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Wayne Gretzy's 3D Hockey

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

800C7205 0001     Extra Teams
800A442E 0020     Get In Fights Constantly
800C7206 0001     Trade Players Enabled
880E6AB3 00xx - GS Button For Shot Modifier Player 1
880E9F8F 00xx - GS Button For Shot Modifier Player 2
880E6AB1 00xx - GS Button For Score Modifier Player 1
880E9F8D 00xx - GS Button For Score Modifier Player 2
880C9A23 0000 - GS Button For Stop The Clock. This will stop the clock anytime the clock is counting down.
880C9A23 0001 - GS Button For Clock To Countdown. This will make the clock countdown when the clock isn't already counting down, such as when the puck is not in play. If you press the GS Button the clock will still be counting down.
810EA074 xxxx     Players Height Modifier
810EA070 xxxx     Head/Body Size Modifier
810EA078 xxxx     Players Width Modifier

Replace xxxx with

3F00     Very Small
3F80     Normal Size
3FC0     Large
4080     Very Large

810A3FC0 xxxx   Have Cheat Enabled


0001     Stocky Players
0002     Stocky Players, Big Heads
0003     Stocky Players, Small Heads
0004     Small Players, Small Announcer
0008     Large Players, Large Announcer
0010     Crunched Players, Small Announcer
0020     Elongated Players, Large Announcer
0040     Forfeit Game
0080     Player Trades
0100     Constant Fights
0200     Extra Teams

800C9A64 0003     Game Freezes After You Select Your Team
800C9A54 0003     Game Freezes In Match
800C9A23 FFFF     Neither Team Can Score/Timer Is Always Counting Down

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