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Castle Quest

Instruction booklet -- page 1 -- (Original Nintendo Seal of Quality) Licensed by Nintendo This seal is your assurance that Nintendo has reviewed this product and that it has met our standards for exellence in workmanship, reliability and entertainment value. Always look for this seal when buying games and accessories to ensure complete compatability with your Game Boy System. Nintendo(R), GAME BOY(TM), the Nintendo Product Seals and other marks designated as "TM" are trademarks of Nintendo. Hudson Soft(R) is a trademark of Hudson Soft Co., Ltd. Castle Quest(TM) is a trademark of Hudson Soft Co., Ltd. (C) 1993 Hudson Soft Co., Ltd. (C) 1993 OPR. All Rights Reserved. -- page 2 -- Your goal is to topple kings. Castle Quest works like chess. You take turns moving your pieces one at a time. The player who topples an opposing king wins the round. But being a good chess player won't be enough to win. With magical attacks and Card Roulette to contend with, you'll have to be lucky too. In Quest Mode there are 24 kings to defeat, and the last is that fearsome King of Magic, Baron. Your task: to restore peace to the realm of Jokerina. CONTENTS Your mission is to topple kings 3 CONTENTS 3 Controller 4 Quest Mode 5 Select Mode 5 Game Rules 7 Magic 11 Characters 11 -- page 3 -- Controller Control Pad: Used to select options and to move the cursor "A" Button: Used to execute commands selected by using Control Pad and to stop Card Roulette during battles. Pressing this button when the cursor is located over a character will show where it can move. "B" Button: Used to cancel commands selected by using Control Pad and to copy a character while editing. Pressing this button when the cursor iis located over a character will display the character's capabilities and condition. SELECT Button: To display characters in Edit Mode. START Button: Use to start the game and to end editing. -- page 4 -- Quest Mode (Topple Gandi the King of Magic!) Player plays against the computer. To begin select "Start Over", enter your name, and press the START button. You can start a new game as often as you like without turning off the power. Continue When you are ready to stop, make a note of the password displayed on the screen. To continue from where you left off, select "Use Password" and enter your password. Select Mode In this mode you can select the castle you want to play and edit characters. First select either "VS COMPUTER" or "2 PLAYERS". -- page 5 -- STAGE SELECT When you see the message "Please select the stage", move the controller left or right to select a castle, then press the "A" button to make your choice. CHARACTER EDIT After choosing the castle, selecting "EDIT MODE" allows you to freely change the characters and castle layout. Pressing the select button displays all the characters. You can then move the cursor to select a character and press the "A" button to make your choice. When you have moved the cursor to a character, you can then press the "B" button to make a copy of the character. Pressing the "A" button determines the character's position. When you've finished editing, press the "START" button. An edited screen cannot be saved and continued after a game is over. -- page 6 -- Game Rules * Turns Any action counts as one turn. However, if you attack an enemy and a battle begins, the turn is not over. * Movement Players take turns moving one character at a time. To move a character, first place the cursor over the character and then press the "A" button. The areas within which the character can move will be displayed. A character cannot be moved into or through a space already occupied by a friendly character. Moving a character into a space occupied by an enemy character attacks the enemy. Battle begins. * Battle When enemies try to occupy the same space, the battle screen appears. Pressing the "A" button stops the Card Roulette. The character with the cards to trump his opponent's hand causes damage to the enemy. The battle is over when one of the players runs out of stamina: the surviving player wins. Note: 1 point is always added to the attacker's cards, so the attacker has the advantage. -- page 7 -- * Running Away If the battle puts a character in danger and there is an empty space to the rear into which the character can back up, choosing the "Run" command will cause the character to retreat. There is no limit to the number of times a character can run away, but the more it runs away, the easier it gets to run away. Only a king is allowed to run away to the side as well as the rear. In battles from which a character cannot run away, one point is subtracted from the total on its cards. * Face Cards If a Joker (J), Queen (Q) or King (K) appears when the Card Roulette stops, the attack can continue. A Joker cancels one of the opponents cards. There will be characters who hold this card and characters who do not. The Joker may or may not have this effect on a king. -- page 8 -- * Strengths and Weaknesses Each character is strong againt some opponents, weak against others. You should take this into account when deciding where to attack. * Graveyards When characters are killed they are buried in the graveyards behind their side's territory. When graves fill the screen from side to side, their side's territory is reduced. Characters who are left with no space to move in die. As they die their graves will be added to the screen just like those who die in battle. * Summoning the Dead Pieces felled by magic are placed in coffins where they become the property of the side that killed them. The dead in the coffins can be summoned by the side that owns them; but the longer they have been dead, the less likely it is that they will respond to a summons. If a summons fails, the character in the coffins will then be buried in graves behind the side that owns them, just as if they had been killed in battle. Other characters can pass through spaces occupied by coffins. -- page 9 -- * Becoming More Powerful If a character reaches the zone in the enemy territory marked by stars, its name is chaged and both its magical powers and stamina increase. Any magical power or stamina points previously lost are completely restored. Note, however, that for kings and queens points are only restored; there is no increase. * Days After 30 turns, night falls. On the following morning magical power and stamina points used up the previous day are restored for all characters. The display at the beginning of each turn shows the number of turns remaining until night falls. * Treasure Chest There's no telling what's inside a treasure chest. It doesn't always increase a character's strength. -- page 10 -- Magic There are characters who as they move can use magic to attack opponents or recover their own strength Each time magic is used, one magic point is lost. Note that there is magic for both attack and recovery. Be careful how you use it Characters * Status Display When it's your turn, you can see a character's status by placing the cursor over it and pressing button "B". Think carefully about your character's status before you make a move. -- page 11 -- * Characters (Pictures of characters) -- page 12 -- (Warranty information) -- page 13 -- MEMO -- page 14 -- MEMO -- page 15 -- Hudson Soft SONY ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING LTD C/O COLUMBIA TRISTAR HOME VIDEO UK Horatio House, 4th Floor 77-85 Fulham Palace Road London W6 8JA C/O COLUMBIA TRISTAR HOME VIDEO IRELAND Carriglea Industrial Estate Nass Road Dublin 12 Ireland Printed in Japan -- page 16 --

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