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Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

80163A2D 0064
80163A2F 0064     Infinite Ammo
80163A31 0064
80163A33 0064

801639EB 007F     All Weapons
8006C4C2 0001     Debug Mode
81163930 42C8     Infinite Health                                             
81163944 42C8     Infinite Armor                                             
81163980 42C8     Infinite Bio Suit                                          
81163A2C 03E7     Ammo Shotguns                                           
81163A2E 03E7     Ammo Nail gun & Super Nail gun                 
81163A30 03E7     Ammo Grenade & Rocket Launcher             
81163A32 03E7     Ammo Thunderbolt                                     
8006C4C2 0001     Open Debug Menu in Options                      
801639E9 000F     Have All Keys                                             
801639E9 0004     Have Gold Key                                             
801639E9 0002     Have Silver Key                                         

Mutli-Player Codes

81166290 42C8 Health P1 811662A4 42C8 Armor P1 811662E0 42C8 Bio Suit P1 8116638C 03E7 Ammo Shotguns P1 8116638E 03E7 Ammo Nail gun & Super Nail gun P1 81166390 03E7 Ammo Grenade & Rocket Launcher P1 81166392 03E7 Ammo Thunderbolt P1 81166560 42C8 Health P2 81166574 42C8 Armor P2 811665B0 42C8 Bio Suit P2 8116665C 03E7 Ammo Shotguns P2 8116665E 03E7 Ammo Nail gun & Super Nail gun P2 81166660 03E7 Ammo Grenade & Rocket Launcher P2 81166662 03E7 Ammo Thunderbolt P2 801639EB 00xx Have Weapon Modifier 8016634B 00xx Weapon Modifier P1 8016661B 00xx Weapon Modifier P2 xx= 00 Axe 01 Shotgun 02 Double Barrel Shotgun 04 Nail gun 08 Super Nail gun 10 Grenade Launcher 20 Rocket Launcher 40 Thunderbolt 7F All Weapons 80086EB2 000x Cheat Enabled Modifier x= 2 Target Off 4 Invincibility Mode On 8 Weapons On

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