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Starcraft 64

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

F109BA54 1000     Enable Code (Must Be On)

Infinite Minerals

810B1D46 FFFF Team 1 810B1D4A FFFF Team 2 810B1D4E FFFF Team 3 810B1D52 FFFF Team 4 810B1D56 FFFF Team 5 810B1D5A FFFF Team 6 810B1D5E FFFF Team 7 810B1D62 FFFF Team 8 810B1D66 FFFF Team 9 810B1D6A FFFF Team 10 810B1D6E FFFF Team 11 810B1D72 FFFF Team 12

Max Minerals

810B1D44 3B9A Team 1 810B1D46 C9FF 810B1D48 3B9A Team 2 810B1D4A C9FF 810B1D4C 3B9A Team 3 810B1D4E C9FF 810B1D50 3B9A Team 4 810B1D52 C9FF 810B1D54 3B9A Team 5 810B1D56 C9FF 810B1D58 3B9A Team 6 810B1D5A C9FF 810B1D5C 3B9A Team 7 810B1D5E C9FF 810B1D60 3B9A Team 8 810B1D62 C9FF 810B1D64 3B9A Team 9 810B1D66 C9FF 810B1D68 3B9A Team 10 810B1D6A C9FF 810B1D6C 3B9A Team 11 810B1D6E C9FF 810B1D70 3B9A Team 12 810B1D72 C9FF

Infinite Vespene Gas

810B1D76 FFFF Team 1 810B1D7A FFFF Team 2 810B1D7E FFFF Team 3 810B1D82 FFFF Team 4 810B1D86 FFFF Team 5 810B1D8A FFFF Team 6 810B1D8E FFFF Team 7 810B1D92 FFFF Team 8 810B1D96 FFFF Team 9 810B1D9A FFFF Team 10 810B1D9E FFFF Team 11 810B1DA2 FFFF Team 12

Max Vespene Gas

810B1D74 3B9A Team 1 810B1D76 C9FF 810B1D78 3B9A Team 2 810B1D7A C9FF 810B1D7C 3B9A Team 3 810B1D7E C9FF 810B1D80 3B9A Team 4 810B1D82 C9FF 810B1D84 3B9A Team 5 810B1D86 C9FF 810B1D88 3B9A Team 6 810B1D8A C9FF 810B1D8C 3B9A Team 6 810B1D8E C9FF 810B1D90 3B9A Team 7 810B1D92 C9FF 810B1D94 3B9A Team 8 810B1D96 C9FF 810B1D98 3B9A Team 9 810B1D9A C9FF 810B1D9C 3B9A Team 10 810B1D9E C9FF 810B1DA0 3B9A Team 11 810B1DA2 C9FF 810B1DA4 3B9A Team 12 810B1DA6 C9FF

All Levels Complete

800B5202 000A Have All Ten Marines (1st Terran Mission) 800D13C4 000C Terran Episode 800D13C5 000A Zerg Episode II 800D13C6 000A Protoss Episode III 800D13C7 000A Protoss Episode IV 800D13C8 000A Terran Episode V 800D13C9 000A Zerg Episode VI D00A49E3 0000 Infinite Minerals (Both Players-Almost All Modes/Missions) 810B1D46 FFFF D00A49E3 0001 810B1D4A FFFF D00A49E3 0002 810B1D4E FFFF D00A49E3 0003 810B1D52 FFFF D00A49E3 0004 810B1D56 FFFF D00A49E3 0005 810B1D5A FFFF D00A49E3 0006 810B1D5E FFFF D00A49E3 0007 810B1D62 FFFF D00A49E3 0008 810B1D66 FFFF D00A49E3 0009 810B1D6A FFFF D00A49E3 000A 810B1D6E FFFF D00A49E3 000B 810B1D72 FFFF D00A49E3 0000 Infinite Vespene Gas (Both Players-Almost All Modes/Missions) 810B1D76 FFFF D00A49E3 0001 810B1D7A FFFF D00A49E3 0002 810B1D7E FFFF D00A49E3 0003 810B1D82 FFFF D00A49E3 0004 810B1D86 FFFF D00A49E3 0005 810B1D8A FFFF D00A49E3 0006 810B1D8E FFFF D00A49E3 0007 810B1D92 FFFF D00A49E3 0008 810B1D96 FFFF D00A49E3 0009 810B1D9A FFFF D00A49E3 000A 810B1D9E FFFF D00A49E3 000B 810B1DA2 FFFF

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