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Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3

Typed out by Nintendo DMG-AB6E-USA R O Bugs Bunny L CRAZY O CASTLE 3 C Y O B E M A G Instruction Booklet Thank you for selecting the Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3 Game Pak for your Nintendo Game Boy systems. Contents Story 3 Controller Functions 5 Starting the Game 7 Basic Rules 8 Items 9 The Old Castle 11 Rival Characters 15 Hints 16 Warranty and Service Info. 18 --- (picture of Bugs Bunny) Witch Hazel has cast a spell on the LOONEY TUNES characters to help her stop Bugs Bunny from finding the fabled, "Treasure of the Old Castle." Bugs read about the treasure in an ancient book he found in an antique shop, but the exact location of the treasure was mystery. The book read, "Somewhere in the Old Castle, there's a treasure that will bring great happiness to its finder." The book stirred up Bugs' curiosity so he set off immediately to search for the treasure. 3 --- (no words - pictures of Lola Bunny and Yosemite Sam) 4 --- CONTROLLER FUNCTIONS (picture of Daffy Duck) +Control Pad: .Move Bugs left or right. .Break or climb rocks with special items. .Go up or down stairs, vines, pipes, etc. .Go through doors. SELECT: Not used. 5 B Button: Use items or activate switches. A Button: Use items or activate switches. START: .Pause game. .While paused, use the +Control Pad to view the current level. 6 --- STARTING THE GAME Start at the Beginning Insert the Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 3 Game Pak into your Game Boy system and switch the power to the ON position. Press START when the Title screen appears. Start at an Advanced Stage Note the password displayed on the Stage Clear screen. Enter the password on the Password Entry screen using the +Control Pad and the A Button. Continue Game (Game over) When the game is over, the screen shows the number of remaining continues. Select YES to continue from the last stage you played. Select NO to return to the Title screen. Game Screen Bomb or Cork Gun: Number of defensive items gathered. Key: Number of Keys gathered. Door: Find useful items inside rooms. Pickax: Darkens when you pick up a pickax. Hammer: Darkens when you pick up a hammer 7 --- BASIC RULES Gather Keys The bewitched LOONEY TUNES characters chase Bugs when he enters the castle. Help Bugs avoid their attacks and gather keys scattered throughout the stage. Gathering all eight keys in the stage allows you to open a locked door. Exiting through this door clears the stage. *You can exit a room by pressing (icon of arrow pointing up) or (icon of arrow pointing down) on the +Control Pad while standing in front of the door. Stun Rivals Using Defensive Items Stun rivals with the defensive items you find in a stage. If you miss, you may pick up the defensive item again. Place a bomb or fire a cork gun by pressing the A Button. You can also stun rivals by pushing the weights into them. Collect Power Up Items Once you pick up hammer or pickax, you may use it as often as you like within that stage. 8 --- ITEMS Collectible Items Key: Gather eight keys within a level to unlock the exit. Carrot: Collect six carrots to get a 1 Up (extra player). Bugs Bunny: Find a Bugs Bunny to get a 1 Up (extra player). Defensive Items Bomb: Place this on the floor using the A Button. If a rival fails to detonate it by touch, you may pick it up again. Cork Gun: Use the A Button to blast a cork. If you miss a rival, you may pick the cork gun up again. Lightning: Pick this up to stun all rivals on the screen. Juice: Pick the juice up to become temporarily invincible. You may stun rivals by running into them. Weight: Push these into rivals to stun them. 9 --- Power Up Items Hammer: Use this to crush "breakable blocks." Pickaxe: Use this to climb over "rock blocks." *Press the +Control Pad while facing an appropriate block to automatically activate a Power Up item's effect. Helpful Items Shield: This temporarily protects you from rivals. Clock: This temporarily freezes rivals. Shoe: This temporarily increases your speed. *Walking over one of these items automatically activates its effect. (picture of Tweety) 10 --- The Old Castle The Garden There are four Worlds in the Old Castle, and each world has 15 stages. This means you have to clear 60 stages in order to find the mysterious treasure. The Garden is a good place to practice moving up and down in the game. (screenshot) The Hall You succeed in entering the Old Castle, but the bewitched LOONEY TUNES characters stand in your way. Avoid them by skillfully using the elevators. (screenshot) The Basement After Bugs has cleared the castle interior, a dark basement awaits him. Beware of many dangerous enemies! (screenshot) 11 --- The Treasury Bugs has finally reached the Treasury! The treasure may be nearby! (screenshot) (picture of Wile E. Coyote) 12 --- LEVEL ITEMS Jump Floor: Bugs levitates when he steps on this floor. Warp Floor: Bugs transports instantly from one Warp Floor to another. Drop Floor: Bugs drops, as if falling through a hole, when he steps on this floor. Disintegrating This gradually disintegrates Floor: as you move over it (three passes and it's gone). Sticky Floor: This slows Bugs down as he walks over it. (picture of Pepe Le Pew) 13 --- Moving Floor: This moves like a conveyor belt. Elevator Floor: Floors automatically rise and lower. Switch Floor: Use the A Button to change the staircase's direction. Breakable Block: Crush these with a hammer. Rock Block: Climb over these with a pickax. Pipe: Move automatically to the exit. Pass-by stairs: Press the A Button to move the stairs to the next level. Left alone, you may continue walking on the same level. Ladder: Climb up or down to different floors. Rope: Swing from place to place. Stairs with platforms: Move up or down to different levels. 14 --- Rival Characters The Garden Tweety Daffy Duck Elmer Fudd (picture of Tasmanian Devil) The Hall Sylvester Foghorn Leghorn Rocky The Basement Wile E. Coyote Little Ghost Pepe Le Pew The Treasury Daffy Duck Marc Antony Yosemite Sam Tasmanian Devil 15 --- Hints In honor of your quest to find the Old Castle's treasure, here's a little advice. Some rivals will chase you, while others will only patrol specific areas. Learning their movement patterns is the key to avoiding them. Also, it's important to use items effectively. Use pipes to avoid enemies. Enemies can't harm you while you're inside pipes. Use your head and your feet to find the Treasure. Good luck, Bugs! (picture of Daffy Duck) 16

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