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Bubble Ghost

Typed out by Jesse Smith Nintendo DNG-BG-USA Y BUBBLE O GHOST B E M A G FCI Please read the instruction manual carefully before handling this product. Save this booklet for future reference. When using this product, please note: 1. This is a high precision game. It should not be played or stored in places that are very hot or cold. Never hit it or drop it. 2. Avoid touching the connectors. Do not get them wet or dirty. Doing so may damage the game. 3. Do not clean with benzene, alcohol or similar volatile liquids. 4. When you use the game for long periods, for your health take a 10-15 minute break every two hours. Fujisankei Communications International, Inc 150 East 02 Street, New York NY 10022 Game Hotline 708) 968-0420 8am—7pm Central Standard Time 1 Table of Contents Story 3 Names of Controller Parts 4 How to Play 5 Hall Screen 6 Rules of the Game 7 Map of the Castle 11 2 Story A Ghost lives in an old castle full of spacious but potentially dangerous halls. The Ghost enjoys playing with bubbles which are light and easily broken! If the bubble is even lightly touched, it bursts. Now, can this Ghost stay clear of the many traps to safely get out of the castle with his bubble? 3 Names of Controller Parts A Button: Control Button: Controls the Ghosts Moves cursor on breath. menu screens. Moves the Ghost around the screen. B Button Cancel function. Select Button Start Button: Begins the game. Pauses the game. (Hit Start again to resume play.) 4 How to Play Bubble Ghost * Insert the cartridge when the Game Boy is turned off. * Turn on the Game Boy. * Push START. Top Score The first screen after the title screen is the Top Score hall (Room A), where the stop scores can be kept. You can keep your name, number of completed halls and total points scored. The names can be changed by moving up and down with the 4. Button, and pushing Button A. Use Button B to cancel. 5 [Image of a level with the following.] Hall Screen ----------Bubble ----------Ghost ----------Hall Number ----------Points ----------High Score ----------Number of remaining ghosts ----------Bonus Level 6 Rules of the Game If anything touches the bubble, it bursts, so the Ghost must move the bubble by blowing on it lightly. When the bubble bumps into a castle wall, or touches any of the many hazards, it will break. (The Ghost can touch anything and will not be affected.) There are a total of 35 rooms, called halls, to maneuver through. If the Ghost successfully navigates all 35 halls and leaves the castle with the bubble, the game is finished. Moving the Bubble The Ghost can blow on the bubble from 8 directions. The direction the bubble will move is determined by the location of the Ghost relative to the bubble. (For instance, if the Ghost is behind the bubble and blows forward, the bubble will move forward.) You get points according to the movement of the bubble. If the bubble is blown from a different direction when the bubble is moving, it will change to the new direction. 7 To Blow Continuously If you hold down Button A, the Ghost will continue blowing until he loses his breath. His face appears to get all red. If You Make a Mistake If the bubble touches a wall, any trap, the-heat of a candle or the breeze of a fan, it will easily break. The Ghost will then become angry and turn somersaults. 8 Continue Even after the Ghost has popped all his bubbles, if you don't turn the game off, you may continue from where you left off. Press Continue using the control Button, and begin in the hall where the game ended. You can only use the Continue function two times. About the Point System If the bubble is blown past all the traps to the exit, then you have cleared the hall. You receive 4,000 points each time you clear a screen plus 20 points times the hall number. (ie: hall number 21 x 20=420 points.) Bonus Points The standard time to clear a hall is one minute. For bonus points, the number of seconds remaining when you clear the hail is multiplied by 50. 9 Plus, each time you find an event (putting out a candle or turning off the fan), you get a bonus of 4,000 points. Events In the hall mazes, there are hidden objects or events which can give you bonus points. If you think you see something suspicious, try blowing. Each time you move the bubble through one level (ie: 6 through 11), you get another ghost player. 10 There are 35 halls in this castle. Halls 14 and 21 are connected irregularly. Room A on the map is an honorary hall, where top scores are recorded. The cheerful, playful Ghost haunts the castle and amuses himself by playing with the bubbles. For fun he takes a bubble inside the castle, but when this adorable Ghost tries to take the bubble out again, he has lots of trouble. It's a very delicate, breakable bubble, so he lightly moves it with his breath. But the castle is filled with tricks, and the challenge is for the Ghost to guide the bubble through the castle to safety! He cannot touch the bubble directly to move it. He can only move it indirectly by breathing on it. This is a new type of puzzle-action game that makes you impatient, but also becomes addictive as it draws you to the many levels. 13

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