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Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

8111AADC XXXX     Have Cheat Modifier 1

Replace XXXX with:
0001     Warp-Port of Adia
0002     Warp-River of Souls
0004     Warp-Death Marshes
0008     Warp-Liar of The Blind Ones
0010     Warp-Hive of The Mantis
0020     Warp-Primagen's Lightship
0040     Warp-Queen Boss
0080     Warp-Blind One Boss
0100     Warp-Mother Boss
0200     Warp-Primagen Boss
0400     Warp-Credits
07FF     All of The Above

8111AADE XXXX     Have Cheat Modifier 2

Replace XXXX with:
0001     Invincibility
0002     Infinite Lives
0004     All Weapons
0008     Unlimited Ammo
0010     All Special Objects
0020     Big Head Mode
0040     Tiny Mode
0080     Stick Mode
0100     Big Hands/Feet Mode
0200     Pen & Ink Mode
0400     Gouraud Mode
0800     Juan's Cheat
1000     Zach Attack
2000     All Map
4000     Blackout
8000     Frooty Stripes
FFFF     All of The Above

This code only works with the 'Normal' 4-Meg Ram-Story Mode

D00F5C61 0020     L Button for Moon Jump

This code only works with the 'Upgradedl' 8-Meg Ram-Story Mode

D00F5C61 0020     L Button For Moon Jump

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