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In-Fisherman Bass Hunter

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

80111F00 0001     ALLDLAKES Cheat Activated
80111F01 0001     WHEREDFISH Cheat Activated
80111F02 0001     HYPERBOAT Cheat Activated
80111F03 0001     SILLYSOUND Cheat Activated
80111F04 0001     WHATADRAG Cheat Activated
80111F05 0001     SUPERSTRING Cheat Activated
80111F06 0001     MONDOFISH Cheat Activated
80111F07 0001     HAPPYFISH Cheat Activated
80111F08 0001     NOPENALTY Cheat Activated
80111F09 0001     BAGDSNAGS Cheat Activated
80111F0A 0001     FISHMAN Cheat Activated
80111F0B 0001     ALLDCASH Cheat Activated
80111F0C 0001     HEADADBIGA Cheat Activated
80111F0D 0001     IWINIWIN or GIMMEDFISH Cheat Activated
80111F0E 0001     SUPERLURE Cheat Activated
80111F0F 0001     IWINIWIN or GIMMEDFISH Cheat Activated
80111F10 0001     RUBADUBDBUB Cheat Activated

810BA610 0000     No Head Mode
810BA620 0000
810BA630 0000

810BA610 4040     Big Head Mode
810BA620 4040
810BA630 4040

810BA610 3F80     Normal Head Mode
810BA620 3F80
810BA630 3F80

First Save Slot Codes

8119289E FFFF Infinite Points 8019289C 0007 Have All Poles 8019289D 0001 Have Extra Boat 801928A0 001F Have All Lakes 81192898 0003 Have All Lures 8119289A FFFF

Second Save Slot Codes

81192906 FFFF Infinite Points 80192904 0007 Have All Poles 80192905 0001 Have Extra Boat 80192908 001F Have All Lakes 81192900 0003 Have All Lures 81192902 FFFF

Third Save Slot Codes

8119296E FFFF Infinite Points 8019296C 0007 Have All Poles 8019296D 0001 Have Extra Boat 80192970 001F Have All Lakes 81192968 0003 Have All Lures 8119296A FFFF

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