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Olympic Hockey Nagano '98

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8111577C 3F00     Tiny Players
8111577C 3FC0     Giant Players
81115778 3F00     Tiny Heads
81115778 3FC0     Big Heads
81115780 3F00     Crunched Players
81115780 3FC0     Tall Thin Players
8009BB5E 0020     Constant Fighting

8111577C xxxx     Players Height Modifier

Replace xxxx with:
3F00     Very Small
3F80     Normal Size
3FC0     Large
4080     Very Large

811151F8 xxxx     Home Team Goals Modifier
811151FA xxxx     Home Team Shots Modifier
81111C70 xxxx     Away Team Goals Modifier
81111C72 xxxx     Away Team Shots Modifier

Replace xxxx with any number 0-9 or letter A-F

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