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Madden NFL 2001

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

80071617 0003     Home Team Infinite Time Outs
80071617 0000     Home Team No Time Outs
81071614 ????     Home Team Score Modifier
800738E7 0003     Away Team Infinite Time Outs
800738E7 0000     Away Team No Time Outs
810738E4 ????     Away Team Score Modifier
8906AA40 ????     Press GS Button For Time Modifier
8106AA38 0001     Always 1st Down
8106AA38 0004     Always 4th Down

D0080F8D 0020     Press L For 1st Down P1
8106AA38 0001

D0080F8D 0010     Press R For 4th Down P1
8106AA38 0004

D0080F95 0020     Press L For 1st Down P2
8106AA38 0001

D0080F95 0010     Press R For 4th Down P2
8106AA38 0004

D0080F9D 0020     Press L For 1st Down P3
8106AA38 0001

D0080F9D 0010     Press R For 4th Down P3
8106AA38 0004

D0080FA5 0020     Press L For 1st Down P4
8106AA38 0001

D0080FA5 0010     Press R For 4th Down P4
8106AA38 0004

Character Creation Codes

802CCCFA 00FD Max Agility 802CCCFB 00FD Max Speed 802CCCFC 00FD Max Accel 802CCCFD 00FD Max Aware 802CCCFE 00FD Max Catching 802CCCFF 00FD Max Carrying 802CCD00 00FD Max Throw Pwr 802CCD01 00FD Max Throw Acc 802CCD02 00FD Max Kick Pwr 802CCD03 00FD Max Kick Acc 802CCD04 00FD Max Brk Tkl 802CCD05 00FD Max Tackling 802CCD06 00FD Max Import 802CCD07 00FD Max Pass Block 802CCD08 00FD Max Run Block 802CCD09 00FD Max Injury

Unlock Stadium Codes

80061850 00FF Redwood City 80061851 00FF Pigskin Junct. 80061852 00FF North Pole 80061853 00FF Maitland 80061854 00FF Big Tent Isle 80061855 00FF Shadow Gate 80061856 00FF Deep Space 80061857 00FF Industriopolis 80061858 00FF Motor City 80061859 00FF Rome 8006185A 00FF Lost City 8006185B 00FF Hoboken 8006185C 00FF Giza 8006185D 00FF New Orleans 8006185E 00FF San Diego 8006185F 00FF Jacksonville 50000802 0000 All Stadiums (GS 3.0 or Higher Needed) 81061850 FFFF

Unlock Team Codes

800C1628 00FF All-Madden '84 800C1629 00FF All-Madden '85 800C162A 00FF All-Madden '86 800C162B 00FF All-Madden '87 800C162C 00FF All-Madden '88 800C162D 00FF All-Madden '89 800C162E 00FF All-Madden '90 800C162F 00FF All-Madden '91 800C1630 00FF All-Madden '92 800C1631 00FF All-Madden '93 800C1632 00FF All-Madden '94 800C1633 00FF All-Madden '95 800C1634 00FF All-Madden '96 800C1635 00FF All-Madden '97 800C1636 00FF All-Madden '98 800C1637 00FF All-Madden (Super Madden Bowl) 800C1638 00FF Ecko 800C1639 00FF Tiburon 800C163A 00FF EA Sports 800C163B 00FF Monsters 800C163C 00FF Sugarbuzz 800C163D 00FF Toymakers 800C163E 00FF Clowns 800C163F 00FF Praetorians 800C1640 00FF Mummies 800C1641 00FF Industrials 800C1642 00FF Vipers 800C1643 00FF Junkyard Dogs 800C1644 00FF Marshalls 800C1645 00FF Comets 800C1646 00FF NFC 800C1647 00FF AFC 800C1648 00FF Madden Millenium 50001102 0000 All Teams (GS 3.0 or Higher Needed) 810C1628 FFFF

Challenge Status Codes

8115FB2C FFFF 8115FB2E FFFF 8115FB20 FFFF Have All Level 1 Completed 8115FB22 FFFF 8115FB24 FFFF 8115FB26 FFFF 8115FB28 FFFF 8115FB2A FFFF Have All Level 2 Completed 8115FB2C FFFF 8115FB2E FFFF 8115FB30 FFFF 8115FB32 FFFF 8115FB34 FFFF Have All Level 3 Completed 8115FB36 FFFF 8115FB38 FFFF 8115FB3A FFFF 8115FB3C FFFF 8115FB3E FFFF Have All Level 4 Completed 8115FB40 FFFF 8115FB42 FFFF 8115FB44 FFFF 8115FB46 FFFF 8115FB48 FFFF Have All Level 5 Completed 8115FB4A FFFF 8115FB4C FFFF 50001902 0000 All Levels Completed (GS 3.0 or Higher Needed) 8115FB2C FFFF

Card Book Codes

8115F9F0 FFFF Infinite Madden Card Tokens 8115F9F2 FFFF 8115F9F4 FFFF 8115F9F6 FFFF 8115F9F8 FFFF 8115F9FA FFFF Have All Cards No. 1-16 8115F9FC FFFF 8115F9FE FFFF 8115FA00 FFFF 8115FA02 FFFF 8115FA04 FFFF 8115FA06 FFFF 8115FA08 FFFF 8115FA0A FFFF 8115FA0C FFFF Have All Cards No. 17-32 8115FA0E FFFF 8115FA10 FFFF 8115FA12 FFFF 8115FA14 FFFF 8115FA16 FFFF 8115FA18 FFFF 8115FA1A FFFF 8115FA1C FFFF 8115FA1E FFFF Have All Cards No. 33-48 8115FA20 FFFF 8115FA22 FFFF 8115FA24 FFFF 8115FA26 FFFF 8115FA28 FFFF 8115FA2A FFFF 8115FA2C FFFF 8115FA2E FFFF 8115FA30 FFFF Have All Cards No. 49-64 8115FA32 FFFF 8115FA34 FFFF 8115FA36 FFFF 8115FA38 FFFF 8115FA3A FFFF 8115FA3C FFFF 8115FA3E FFFF 8115FA40 FFFF 8115FA42 FFFF Have All Cards No. 65-80 8115FA44 FFFF 8115FA46 FFFF 8115FA48 FFFF 8115FA4A FFFF 8115FA4C FFFF 8115FA4E FFFF 8115FA50 FFFF 8115FA52 FFFF 8115FA54 FFFF Have All Cards No. 81-96 8115FA56 FFFF 8115FA58 FFFF 8115FA5A FFFF 8115FA5C FFFF 8115FA5E FFFF 8115FA60 FFFF 8115FA62 FFFF 8115FA64 FFFF 8115FA66 FFFF Have All Cards No. 97-112 8115FA68 FFFF 8115FA6A FFFF 8115FA6C FFFF 8115FA6E FFFF 8115FA70 FFFF 8115FA72 FFFF 8115FA74 FFFF 8115FA76 FFFF 8115FA78 FFFF Have All Cards No. 113-128 8115FA7A FFFF 8115FA7C FFFF 8115FA7E FFFF 8115FA80 FFFF 8115FA82 FFFF 8115FA84 FFFF 8115FA86 FFFF 8115FA88 FFFF 8115FA8A FFFF Have All Cards No. 129-144 8115FA8C FFFF 8115FA8E FFFF 8115FA90 FFFF 8115FA92 FFFF 8115FA94 FFFF 8115FA96 FFFF 8115FA98 FFFF 8115FA9A FFFF 8115FA9C FFFF Have All Cards No. 145-160 8115FA9E FFFF 8115FAA0 FFFF 8115FAA2 FFFF 8115FAA4 FFFF 8115FAA6 FFFF 8115FAA8 FFFF 8115FAAA FFFF 8115FAAC FFFF 8115FAAE FFFF Have All Cards No. 161-176 8115FAB0 FFFF 8115FAB2 FFFF 8115FAB4 FFFF 8115FAB6 FFFF 8115FAB8 FFFF 8115FABA FFFF 8115FABC FFFF 8115FABE FFFF 8115FAC0 FFFF Have All Cards No. 177-216 8115FAC2 FFFF 8115FAC4 FFFF 8115FAC6 FFFF 8115FAC8 FFFF 8115FACA FFFF 8115FACC FFFF 8115FACE FFFF 8115FAD0 FFFF 8115FAD2 FFFF Have All Cards No. 217-264 8115FAD4 FFFF 8115FAD6 FFFF 8115FAD8 FFFF 8115FADA FFFF 8115FADC FFFF 8115FADE FFFF Have All Cards No. 265-278 & 000 8115FAE0 FFFF 50007802 0000 Have All Cards (GS 3.0 or Higher Needed) 8115F9F2 FFFF 8006C703 00?? Home Team Modifier 8006C701 00?? Away Team Modifier Replace ?? with: 1F AFC 20 NFC 21 All-Madden '99 22 All-Madden '98 23 All-Madden '97 24 All-Madden '96 25 All-Madden '95 26 All-Madden '94 27 All-Madden '93 28 All-Madden '92 29 All-Madden '91 2A All-Madden '90 2B All-Madden '89 2C All-Madden '88 2D All-Madden '87 2E All-Madden '86 2F All-Madden '85 30 All-Madden '84 31 All-Madden (Super Madden Bowl) 32 Madden Millenium 33 Ecko 34 Tiburon 35 EA Sports 36 Monsters 37 Sugarbuzz 38 Mummies 39 Marshalls 3A Toymakers 3B Clowns 3C Praetorians 3D Industrials 3E Vipers 3F Junkyard Dogs 40 Comets

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