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Top Gear Overdrive

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

80030D82 0010     100,000 Sponsor Credits (After You Enter Support Van)
810318E2 0001     Always Place 1st
81033816 270F     Max Sponsor Points / Extra Goodies
With this code, you get all tracks and cars and you must save the game 
with this code on, and then load that save.
810F50CE 0009     Infinite Nitros
80102301 0005     Max Top Speed
801022FF 0005     Max Handling
80102300 0005     Max Acceleration

811022E8 0501     Extra Tracks
811022EA 0101
811022EC 0101
811022EE 0101
801022F0 0001

801022FB 000E     Extra Cars
801022F1 000E

800E97C5 00xx     Car Modifier

Replace xx with:
00     Type BG
01     Type EC
02     Type YD
03     Type CA
04     Type BP
05     Type HM
06     Type PO
07     Type FO
08     Type JS
09     Type MC
0A     Hot Dog
0B     Nintendo Power
0C     N64 Logo
0D     Taco
0E     Museum Exhibit

81030D76 00??     Activate Cheat Modifier

Replace ?? with:
01     No Damage or Failures
02     Bouncy Cars

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