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Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt

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81052F46 00??     Sound Volume Modifier (00-08)
81052F4A 00??     Music Volume Modifier (00-08) 

All Mode Codes

81052F26 00XX Character Modifier P1 81052F2A 00XX Character Modifier P2 81052F2E 00XX Character Modifier P3 81052F32 00XX Character Modifier P4 Replace XX with: 00 Tommy 01 Chuckie 02 Lil 03 Phil 81059DF0 00XX Game Type Modifier Replace XX with: 00 Angelica's Temple 01 Pirate Treasure Hunt 02 Reptar Rally 81059E08 00XX Board Size Modifier Replace XX with: 00 Small 01 Medium 02 Large

Angelica's Temple Codes

80251866 00?? Energy's Modifier P1 80251867 00?? Cookie's Modifier P1

Pirate Treasure Hunt Codes

80259AE6 00?? Energy's Modifier P1 80259AE7 00?? Cookie's Modifier P1

Reptar Rally Codes

Put FFFF So They Cant Get This Object 81243028 ???? Reptar Bar Modifier P1 81243020 ???? Max Snow Cones Modifier P1 81243022 ???? Max Candy Modifier P1 81243024 ???? Max Fire Crackers Modifier P1 81243026 ???? Max Bowl Modifier P1 81243018 ???? Snow Cones Modifier P1 8124301A ???? Candy Modifier P1 8124301C ???? Fire Crackers Modifier P1 8124301E ???? Bowl Modifier P1

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