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Tonic Trouble

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

8013A9F3 0009     Infinite Lives
8129A898 0F0F     Infinite Health
812AA888 ????     Darts Modifier
812AA88A 0006     All Dominoes
812AA88C 0006     All Propellers
812AA88E 0006     All Jumping Stones
812AA890 0006     All Pigs
812AA892 0006     All Purple Feathers
812AA894 0006     All Bouncy Coils

8134F598 00??     SFX Modifier (00-7F)
8134F8F4 00??     Music Modifier (00-7F)
8134FC76 00??     Stereo/Mono Modifier

Replace ?? with:
00     Stereo
01     Mono

81350126 00??     Camera Modifier

Replace ?? with:
00     Dynamic
01     1 Second
02     Static

Ski Slope Codes

812AA896 0014     All Bonus Spheres
812AA898 000A     All Thermometers

South Plain Codes

812AA89A 0014     All Bonus Spheres
812AA89C 000A     All Thermometers

Doc's Cave Codes

812AA89E 0014     All Bonus Spheres
812AA8A0 000A     All Thermometers

Vegetable HQ Codes

812AA8A2 0014     All Bonus Spheres
812AA8A4 000A     All Thermometers

North Plain Codes

812AA8A6 0014     All Bonus Spheres
812AA8A8 000A     All Thermometers

Canyon Codes

812AA8AA 0014     All Bonus Spheres
812AA8AC 000A     All Thermometers

Glacier Cocktail Codes

812AA8AE 0014     All Bonus Spheres
812AA8B0 000A     All Thermometers

Pyramid Codes

812AA8B2 0014     All Bonus Spheres
812AA8B4 000A     All Thermometers

Pressure Cooker Codes

812AA8B6 0014     All Bonus Spheres
812AA8B8 000A     All Thermometers

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