Zeldo [Image] Evil Knight [Image Merman [Image] [Page 11] IRON DOLL [Image of the Iron Doll] This is the Primary Boss of Rock Castle. It is slkow and heavily aromred at first, but when you'ed caused enough damage, it will drop its armor and come after you faster and more ferociously than ever. DARK SIDE [Image of Dark Side] This Boss of Crystal Castle will appear as a crystal, then tranform into a sinister human figure that will send a cloud of lightning to strike you down. Attack while in its crystal stage, and don't plant you feet in one spot for too long. ANGEL MUMMY [Image of Angel Mummy] The Boss of Plant Castle. It attacks by throwing the bones in it's two necks from one to another. As if that weren't bad enough, it also spits deadly projectiles from its mouths. KUMULO & NIMBLER [Image of Kumulo and Nimbler] As twin Bosses of Cloud Castle, this duo will try to pierce you with their trident spears and fry you with fiery missles. [Back Cover] [Image of Dracula] Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge (TM) is a trademark of Konami Inc. Konami(R) is a registered trademark of Konami Co., Ltd. (C) 1991 Konami Inc. Konami Inc. 900 Deerfield Parkway Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-4510 (312) 215-5100

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