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801442E9 0063     99 Rings Gone Through
8122CDD4 42C8     Infinite Health
8122CDE8 42C8     Infinite Freezing Breath
8122CDDC 42C8     Infinite Running Boosts
8122CDE4 42C8     Infinite Laser Eye
8122CDE0 42C8     Infinite X-Ray Vision

D00EA0B0 0008     Press Up (Directional Pad) For More Time
8115ED72 1724
D00EA0B0 0008
8115ED7A 0026

Multi-Player Mode Codes

812415C4 42C8 Infinite Health P1 81241890 42C8 Infinite Health P2 81241B5C 42C8 Infinite Health P3 81241E28 42C8 Infinite Health P4

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