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Goemon's Great Adventure

Books: The Ultimate Code Book - Cheating Made Easy Secret Codes 2003 - Nintendo 64 Secret Codes

EE000000 0000     Enable Code (Must Be On) (GS 3.20 Or Higher Needed)

81088290 03E7     Infinite Gold P2
8008828D 0003     Infinite Lives P2
8008828E 0003     Infinite Health P2
80088289 00??     Weapon Level Modifier P1
80088293 00??     Weapon Level Modifier P2
8008828A 00??     Item Modifier P1
80088294 00??     Item Modifier P2
81088210 0103     Have Sasuke
81088210 0104     Have Sasuke & Yae
80088385 00??     Clock Hour's Modifier
80088386 00??     Clock Minute's Modifier
80088387 00??     Clock Second's Modifier
80088283 0003     Infinite Lives P1
80088284 0003     Infinite Health P1
80088282 00??     Weapon Modifier P1
81088290 03E7     Infinite Gold P2
8008828D 0003     Infinite Lives P2
8008828E 0003     Infinite Health P2
81088286 03E7     Infinite Gold P1
80088276 00??     Entry Passes Found (1st Stage)
80088277 00??     Entry Passes Found (2nd Stage)
80088278 00??     Entry Passes Found (3rd Stage)
80088279 00??     Entry Passes Found (4th Stage)
8008827A 00??     Entry Passes Found (5th Stage)
8008827B 00??     Entry Passes Found (6th Stage)
8119ADEE 03E7     Infinite Coins P1 (After First Boss)
8919AE32 0001     Energy Of Boss = 1 (After First Boss-Press GS Button)

50002D02 0000     Open All Levels (GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!)
810882AA 0303

8008828A 00XX     Item Modifier P1
80088294 00XX     Item Modifier P2

Replace XX with:
00     Nothing
01     Item 1
02     Item 2
03     Item 3

8008828C 00XX     Character Modifier P2

Replace XX with:

00     Goemon
01     Ebisumaru
02     Sasuke

80088289 00XX     Weapon Level Modifier P1
80088289 00XX 

80088293 00XX     Weapon Level Modifier P2
80088293 00XX 

Replace XX with: 
00     Normal
01     Level 1
02     Level 2

Edo Paths Open

800882AA 0003 Home Of Wiseman To Lost'n Road 800882AB 0003 Lost'n Road To Lost'n Town 800882AC 0003 Lost'n Town To Ringbell Pass 800882AD 0003 Lost'n Town To Digadig Gold Mine 800882AE 0003 Digadig Gold Mine To Edo Checkpoint 800882AF 0003 Edo Checkpoint To Ringbell Pass 800882B0 0003 Edo Checkpoint To Edo Castle

Edo Levels Finished

800882B3 0001 Lost'n Road 800882B4 0001 Lost'n Town 800882B5 0001 Digadig Gold Mine 800882B6 0001 Ringbell Pass 800882B7 0003 Edo Checkpoint 800882B8 0003 Edo Castle Finished & Path From Edo Castle To Kappa Road

Ryugu Paths Open

800882BA 0003 Kappa Road To Naruto Road 800882BB 0003 Kappa Road To Ryugu Checkpoint 800882BC 0003 Naruto Road To Otohime Town 800882BD 0003 Otohime Town To Frog Mountain 800882BE 0003 Kappa Road To Frog Mountain 800882BF 0003 Ryugu Checkpoint To Ryugu Castle

Ryugu Levels Finished

800882C2 0001 Kappa Road 800882C3 0001 Frog Mountain 800882C4 0001 Otohime Town 800882C5 0001 Naruto Road 800882C6 0003 Ryugu Checkpoint 800882C7 0003 Ryugu Castle & Path From Ryugu Castle To Kokeshi Road

Mafu Island Paths Open

800882CA 0003 Kokeshi Road To Maneater Road 800882CB 0003 Maneater Road To Pochan Lake 800882CC 0003 Maneater Road To Tomb Pass 800882CD 0003 Pochan Lake To Spook Village 800882CE 0003 Tomb Pass To Mafu Checkpoint 800882CF 0003 Tomb Pass To Spook Village 800882D0 0003 Mafu Checkpoint To Majin Castle

Mafu Island Levels Finished

800882D2 0001 Kokeshi Road 800882D3 0001 Maneater Road 800882D4 0001 Pochan Lake 800882D5 0001 Spook Village 800882D6 0001 Tomb Pass 800882D7 0003 Mafu Checkpoint 800882D8 0003 Majin Castle & Path From Majin Castle To Kaiware Road

Underworld Paths Open

800882DA 0003 Kaiware Road To Mokeke Forest 800882DB 0003 Mokeke Forest To Creep Village 800882DC 0003 Mokeke Forest To Wonder Valley 800882DD 0003 Wonder Valley To Tree Stump Village 800882DE 0003 Wonder Valley To Underworld Checkpoint 800882DF 0003 Underworld Checkpoint To Underworld Castle

Underworld Levels Finished

800882E2 0001 Kaiware Road 800882E3 0001 Mokeke Forest 800882E4 0001 Wonder Valley 800882E5 0001 Tree Stump Village 800882E6 0003 Underworld Checkpoint 800882E8 0001 Creep Village 800882E7 0003 Underworld Castle & Path From Underworld Castle To Cloud Fortress

Floating Castle Paths Open

800882EA 0003 Cloud Fortress To Wind Castle Wall 800882EB 0003 Cloud Fortress To Sky Garden 800882EC 0003 Sky Garden To Floating World Town 800882ED 0003 Floating World Town To Floating Checkpoint 800882EE 0003 Floating World Town To Wind Castle Wall 800882EF 0003 Floating Checkpoint To Dream Castle

Floating Castle Levels Finished

800882F2 0001 Cloud Fortress 800882F3 0001 Sky Garden 800882F4 0001 Wind Castle Wall 800882F5 0001 Floating World Town 800882F6 0003 Floating Checkpoint 800882F7 0003 Dream Castle

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