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NBA in the Zone '98

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8013C2B1 FFFF     Home Scores Tons Of Points
8013C2B3 FFFF     Away Scores Tons Of Points 
8013C2B1 0001     Home Team Scores Practically No Points 
8013C2B3 0001     Away Team Scores Practically No Points 
8013C2B3 0000     Away Team Scores 0 pts.
8013C2B3 0096     Away Team Scores 150 pts.
8013C2B1 0000     Home Team Scores 0 pts.
8013C2B1 0096     Home Team Scores 150 pts.
8013C2B1 00xx     Home Team Score Modifier        

8013C2D6 0009     Home Team Infinite Time-Outs
80140862 0009   

8013C2D7 0009     Away Team Infinite Time-Outs
80140863 0009

81140E1E FFFF     No Shot Clock

Create-A-Player Codes

8013FF98 0063 Max Field Goal 8013FF99 0063 Max 3 Point 8013FF9A 0063 Max Free Throw 8013FF9C 0063 Max Rebound 8013FF9D 0063 Max Block 8013FF9E 0063 Max Steal 8013FF9F 0063 Max Speed 8013FFA1 0063 Max Ball Control 8013FFA2 0063 Max Power

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